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Government Officially Disavows Facts, Logic and Reason

Once a government does something this blatantly insane, rational people (if there are any left) might presume they have abdicated their positions of power by openly declaring themselves to be non-compus-mentis, thus making a "non-confidence" motion against them selves - but in this Age of the Absurd, such things - and now, presumably all things - are apparently beneath their consideration.

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Debate over Indigenous knowledge

Graeme Hamilton

MONTREAL • The letter, sent last month from a Quebec environment official to one of his federal counterparts, does not seem all that inflammatory. The Quebec official notes that proposed federal legislation requiring that traditional Indigenous knowledge be taken into account when assessing environmental impacts permits a “very broad” definition of such knowledge. 

And, he adds, the bill should be clearer about how traditional knowledge is to be weighed against scientific data when deciding whether a project should proceed. 

This whole racist distinction presumes "indigenous" knowledge is somehow not verifiable by science. It also presumes that race is inextricably tied to their (by definition, irrational) religion, and so not only can no non-natives participate in it, but all people of "native" (displaced backwoods Asian hillbilly) descent must follow it!

But when the letter recently became public, it provoked an outraged reaction from Quebec Indigenous leaders, an apology from two Quebec cabinet ministers and, this week, an accusation of racism from a University of Ottawa law professor. 

In a letter published Monday in Le Devoir, Thomas Burelli and seven of his colleagues at the university said it was “offensive” of Quebec to attempt to favour science in a “hierarchy of knowledges.” 

Burelli said in an interview Tuesday that the Feb. 6 letter from Quebec deputy minister Patrick Beauchesne reflects a “racism of intelligence. It is saying we think there is a form of intelligence that is superior, that of science. They are methods developed by the West and so they must take precedence over Indigenous knowledge.” 

No, retard - intelligence isn't "racist" - if it's not "scientific" (fact-based) intelligence, it's "stupidity."

The same day RadioCanada first reported on the Beauchesne letter, Quebec Environment Minister Isabelle Melançon and Native Affairs Minister Geoffrey Kelley wrote to apologize to Ghislain Picard, Quebec regional chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

They said they were “aware and sorry” that Beauchesne’s letter had “raised, as written, many questions among the Aboriginal population.”

The ministers stressed that “Quebec recognizes Aboriginal traditional knowledge” and invited Picard to meet to discuss collaboration on “new ways of doing things.”

The same day, federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna declared her intention to push ahead with the legislative changes. “We will advance our commitment to reconciliation, and get to better project decisions by recognizing Indigenous rights, and working in partnership from the start,” she tweeted. “We will make it mandatory to consider Indigenous traditional knowledge alongside science and other evidence.”

So if you have no evidence, but are of a certain racial and cultural background, no facts are needed! Whee!

Quebec’s Innu chiefs accused Quebec of making “insulting remarks on the value and relevance of First Nations’ traditional knowledge” and of seeking “to limit the role of First Nations in projects.” In an interview this week, Picard rejected the provincial ministers’ offer of a meeting and said their apology was not enough to assuage Indigenous anger.

“We’re still very much upset,” Picard said. “There’s no need to meet. Traditional Indigenous knowledge is already a recognized fact. ... Quebec has isolated itself from a notion that has been widely recognized, nationally and even internationally.”

In other words, their usual extortion: "Our opinions are facts, and so we have no need to prove our claims! In stead, you have to prove your words didn't offend us! Give us more money for the insult, Whitey!"

The letter that prompted the uproar was written in the context of federal-provincial consultations on changes to the federal environmental assessment regime.

Bill C-69, which received first reading in the House of Commons on Feb. 8, would require that before a project subject to a federal assessment is approved, “traditional knowledge of the Indigenous peoples of Canada provided with respect to the project” be taken into account — though it provides no definition of “traditional knowledge.” The bill further states that when traditional knowledge is provided in confidence, it “is confidential and must not knowingly be, or be permitted to be, disclosed without written consent.”

So Justin Turdeau is now involved, making new laws to keep his pandering racist lies secret. If the Indigenous "knowledge" is correct and scientifically provable (what, their use of plants is different from "biology!"?) then our already existing copyright and patent legislation should apply; one law for all people, not group-rights bullshit!

Beauchesne wrote that Ottawa’s intention to systematically place Indigenous knowledge on equal footing with scientific data “could prove problematic in cases where Indigenous knowledge and science are found to be in contradiction.” He said criteria should be established to evaluate the accuracy of the traditional knowledge.

Yves Gingras, Canada research chair in the history and sociology of science at the Université du Québec à Montréal, said the ques6tions raised by Beauchesne were legitimate.

He said the bill as written requires traditional knowledge to be taken at face value. “It’s seen as lacking sensitivity to question it,” Gingras said. “No. Science puts everything into question.”

US Humane Society Encourages Rhino Poaching!

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Humane Society Strikes at Pembient Again

On February 20th, I received a curious email. It was from a detective with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). He was looking to establish a point-of-contact for law enforcement at Pembient. Being CEO, I assumed the responsibility and agreed to a call on the 28th to discuss Pembient's work.

Approximately two hours before the call, I received a new message. Agents from the DFW now wanted to meet in person! Since I didn't have a conference room booked at my office, I quickly arranged to meet them at a local cafe. Did Pembient, I wondered, break the law in its quest to biofabricate, or grow, animal horn? Visions of perp walks danced in my head as I wrote down my lawyer's phone number, left everything else behind, and headed out to the meeting.

But what precipitated these events? I had a hunch that special interests were involved. Back in 2016, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) successfully lobbied the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to deny a permit sought by the Black Rhino Genome Project, a non-commercial effort to map out a black rhinoceros' genetic code. One of the reasons HSUS cited for why the FWS should deny the permit was Pembient's advocacy of the project. HSUS wanted to stop the map from being made so that Pembient couldn't use any knowledge gleaned from it to biofabricate the horn of an endangered species.

Unfortunately, my hunch that outsiders were meddling again was correct. According to a response to a public records request, HSUS and its sister organizations, Humane Society International and Humane Society Legislative Fund, contacted the DFW about Pembient sometime after February 12th. They urged the DFW to take "immediate enforcement action" against Pembient for violations of the Washington Animal Trafficking Act. More specifically, they claimed that Pembient's PembiCoin offering, a crowdsale in which individuals could purchase cryptographic tokens exchangeable for biofabricated horn in the year 2022, was illegal.

A close look at the letter HSUS sent to the DFW reveals an astounding jump to an erroneous conclusion. That is, PembiCoin is repeatedly mischaracterized as an offer for sale of "synthetic rhinoceros horn." However, the PembiCoin offering refers exclusively to "biofabricated horn." As such, PembiCoin should be viewed as an offer for sale of horn made from the most exotic stem cell line legally allowed at the time of production. Pembient might prefer to use rhinoceros stem cells, but if that turns out to be infeasible, it could revert to using cow stem cells. The resulting Cowino™ horn, a portmanteau of "cow horn" and "rhino horn," would be a cylinder of horn with the presently unparalleled solidity and heft of rhinoceros horn, but entirely legal. Unless, of course, HSUS proposes we start regulating beef and other cow parts as wildlife products.

Besides demonstrating a complete misunderstanding of PembiCoin, the letter also brings up two old issues that I've addressed again and again and again in detail. The first is that biofabricated horn will "attract new customers, who would not have otherwise purchased rhinoceros horns, to the market." Moreover, "at least some of these new users will eventually shift their consumption to wild horns since the more expensive wild horns will confer the luxury status that the synthetic horns will not." The second is that "enforcement will be difficult because officials will not have an efficient, practical means of distinguishing between real and synthetic horns." These statements, taken together, are contradictory. If expensive horns are less likely to be fake than cheap horns, law enforcement should concentrate on finding and prosecuting those selling expensive horns. Else, if expensive horns are as equally likely to be fake as cheap horns, buyers are better off purchasing cheap horns, thereby putting downward pressure on all prices. Past a certain price level, it becomes too costly to source any horns from the wild, and the entire market will consist of biofabricated horns.

So, was I arrested? Thankfully, no, I wasn't. The meeting with the DFW agents went well. They asked insightful questions, and I gained a better understanding of their concerns. Further, I renewed my commitment to making sure Pembient operates in the open so it can stay on the right side of the law.

As far as HSUS is concerned, it can make no such assertion. It continues to operate in secrecy, attempting to co-opt law enforcement to further its agenda. One would hope that the organization would be dealing with more pressing issues, including its appalling tolerance of sexual harassment. I wonder what HSUS's donors think. Do they realize that their hard-earned cash is going to a glorified law firm and not to help animals? Does obstructing science and innovation during a time of rampant wildlife poaching sound wise to them? What would they do if they found out that an economist recommends that non-profits should subsidize biofabrication instead of attempting to ban it? I don't know the answers, but I intend to find out.

Trump Bankrupts America

"I will never sign another bill like this one!" Trump said as he signed the largest spending boondoggle ever.

No, you won't - because you just destroyed America, so you'll never get another opportunity to do it again!

America’s Two-Party System Is Done

By Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners
Bill Bonner
GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – The most remarkable thing about the latest federal budget is that no one seems to find it remarkable.
As far as we know, no member of Congress read it. And the president – who is supposed to be the nation’s chief executive officer – has only the dimmest idea of what is in it.
And yet, it establishes three astonishing new things.

Boondoggles for Everybody

First, governments typically promise peace and prosperity. But this budget practically guarantees war and poverty. The military will be given more money to meddle in other people’s affairs.
And the deficits – $1 trillion a year and going up, the largest ever without an emergency – almost certainly will cause a financial crisis and leave Americans poorer.
Second, the checks and balances of the two-party system have been almost eliminated. There is only one party now: the Deep State Elite.
Yes, the Democrats and Republicans still fight – or pretend to fight – amongst themselves. One side wants a wall. The other wants more aid to unwed crossdressers.
But the latest budget shows that they have essentially joined forces against the American people. Boondoggles to the left. Boondoggles to the right. They’re all on the same team now… Boondoggles for everybody.

Horse Trading

Back in the old days, there was only so much blood Congress could squeeze out of taxpayers. The predators on the Left and on the Right had to fight over it. “Horse trading,” they called it, not bothering to mention that they were trading someone else’s horses.
No more. Now, the trading has come to an end. There appears to be an unlimited number of horses.
No need to make deals and trade-offs. No need for smoke-filled rooms. No need for give; it’s all take now.
Joe Withrow from the research department, highlighted yesterday some of the nags that should have been taken out and shot. That’s why we have a president with a pistol in his belt.
When Congress fails to do its duty, the ultimate check is that the president is supposed to use his veto to force Congress to come to its senses.
Each member of Congress represents a specific place or group of people – each with its own dreams of avarice. The president is supposed to represent the entire nation and use his veto when the sum of congressional greed threatens the financial health of the republic.
But now, the checks and balances are gone…
Money for this, money for that. War here, war there. What the heck, deficits don’t matter.

Shameful Bankruptcy

But that brings up the third big thing no one seems to care about: the finances of the richest country on earth have become a dangerous sh*thole fantasy.
With the end of the two-party system, no fear of deficits, and no way to curb spending, we are now looking ahead to national bankruptcy – and not an honest one.
The feds can legally counterfeit money to pay their bills. So they’re going broke in a shameful, underhanded way.
As more and more baby boomers retire, the costs of Social Security and Obamacare (which the Republicans didn’t repeal) keep going up, rising faster than tax receipts.
Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats keep spending more and more money on their fake wars, intended chiefly to shift wealth and power to the military/industrial/Deep State cronies.
Between more money to domestic boondoggles and more money to foreign boondoggles, there is no room to ever balance the budget, let alone pay down the accumulated debt.
What’s more, as the feds need to borrow more money, they will inevitably force up interest rates. This will weigh heavily on their outstanding debt – now $21 trillion.
As Dan Denning showed yesterday, the quarterly interest payments on the national debt are now more than half a trillion dollars.
The yield on a 10-year note is still less than 3%. But each additional 100 basis points (1%) adds another $200 billion or so to the annual interest charge, which has to be borrowed in order to be paid.
From there, all it would take is a few more basis points and it would top $1 trillion.
As the feds drive up interest rates, they also hog the available credit.
Honest borrowers – who make real things and provide real services – get “crowded out” of the debt market. This, of course, reduces growth and output… and federal tax revenues.

Punky Economy

Let’s see… Tax revenues go down. Spending goes up. The economy goes punky. Already, U.S. debt is headed for $40 trillion (or perhaps much more) by 2028.
What will give?
Let us squint and try to peer into the future… (realizing that we are no better at it than anyone else):
The stock market will crash. Then, the Fed will panic. So will the White House and Congress. Almost immediately, new spending programs – shovel ready – will appear.
Deficits will soar to $2 trillion. The Fed will cover them with more fake money.
Consumer prices will rise. Asset prices, in real terms, will fall.
The insiders will front-run the feds – anticipating which industries and assets will benefit or get whacked. (Big steel gets a subsidy… Amazon takes a beating.)
The Deep State will gain power and money; the public will suffer.
Has anyone been to Venezuela lately?

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Oh, Look - America Has Always Had an Efficient Central Bank!

Normally, I hate leftopaths and government bloat, but then again I hate the globalist banksters far, far more!

From here:

 The War on the Post Office

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 By Ellen Brown, The Web of Debt Blog | News Analysis

A statue of Benjamin Franklin stands outside of the Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC. (Photo: Daniel M. Silva / Shutterstock)A statue of Benjamin Franklin stands outside of the Old Post Office building in Washington, DC. (Photo: Daniel M. Silva / Shutterstock)

The US banking establishment has been at war with the post office since at least 1910, when the Postal Savings Bank Act established a public savings alternative to a private banking system that had crashed the economy in the Bank Panic of 1907. The American Bankers Association was quick to respond, forming a Special Committee on Postal Savings Legislation to block any extension of the new service. According to a September 2017 article in The Journal of Social History titled "'Banks of the People': The Life and Death of the US Postal Savings System': The Life and Death of the US Postal Savings System," the banking fraternity would maintain its enmity toward the government savings bank for the next 50 years.

As far back as the late 19th century, support for postal savings had united a nationwide coalition of workers and farmers who believed that government policy should prioritize their welfare over private business interests. Advocates noted that most of the civilized nations of the world maintained postal savings banks, providing depositors with a safe haven against repeated financial panics and bank failures. Today, postal banks that are wholly or majority owned by the government are still run successfully not just in developing countries but in France, Switzerland, Israel, Korea, India, New Zealand, Japan, China, and other industrialized nations.

The US Postal Savings System came into its own during the banking crisis of the early 1930s, when it became the national alternative to a private banking system that people could not trust. Demands increased to expand its services to include affordable loans. Alarmed bankers called it the "Postal Savings Menace" and warned that it could result in the destruction of the entire private banking system.

But rather than expanding the Postal Savings System, the response of President Franklin Roosevelt was to buttress the private banking system with public guarantees, including FDIC deposit insurance. That put private banks in the enviable position of being able to keep their profits while their losses were covered by the government. Deposit insurance along with a statutory cap on the interest paid on postal savings caused postal banking to lose its edge. In 1957, under President Eisenhower, the head of the government bureau responsible for the Postal Savings System called for its abolition, arguing that "it is desirable that the government withdraw from competitive private business at every point." Legislation to liquidate the Postal Savings System was finally passed in 1966. One influential right-wing commentator, celebrating an ideological victory, said, "It is even conceivable that we might transfer post offices to private hands altogether."

Targeted for Takedown

The push for privatization of the US Postal Service has continued to the present. The USPS is the nation's second largest civilian employer after WalMart and has been successfully self-funded without taxpayer support throughout its long history; but it is currently struggling to stay afloat. This is not, as sometimes asserted, because it has been made obsolete by the Internet. In fact the post office has gotten more business from Internet orders than it has lost to electronic email. What has pushed the USPS into insolvency is an oppressive congressional mandate that was included almost as a footnote in the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA), which requires the USPS to prefund healthcare for its workers 75 years into the future. No other entity, public or private, has the burden of funding multiple generations of employees yet unborn. The pre-funding mandate is so blatantly unreasonable as to raise suspicions that the nation's largest publicly-owned industry has been intentionally targeted for takedown.

What has saved the post office for the time being is the large increase in its package deliveries for Amazon and other Internet sellers. But as Jacob Bittle notes in a February 2018 article titled "Postal-Service Workers Are Shouldering the Burden for Amazon," this onslaught of new business is a mixed blessing. Postal workers welcome the work, but packages are much harder to deliver than letters; and management has not stepped up its hiring to relieve the increased stress on carriers or upgraded their antiquated trucks. The USPS simply does not have the funds.

Bittle observes that for decades, Republicans have painted the USPS as a prime example of government inefficiency. But there is no reason for it to be struggling, since it has successfully sustained itself with postal revenue for two centuries. What has fueled conservative arguments that it should be privatized is the manufactured crisis created by the PAEA. Unless that regulation can be repealed, the USPS may not survive without another source of funding, since Amazon is now expanding its own delivery service rather than continuing to rely on the post office. Postal banking could fill the gap, but the USPS has been hamstrung by the PAEA, which allows it to perform only postal services such as delivery of letters and packages and "other functions ancillary thereto," including money orders, international transfers, and gift cards.

Renewing the Postal Banking Push

Meanwhile, the need for postal banking is present and growing. According to the Campaign for Postal Banking, nearly 28% of US households are underserved by traditional banks. Over four million workers without a bank account receive pay on a payroll card and spend $40-$50 per month on ATM fees just to access their pay. The average underserved household spends $2,412 annually -- nearly 10% of gross income -- in fees and interest for non-bank financial services. More than 30,000 post offices peppered across the country could service these needs.

The push to revive postal banking picked up after January 2014, when the USPS Inspector General released a white paper making the case for postal banks and arguing that many financial services could be introduced without new congressional action. The cause was also taken up by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders, and polling showed that it had popular support.

In a January 2018 article in Slate titled "Bank of America Just Reminded Us of Why We Need Postal Banking," Jordan Weissman observes that Bank of America has now ended the free checking service on which lower-income depositors have long relied. He cites a petition protesting the move, which notes that Bank of America was one of the sole remaining brick-and-mortar banks offering free checking accounts to their customers. "Bank of America was known to care for both their high income and low income customers," said the petition. "That is what made Bank of America different." But Weissman is more skeptical, writing:
What this news mostly shows is that we shouldn't rely on for-profit financial institutions to provide basic, essential services to the needy. We should rely on the post office.
In spite of what some of its customers may have thought, Bank of America never cared very much about its poorer depositors. That's because banks don't care about people. They care about profits. And lower-middle class households who have trouble maintaining a minimum balance in a checking account are, by and large, not very profitable customers, unless they're paying out the nose in overdraft fees.
Those modest accounts won't be hugely profitable for the Postal Service either, but postal banking can be profitable through economies of scale and the elimination of profit-taking middlemen, as postal banks globally have demonstrated. The USPS could also act immediately to expand and enhance certain banking products and services within its existing mandate, without additional legislation. According to the Campaign for Postal Banking, these services include international and domestic money transfers, bill pay, general-purpose reloadable postal cards, check-cashing, automated teller machines (ATMs), savings services, and partnerships with government agencies to provide payments of government benefits and other services.

A more lucrative source of postal revenue was also suggested by the Inspector General: the USPS could expand into retail lending for underserved sectors of the economy, replacing the usurious payday loans that can wipe out the paychecks of the underbanked. To critics who say that government cannot be trusted to run a lending business efficiently, advocates need only point to China. According to Peter Pham in a March 2018 article titled "Who's Winning the War for China's Banking Sector?":
One of the largest retail banks is the Postal Savings Bank of China. In 2016 retail banking accounted for 70 percent of this bank's service package. Counting about 40,000 branches and servicing more than 500 million separate clients, the Postal Savings Bank's asset quality is among the best. Moreover, it has significantly more growth potential than other Chinese retail banks.
Neither foreign banks nor private domestic retail banks can compete with this very successful Chinese banking giant, which is majority owned by the government. And that may be the real reason for the suppression of postal banking in the US. Bankers continue to fear that postal banks could replace them with a public option -- one that is safer, more efficient, more stable, and more trusted than the private financial institutions that have repeatedly triggered panics and bank failures, with more predicted on the horizon.

This piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source.

Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown is an attorney, president of the Public Banking Institute and author of 12 books including the best-selling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her websites are The Web of Debt Blog, Public Bank Solution and Public Banking Institute.

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MAGA - Problems and SOLUTIONS

You Americans should try teaching the PRINCIPLES behind what makes your Constitution such a unique success in the world, and not only it's details and history.

Because here's what's wrong with the "progressive" EDUCATION SYSTEM today:

Here's how the so-called "soft" sciences aka "humanities" (anthropology, psychology, sociology, and even Law or criminology) really work: They all started off by examining the various symptoms and EFFECTS of human behavior, thinking, group-thinking behavior, and of criminal free-will CHOICES, respectively, but then self-invalidated by looking for hidden mysterious predestined and predetermined inevitable force "CAUSES" of it all, which degraded them all into only one criminal, excuse-making alibi topic:


So we get these two, permanently opposed philosophical poles:

Law-abiding Conservatives: "Criminal behavior is an effect of free-will choice!"
Criminal libertines: "But what CAUSED that choice? There's always a cause!"

Their implication is that there are no crimes nor criminals because we're all "victims."

In short: they went from studying HOW people CHOOSE to act, to focusing on WHY (ruling out free will choice entirely)!

And that "why" PRESUMES a fear of pain will ALWAYS trump rationality! "So" we are all really ever only helpless victims! Asking "why" people ('always') give in to the fear of pain, presumes that: "SINCE anything CAN go wrong, SO it WILL always go wrong, SO we MUST forgive everyone for their mistakes, as being helpless victims!"

But in reality, the only reason WHY people commit crimes, is that they still think they can have rights without responsibilities, and so they weigh all the risks and rewards in different situational circumstances first!

And they only try to do so in each and every separate circumstantial situation, because they haven't learned that rights ALWAYS only come with responsibilities, causes with effects, and effects with causes, and so they either remain ignorant of, or choose to ignore, the simple Golden Rule of Law moral Principle:
"Do Not Attack First."


These days, PITYING the victims (and the criminals AS "fellow victims,") is held up as the highest moral virtue, while being ANGRY at, (or "hateful" towards) criminals and crime is deemed to be the most vile sin.

But what is more useful in solving problems and remedying crime: being angry at criminals for their predatory choices, or encouraging them to commit more crimes, by pitying them as helpless victims too?

The answer is obvious.

So it's high time to educate these higher-learning "educators" of their mistakes!

In always asking "But WHY?" like perverse little children bedeviling their parents, they can always step back any given answer and exploit it into a whole new and lucrative "specialized" academic field of study!

But the focus they pretend to thereby gain in minutae actually loses the focus on the big picture or "unified field" of science itself - by deliberately reducing everything they become absurd, or "reducio ad absurdum," to the Latins.

And, while the simple answer IS obvious to us, unfortunately so is their own criminally negligent desire to "fail upwards" by ignoring the simple easy and permanent solutions to any and all problems, in favor of exploiting and selling the almost infinite number of mere symptoms and effects of unsolved problems as causes in them selves, as eternal crises for which only temporary band-aid therapy reliefs can ever be applied.

After all, the motto of all responsibility-averse and willfully delinquent libertine "liberal" criminals must be: "There's No Money In Solutions, so Please Give Generously - AGAIN!"

So their final message these days seems to be:
"Anyone who doesn't automatically pity all criminals as fellow victims should be hated!"

All of which results in ...


Is a form of excuse-making victimology which presumes people are mere products of their environments.

And the inevitable force idol used is group-might-makes-right membership, where people's identities are limited to their group symptoms (which are of course in reality not causes of anything at all anyway).

From useless pity, they seek to forcibly balance or zero out all of the conflicting, "intersectional" group membership symptoms (race, national/ethnic origin, religion/culture, sex/gender etc) everyone has.

They pretend the only way to stop people from having conflicts, is to make them all physically "equal."

And the only attributes they cannot control, is free-will, and its "intersectionally related" symptoms of wisdom and intelligence, emotions and instincts. They use emotion to cancel others' wisdom and choice.

But they will try to anyway, dummying down everyone to the lowest common animal-level denominator, where it is presumed that everyone will always stupidly and instantly Submit to their fears - and so must always be pitied and never hated for their often predatory, criminal choices. But trying to pretend that one can "equalize the difference" between law and crime by asserting that there are no free-will criminal choices nor criminals but only helpless victims is criminal. It's to assert that people are nothing more than mindless robots, and that nobody can ever really think about anything, ever. It is to deny consciousness exists in anyone, ever. To choose to commit such massive acts of criminal negligence is to commit fraud.

It is to deny the evidence of one's senses, to objectify everyone else AS mere objects. It is nothing more or less than common "psycho-pathy," which is literally only the Greek word for mind- or thought-killing.

It is childish paranoia, slandering everyone else as being only one thing, which is always out to get you.

And having chosen to indulge such common fear-based emotion, they must control everyone else's thinking, in the hope of making it all stop forever. Out of fear, they ultimately end up denying that cause and effect really exist, and so as existentialists are also mere nihilists, believing in safe static Nothing.

And: Why do Millennials embrace socialism? Why do two thirds of the population - the psychopaths and undecided - vote so consistently for it, even while being ripped off again and again by it? It's because of corporate education.

Just try telling them that socialism is slavery because it doesn't allow for any individuals to own any property.

They will reply with "So what? I don't own any property, and at least under socialism the government will have to give me stuff, and feed and clothe me, by taking it from all those Makers who hoard it and won't give it to me!"

Having been raised apparently enslaved by parents who controlled everything, and in school systems where they all were treated like criminals and prisoners, they don't know anything else and so cannot imagine owning anything!

The only dreams they have are rising to the top of the socialist crime-gang by extorting more from the Makers!

Monkey-see, monkey-do! Corporate gangsters own and control government gangsters and they all sell slavish pity for criminals as being the height of virtue, and being angry at criminals for committing crimes as a vile sin. Government - like islam - sells useless pity over constructive anger to keep the peace, because their corporazi gangster masters wants peace in order to promote commerce (at least in those areas they aren't currently trying to destroy in order to then lucratively charge their victims to have rebuilt)!

But with endless fiat currency available, the globalist banksters risk nothing ever and so always can and do - as psychopaths - finance both sides in every given conflict to gain more control over everyone else!

So, to reiterate and sum up:

Here's both how and why this latest debacle has developed in our world (and will probably only get worse):

Snowflakes are being taught to act like perpetual victims, not realizing that in their long march to replace freedom with security, they will all end up being euthanized in gulags!

All liberal social science/humanities "teach" about (abuse students with) islam ("Submission" to Authority) these days - because they all really only describe victimology, where there is no morality because they insist there is no free-will choice.

As in islam itself, one must SUBMIT to GOING ALONG (with the criminals' main lie, that they are really only "fellow victims" - of society/mere products of their environments, and proudly helpless slaves of unknown and unknowable allah) TO GET ALONG (with all the other scary lying criminals)! It's might-makes-right extortion!

And perpetual extortion is also know as "slavery!" This is why governments still fund 50% of "higher education!"

Because both corporations and governments WANT people to be psychopaths – people who are always instinctively willing to compromise and Submit to Authority, who can be guaranteed to always want to go along to get along, and who will never, ever, challenge the status quo by attempting to actually solve any real problems, or accuse any real criminals of their crimes, that’s why!

You seriously need to emulate the enemy's success and enter the textbook publishing business!

It won't be as expensive as one might think, because of the recent shift in schools and universities from hard-copy to digital editions!

It's much cheaper to offer electronic versions of books than it is to have to pay to print, warehouse, insure and ship them using the old business model! And they reach more students faster globally.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Mueller Colludes with Terror-State to Destroy Trump

From here:


Is Mueller colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood’s 9/11 backers?

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.
There hasn’t been a sudden explosion of paranoia and fear about Russia like this since Sputnik.
In the ‘12 election debates, Obama had breezily dismissed Romney’s suggestion that Russia was the leading geopolitical threat. “You said Russia. Not al Qaeda. You said Russia," he sneered. "And the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because the Cold War's been over for 20 years."
Obama was nearly right.
Russia is a serious geopolitical threat, but despite Putin’s imperial ambitions and the malicious actions of a regime run by former KGB operatives, it falls far behind the threat posed by the People’s Republic of China. The Cold War is over and Russia lost. That may be of small comfort to Ukraine or Georgia, and the other former subject nations of the Soviet Union that it threatens, but it’s no real threat to us.
China isn’t our leading geopolitical foe either.
Obama mentioned Al Qaeda in his attack on Romney. The Islamic terrorist group was already largely irrelevant. But the terror kingdom behind it is more dangerously relevant than ever.
According to the intelligence community, Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family, its former interior minister and minister of Islamic affairs, was an Al Qaeda sympathizer who had harbored Khalid Sheikh Muhammad. When the FBI arrived in Qatar to arrest him, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks was transported away on a special Qatari government jet with blacked out windows.
 And there have been suspicions over the years that Qataris played a larger role in 9/11.
 But Qatar these days is far more of a threat than it was on 9/11. Its close ties to terror have made it a pariah nation in the region even as its support for Islamic theocracy crosses all factional lines.
It’s the main patron of the Muslim Brotherhood, an international Jihadist network, and has close ties to Iran. It spreads terrorist propaganda through Al Jazeera while subverting friendly governments. It seeks to influence American policy through think tanks like Brookings while spying on Americans.
Russia’s backing for the Shiite axis in Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen has been destabilizing, but not nearly as destabilizing as Qatar’s backing for the Islamist militias that wrecked Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt and much of the region. Qatar’s Iranian allies may be the final winners of the Arab Spring’s humanitarian catastrophe, but it was Qatari propaganda and weapons that kickstarted the region’s unholy wars.
While Qatar’s Al Jazeera terror network undermined governments, the terror kingdom shipped massive amounts of weapons to its Islamic terrorist allies. The Obama administration colluded with Qatar’s arms shipments to terrorists by instructing NATO forces not to interdict these shipments which later ended up in the hands of Jihadists in Libya and Mali. Qatar bought weapons from the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood regime in Sudan, whose leader is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity, and shipped them to Jihadists in Syria through the terror state of Turkey.
Secretary of State John Kerry even winked at Qatar's funding of Hamas, another genocidal Muslim Brotherhood regime. This is the sort of serious collusion that we should be discussing.
But while Qatar funds terrorists, its massive propaganda operation also attempts to influence Americans. The terror kingdom acquired Current TV from Al Gore for $500 million. But the terror network failed to attract viewers. Al Jazeera America was sued for fraud by Gore, and its female and Jewish employees began coming forward with accusations of sexism and anti-Semitism.
But while Al Jazeera America failed, Al Jazeera remains the world’s most influential hostile state propaganda service, far more so than Russia’s RT. And it hasn’t given up on influencing Americans.
Al Jazeera recently boasted of having sent in an operative to secretly record pro-Israel activists. The terror network dispatched letters to pro-Israel groups and it’s believed by some that their existence is being used to pressure figures in the Jewish community into playing along with Qatar’s public relations effort. If Russia were similarly spying on and blackmailing Americans, there would be outrage.
Unfortunately, Qatar has burrowed deeply into the media and the political infrastructure of the left.
Al Jazeera is not the only vector for Qatari propaganda. The Brookings Institution, one of the most influential think tanks in the country, is subservient to Qatar. "[T]there was a no-go zone when it came to criticizing the Qatari government," a Brookings Doha Center fellow revealed.
And then there’s The Intercept. The pro-terror site funded by a Persian billionaire has become notorious for its distribution of Qatari propaganda. The site, whose leading figure is Hamas apologist Glenn Greenwald, is a perfect forum for publishing smears, innuendo and even hacked documents. The Intercept frequently features attacks on the UAE, a Qatari rival, and Americans friendly to it, such as Jared Kushner, so that its contents appears to curiously echo those of Qatar’s PR and Al Jazeera.
Qatar’s influence operations took an ominous turn when Elliott Broidy, a top Trump donor, had his emails hacked by individuals he alleges were Qatari agents. The leaked emails play into Qatar’s conflict with the UAE. The emails have predictably popped up on Al Jazeera and Broidy had previously been targeted by The Intercept for a panel at which Steve Bannon had criticized Qatar.
"We have reason to believe this hack was sponsored and carried out by registered and unregistered agents of Qatar seeking to punish Mr Broidy for his strong opposition to state-sponsored terrorism," Broidy's spokesman said.
These two incidents of alleged Qatari espionage against Americans in order to influence our foreign policy raise serious questions. Yet the same media that obsessively searches for Russian bots on Reddit and Facebook seems entirely disinterested in discussing the subject. Skeptics of Russian influence have been told to put country ahead of party, but when will the left finally put country ahead of Qatar?
Perversely, instead of investigating the role of Qatar in influencing American elections, Mueller is reportedly taking the Qatari propaganda at face value and directing his investigation accordingly.
President Trump has been critical of Qatar. If Mueller uses Qatari opposition research to undermine a sitting president on behalf of a terror state, he will actually doing what Trump has been accused of.
Mueller had been accused of covering for the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in America before. But now he risks being guilty of colluding with the Brotherhood’s Qatari backers to bring down an anti-Qatari president for the terror state that shielded the mastermind of the September 11 attacks.
There could be no greater act of treason than that.
Qatar’s domestic influence operation is far deeper and more dangerous than anything waged by Russia. Al Jazeera is infinitely more sophisticated than RT. The influence enjoyed by Qatar through Brookings has no Russian parallel. Its narrative on Yemen, Libya, Gaza, Burma and Egypt is the only story you will see in the media. The media in the United States hardly ever runs stories critical of Qatar anymore.
But if the latest allegations are true, Qatar’s terror backing and fake news operations have been supplemented by a domestic spying and blackmail operation against Americans.
And that cannot be tolerated.
Qatar is tiny compared to Russia. It’s a slave state of 200,000 masters and large numbers of foreign workers, many of them worked to death and treated little better than slaves. But yet it’s enormously wealthy and beneath its façade of moderation, it seeks to export Islamic supremacism around the world.
When we talk about Al Qaeda or Hamas, when you hear about the Arab Spring or the civil war in Yemen, when mention is made of the illegal invasion of Libya, the fighting in Syria, the real topic is Qatar.
Americans who collude with Russia should be held accountable. So should those who collude with Qatar.
And often they are one and the same.
Qatar, like Russia, is an ally of Iran. Like Russia, it arms and trains Islamic terror groups, seeks to undermine America, Israel and the West, and represents a major geopolitical threat.
Islamic terrorism is our leading geopolitical enemy. Its distribution and diversity makes it more difficult to pin down than the linkage between Communism and the Soviet Union. But the closest thing to the USSR of Islamic terror today is Qatar. When Democrats demand to know what Republicans are ready to do about Russia, Republicans should ask them what they are willing to do about Qatar?