Saturday, October 16, 2021

How do we save our great nations from maniacal, authoritarian ruling elites?

Believe it or not, there’s actually something worse than the prospect of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the last election and becoming president and vice president of the United States.

And that would be for such profoundly unworthy characters to be elevated to the pinnacle of power through fraud – fraud so brazen and clear that everyone knows it (or at least, all 70 million Trump voters know it).
To live in a country where half the population is totally convinced their vote doesn’t matter, that elections are rigged – a charade, a pretense, a fig leaf for totalitarianism – and that the ruling elite will install whomever serves their secret anti-American agenda – well, that would be a very unhappy and conflicted nation, one perpetually at war within itself.
Thus, President Trump and his legal team are endeavoring to force election misdeeds into the light, and to bring transparency and accountability – and thereby, public trust -- into what is thus far an epically fraud-ridden election.
But the truth is, what led us into this terrible situation was yet another massive fraud – one every bit as evil, corrosive and ruinous as election fraud is to a great nation: I’m talking about America’s fraudulent news media. Only today’s Pravda-like press could have enabled someone like Joe Biden – obviously disintegrating mentally, wrong on every issue, lying continually, and as new evidence proves, one of the most spectacularly corrupt politicians in memory – to become the Democratic candidate and very possibly the next president.
Tucker Carlson recently commented on the media’s atrocious pre-election bias – from their wanton lying to protect Biden, to their defamation of honest whistleblowers as “Russian disinformation agents,” to their flat-out refusal to cover major stories exposing the Biden family’s monumental corruption. He ended with this prophetic warning:
“When the smoke clears from this election, there’ll be a massive realignment in the media, no matter who wins. Because they showed who they are. And it’s so unappealing, it’s so far from journalism, that it can’t continue.”
Tucker is correct. No matter how this election disaster ends, the media landscape will be forever changed. Most so-called “mainstream journalists” have disgraced themselves beyond repair, having proven they are no better – and no different – than Pravda, the pretend “newspaper of record” in the former Soviet Union that was actually just a craven, lying, servile propaganda mill for that totalitarian regime’s ruling elite.
After all, remember when President Trump disclosed that he and Melania were infected with the Chinese coronavirus? Immediately, the media pounced on him, saying he had it coming. CNN anchor Don Lemon talked about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi becoming president, and former Barack Obama staffer and Hillary Clinton national spokeswoman Zara Rahim said, "I hope he dies." Right before that, The Atlantic, which had recently published a high-profile libelous story claiming President Trump hates and mocks war heroes, published a second, similar high-profile libelous story claiming Trump hates and mocks Christians.
Enough! As Tucker said, this insanity “can’t continue.” Americans won’t stand for it.
Thus, whatever the future holds after this election, Americans are going to need, more than ever before, a truly moral and courageous “free press” to help everyone navigate what promises to be a tumultuous, dangerous and unpredictable era ahead.

But right now, the globalist shills of the "mainstream" enemedia covers up the truth - about Joe Biden’s decades-long family corruption, serial plagiarism, continual lying, dismal half-century track record, growing dementia and more. The truth about Kamala Harris being rated by the nonpartisan as the most leftwing member of the U.S. Senate – further left than Bernie Sanders – not to mention being one of the most dishonest, vacuous, insincere, abrasive, condescending and excruciatingly unlikeable candidates for high office in our lifetimes. The truth about the Chinese coronavirus – about what real science actually says about masks, about lockdowns, about medications like hydroxychloroquine, about school openings, about the importance of early treatment and much more. The truth about Hillary Clinton being the actual villain at the heart of the whole Trump-Russia collusion hoax. And much more – including the truth about America’s “mainstream media” having morphed fully into the militant, continually-lying propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

But WND has been busy warning America for over three years – longer than virtually any other journalists, since shortly after the 2016 election – that Big Tech intended to crush conservative expression and to do everything within their power, moral or immoral, legal or illegal, to prevent Donald Trump’s re-election. They’re doing precisely that right now, and WND is in danger of being mortally wounded in this war.

Recently, three major international online ad companies that had long served ads on WND – their main source of revenue and sustenance – all suddenly decided, at the same time, to cancel WND in the run-up to the most important presidential election of our lifetimes. The ad companies blacklisting WND – namely, TripleLift, AppNexus/Xander and Teads – all cited vague breaches of their terms of service (i.e. “any content that is illegal or otherwise contrary to any applicable law, regulation, directive, guideline or order, including without limitation any misleading, unethical, obscene, defamatory, deceptive, gambling-related or hateful content,” etc.). You get the idea: If they don’t like your politics, you’re cancelled.
Even worse than losing key ad companies: A few months ago Facebook suddenly decided to massively suppress WND’s traffic on their platform – which forms a key part of WNDs overall reader engagement, since WND has close to a million Facebook friends. Why is Facebook massively suppressing WND? No reason given, despite repeated attempts to find out. As a result, WND’s overall traffic, and therefore our revenue, is down significantly and painfully from what it was before.
Meanwhile, Google has virtually written WND out of its search algorithm so that unless you specify “” in your search terms, WND rarely shows up. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the leftwing hate group that many Big Tech companies rely on to identify hate groups, characterizes WND as a hate group – specifically, one engaging in “manipulative fear-mongering and outright fabrications designed to further the paranoid, gay-hating, conspiratorial and apocalyptic visions … from the fringes of the far-right and fundamentalist worlds.” 

- David Kupelian, WND -

In other words: "Oh noes - logic-based objective fact-noticing ebil "conservatives" - they might know! So shut it down now!"

... so whether those naive little lambs over at WND really do know it yet, or not - they are being sacrificed to "The G*ds."

Friday, October 15, 2021

ISLAM IS COMING - The Cox and Amess Murders - A Tale of Two Political Assassinations How far will the responses diverge?


"The United Kingdom has been rocked by the stabbing murder of David Amess, a British member of parliament who was targeted at his regular ‘surgery’ (community engagement meeting) in Leigh-on-Sea, southeast of London.

The murder of Amess sparked immediate comparisons with the killing of another MP, Jo Cox, in Birstall, West Yorkshire on the 16th of June 2016. Like Amess, Cox was also seeing constituents and died after being shot and stabbed by a man named Thomas Mair. Mair is currently serving a life sentence for the murder.

Like the latest killing, Cox’s murder sent shock-waves through the UK. Perhaps even more so, as it took place in the run-up to the referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain or leave the European Union. This was perhaps one of the most politically divisive events in recent British history.

The reaction of the liberal establishment to Cox’s murder was revealing. While Mair had a long history of mental health problems, this was swept aside in favour of an obsessive focus on his right wing political connections. While this was on some level understandable, Mair did indeed have a whole range of questionable ideological commitments. What was less understandable was that Mair, who lived his life on the radical fringe, was immediately elevated to a representative and poster boy for the whole Brexit movement (i.e. those who wanted the UK to leave the EU).

No matter that Mair was a loner, with questionable mental health, who acted alone. According to some of the ‘Remain’ side, the Brexit movement had to ‘own’ him. No ‘bad apple’ excuses allowed. As commentator, Bart Cammaerts, wrote: “It is, as far as I’m concerned, way too easy and above all misleading to depict the murder of Jo Cox as the despicable act of a mentally deranged loner which has nothing to do with the Brexit-campaign or with the way in which this campaign stirred and instrumentalised xenophobic hatred in this country. The Brexit-campaign has unleashed and normalised something dark and sinister in British society and the murder of Jo Cox is just one manifestation of this.” In other words, if you supported the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, this was on you, no matter who you are.

Which brings us to Amess’ murder. We know by now that his killer was a 25 year-old member of the Somali community. The UK police also declared the murder a ‘terror attack’. This makes it very likely that the killing was motivated by the ‘prophet’ Muhammad’s injunction to ‘strike the necks of the unbelievers’ (Qur’an 8:12). So logically we can expect, if the principle of communal responsibility so vociferously asserted after Cox’s murder is upheld, that there will now be calls for the Muslim community to engage in deep introspection on how they can prevent these kinds of attackers from emerging from their midst. Don’t hold your breath though.

Statements of communal guilt and calls for introspection are seemingly only allowed in one direction. Especially when it comes to the Muslim community, such calls are firmly on the wrong side of a ‘Don’t go there!’ sign. So expect endless statements about a ‘lone wolf attack’ and analyses of how the perpetrator’s mental health or alienation from society caused him to fly into a murderous rage. Statements along these lines will, no doubt, be garnished by the reminder that only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ go on to do such a thing and that Amess’ murder most assuredly had ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Never mind that the ISIS magazine, Dabiq, called for precisely these kinds of attacks, explicitly basing this call on the teachings of the ‘prophet’ Muhammad.

The worst thing about all of this is not the obvious and ridiculous double standard. It is also the fact that it leaves an ideology that ultimately endangers all of those who do not subscribe to the teachings of Islam free from serious scrutiny.


I wish I could say that I’m convinced that this will be a teachable moment, causing an intense investigation of the links between orthodox Islamic teaching and violence. Unfortunately, what is far more likely to happen is that the very people who were willing to convict their political opponents for complicity in the murder in the death of Jo Cox will work extra hard to ensure that cover is provided for the community from which the latest assassin of a UK politician emerged."

Kind regards,

Peter Townsend, author of Nothing To Do With Islam

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The authoritarian left would be easily beaten during a civil war — but it won't end there

From Brandon Smith for the Bob Livingston's Personal Liberty Digest Alerts

There are a lot of assumptions and misconceptions when it comes to the notion of a second civil war within the U.S.

What I see most often is the argument that the political left has "already won" the war without firing a shot, and that a rebellion would be crushed under the heel of a newly a-wokened military-industrial complex and a leftist controlled federal government. The problem is this argument is extremely naive and ignores the bigger picture.

I think there are a couple of reasons why people press the leftist supremacy theory: First, they greatly fear the idea of a kinetic war breaking out and find the concept of combat repellent. So, they act as if a shooting war cannot ever be won and even considering the possibility is "stupid." They hide their cowardice behind a veil of false analysis and thin promises of passive resistance. They figure that if they can't fight and win, then no one else can fight and win.

Second, one of the primary functions of 4th Generation (psychological) warfare is to convince a target population that "resistance is futile." If you can make them believe that winning is impossible, then they may not fight at all, and thus the prophecy is self-fulfilling.

Luckily this method of propaganda does not seem to be working on a large number of Americans, but the threat goes far beyond leftist acolytes. The bottom line is this — while the extreme cultism of leftists is relegated to a small percentage of the population, they are supported by almost every major institution in our nation. The federal government supports and protects them. Some state and local governments support and protect them. The media avidly sings their praises. Most corporations and Big Tech platforms support them and spread social justice doctrine along with them. And all globalist foundations support them, organize them and even fund them.

All the people that the political left used to consider evil are now on their side. This is the reality. By extension, this gives their small cult unprecedented social power and a number of weapons to use when they desire to threaten people who disagree with them. The social justice warriors have spent a lot of time trying to censor and shut down conservative platforms and voices, but they actually expend most of their energy keeping their own side in line.

There are many moderate democrats that have a distaste for the lunacy of SJWs, but many are so afraid of being labeled heretics, racists, fascists, etc. that they keep their mouths shut or support draconian policies because they think they have to in order to defend their political "team." The limp-wristed moderates and old-school democrats that go along to get along are almost as big a problem as the hardcore leftists.

This is how we end up with around half the country in support of vaccine passport mandates, a totalitarian agenda which would give government complete control over the health decisions of individual Americans, complete control over how businesses operate and who they are allowed to hire and complete control over the economic participation of the average citizen. Vaccine passports are the ultimate power to decide the life and death of individuals and their families. And, not surprisingly, the political left and democrats are by far the biggest group backing the government and the globalists on this agenda.

This places our nation in a difficult position; the political left desperately wants to control the lives of others while conservatives and some moderates just want to be left alone. We are at an impasse. We cannot share the same spaces; we cannot share the same government and we may not even be able to share the same landmass. Our ideals are mutually exclusive. We believe in freedom and individual responsibility, and they simply do not.

Make no mistake, an outright conflict is coming in the U.S., and the people in alternative media circles that fear it need to come to terms with that fear and accept the inevitability of war. The sooner they do this the sooner they can take action to mitigate the damage to their families and communities. There will come a day very soon when you will have to defend your freedoms and the freedoms of future generations with your life. Embrace it and move on.

The amount of strength attributed to leftists by some conservatives is a little bizarre. Certainly, their social power is extensive in that all major U.S. institutions aid them in their efforts to harm others. That said, when it comes down to it the left is a paper tiger, a mirage, a pufferfish bloating itself in the hopes that its much larger enemies will not take a bite out of it. In the event of civil war the political left would be annihilated easily.

A woke military? Let's not get ahead of ourselves...

The most prominent claim being made that leftists would win revolves around the new woke propaganda being spread by the Department of Defense in the form of recruitment ads. Firstly, polling of military personnel shows around 30 percent identify as Republican and 40 percent identify as Independent, with the majority of the independents being Libertarians and Constitutionalists. In other words, 70 percent of the U.S. military leans conservative in their principles.

The military brass going hard left is meaningless if the majority of soldiers are not going to follow them into battle to oppress their own people. We are seeing this already in terms of the current serving who are refusing to take the experimental COVID vaccines. Polling in the summer suggested that at least 50 percent of soldiers would refuse to take the mRNA vax. The DoD claims that at least 70 percent of soldiers are now vaccinated, but this is unconfirmed and probably an exaggeration designed to manufacture a false consensus. We will soon know the real stats because the Biden administration is threatening "dishonorable discharges" for soldiers that refuse to comply.

The argument here is that with conservatives leaving the military in droves, this opens the door to a fully woke military of the far left. This assumption presupposes that woke leftists actually want to join the military or that they are capable of meeting the bare minimum standards. They are not.

Over 75 percent of Americans ages 18-24 are ineligible for the U.S. military because of lack of education, obesity, physical problems, psychological problems and criminal history. This negates 24 million people from the 34 million in this age range for recruitment. Since 70 perent of the military is conservative/libertarian, this means that either more young conservatives are healthy enough to pass the recruitment phase, or, far more conservatives are interested in volunteering, or it could be both factors combined.

In any case, just because 30-50 percent of soldiers leave in the face of the vaccine mandates, this does not mean that the void will be filled by leftists. In fact, it is likely that the void will not be filled at all, and the military will be left to stagnate as recruitment collapses. The pool of talent is already small, and the DoD just shrank their options by at least 30 percent more.

To summarize, there will never be a woke U.S. military. The institution would collapse before it ever reached such a "lofty" goal.

Biden's vaccine mandates are in a way highly beneficial for conservatives and freedom advocates because they are forcing the current serving off the fence. Soldiers will now be required to consider what liberties they are willing to violate just to stay in the military, because it's not going to stop with a couple of forced vaccinations, it's going to escalate. We may see a massive influx of discharged soldiers joining the liberty movement in the near future because of Biden's totalitarian behaviors.

Conservatives own the gun culture and firearms training

Beyond the military, U.S. gun culture is dominated by conservatives. Leftists are slowly beginning to realize that being anti-gun is sabotaging their own agendas, and many started buying firearms because of the primal terror they felt in the face of the Orange Man. But owning guns is not the same thing as knowing how to use them. It would take leftist many years, perhaps decades to catch up to the pure knowledge base that conservatives have when it comes to firearms and tactical training. These things have been passed down through conservative families for generations. And, again, most combat veterans are also conservative.

This is not to say that there are no leftists out there that are firearms proficient. I'm sure there are a few. But most of the time when leftists get together with guns the results are either painfully embarrassing or dangerous. Just check out this video from Angry Cops on the BLM-inspired "Not F$%king Around Coalition" (NFAC) group. Not only do they end up shooting each other, but their representatives don't even understand the basics of how their own rifles function when they argue that the shooting was the "gun's fault."

And let's not forget the good old "John Brown Gun Club" and their rockin' recruitment videos that made us choke on our own laugh tears a few years ago. The leftists are shockingly inept when it comes to guns and combat skills. They are a minimal threat to conservatives if civil war is the issue.

You can't win if you're not willing to die for what you believe in

Leftists are adamant about their ideologies, and they are keenly interested in demanding other people die for the cause. But, when they are forced to face personal risk to achieve their directives, they will usually run. You can see this in the mob confrontation with Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha; a horde of leftists was perfectly willing to chase him down with the intention of killing him, but when he turned to fight and a few of them got shot (including a convicted pedo), their enthusiasm suddenly evaporated.

Why do they run? Because their religious fervor for Marxism is an act. It's not real. Deep down, they don't even believe in what they are doing, and this is what separates freedom fighters from all other armed forces. We accept the possibility of death and fight in the face of overwhelming odds because the goal of freedom is worth it. Most authoritarians and useful idiots, when faced with dying for their ideology, will abandon the cause. They have entered the fight with a built-in disadvantage.

The real fight will not be with average Marxist leftists

Half the states in the U.S. now have some form of anti-mandate laws or executive orders in place. Half the country is vehemently against vaccine passports. If Biden continues on his current path, a soft secession of red states will begin, and the mandates will be ignored. This will leave Biden with a handful of options. He will invariably seek to punish red states by cutting off federal funds, and when that doesn't work, he will have to put boots on the ground and use Orwellian methods to round up dissidents.

Should civil war erupt (and I'm positive at this point that this is unavoidable), leftists will not last long. The majority of veterans and a large portion of the military are not going to fight against their own people, and they may even step in to assist us. A large number of police and sheriffs are also conservative and are unlikely to intervene. So, the question is, who is willing to die for leftists and their cult? I suspect not many.

But the people behind the leftist movement have a vested interest in eliminating conservative ideals and heritage. Globalist institutions working with the Biden administration will surely seek to intervene. They will call us "white supremacists" even though many conservatives are black and brown. They will call us evil nationalists, even though there is nothing wrong with a national identity that values freedom. They will say we are "insurrectionists" even though we will be acting in self-defense against an authoritarian regime. They will call us terrorists while using terrorist tactics and false flags against us. And they will claim that we are far too dangerous to be allowed to maintain our own nation or our own states.

Their main rationale will fall to the U.S. nuclear arsenal. They will claim that a nation of terrorists cannot be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, and at the first sign that Biden (or Kamala) is losing control, there will be a call for UN intervention. Count on it. An international force would be organized to try to stop us from existing. This is where the real fight would begin.

The political left is a footnote, and while we should continue to remain vigilant as they push their agenda, it is important to remember that there are much bigger fish to fry and we need to plan for the next dozen battles, not just the first. How we conduct ourselves from here on may determine whether or not freedom survives for many decades to come.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith

Organizing patriots in the face of government informants and false flags

 From Brandon Smith of Bob Livingston's Personal Liberty Digest Alerts

There is a simple fact that must be understood when it comes to the fight for liberty: Such a fight cannot be won alone. Freedom requires organized resistance, and it does not matter how many millions of people stand against an authoritarian regime, if they are isolated from one another they will lose. It's a guarantee.

This is why a considerable portion of establishment money, energy and propaganda are directed at defusing or sabotaging any semblance of conservative organization. This includes engineering false flag events and creating potential terror attacks from thin air so that they can be blamed on constitutionally minded groups. This is not conspiracy theory; this is conspiracy fact.

As we now know according to court documentation, the supposed scheme by a Michigan "militia" made up of anarchists to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and "try her as a tyrant" was heavily infiltrated by at least a dozen FBI agents and informants. The group was so infiltrated, in fact, that the entire plot for the kidnapping was essentially planned out by the FBI. This is the very definition of a false flag. The corruption and entrapment involved in the operation was so egregious that even the leftist media has reported negatively on it.

I recall a very similar situation that occurred during the Malheur incident when Ammon Bundy (son of Cliven Bundy) and a group of patriots decided to annex the wildlife refuge and its obscure ranger buildings as a launching point for a revolution. Though I was a supporter of the efforts at Bundy Ranch, I was vehemently against Malheur because the whole situation seemed grossly suspect. 

The strategy made no sense, the rationale made no sense, the site of the standoff made no sense, and the public optics were terrible. It was an anti-Bundy Ranch; a situation in which all of the dynamics were in favor of the feds and against the liberty movement.

And, not surprisingly, Malhuer had also been influenced and in some cases was arranged by federal informants and agents. These people were whispering in the ear of Ammon Bundy the entire time while the FBI authorized them to commit criminal acts. There were so many paid employees of the FBI at Malheur that jurors decided to drop all charges against most of the defendants involved.

And what about the latest "J6" rally in Washington D.C., which was planned by a virtually unknown former Trump aid and was quickly exposed as a potential "honeypot" designed to lure in conservatives. The army of plain-clothes undercover feds was so prevalent that riot cops accidentally arrested an armed FBI agent thinking he was a protester.

Now, there are many people in the alternative media that are breathing a sigh of relief that almost no one showed up for the J6 protest or "fell into the trap." In fact, there were far more reporters and feds there than actual activists. However, I think we need to look at the bigger picture of why the government is staging such events in the first place, and it's not just to catch conservatives in honey pots.

If you think about it, the entire strategy is high cost/minimum reward if we only look at it in terms of actual arrests. If the idea is to catch and prosecute patriots, then they could infiltrate groups and engineer criminal actions for decades and achieve little to nothing. Obviously, this is not the purpose of informants. Rather, the strategy is not to invade groups unnoticed; the strategy is to be noticed, to make sure the whole of the liberty movement believes that if they ever try to organize in any way the feds will be there to set them up. In other words, the primary goal of the FBI is to instill paranoia and fear among patriots and ensure they never effectively organize to resist.

So, when we cheer the "failure" of J6, we need to keep in mind that the establishment does not care. Getting people to show up was not their main intent; making people afraid to show up for any other events in the future is what they want.

The issue presents a Catch-22. If conservatives organize there is the chance that some groups will be infiltrated or set up and used to make the entire movement look bad. If we don't organize, then we have lost the fight. It will be over before it even truly begins (and no, the real fight has not started yet). What is the solution?

I think it's odd but maybe not surprising that the standoff at Bundy Ranch has been memory-holed by the media and is rarely mentioned even among conservative activists. Yet, it was probably one of the most successful patriot actions in the past couple of decades. There are a number of reasons for this:

1)  The action was spontaneous, not pre-planned and was in response to criminal activity by the FBI (including assaulting women that were protesting and the use of sniper positions to surround the Bundy property similar to Ruby Ridge). The movement took action to remedy a government trespass rather than creating a standoff out of nothing.

2)  There was no single person in charge. Groups showed up from all over the country; some of them squared away and some of them screw-ups. This might sound like a bad thing, but in terms of rebellion, it is often better to avoid streamlined top-down leadership. Frankly, I am usually suspicious of anyone that tries to anoint themselves the "leader" of the liberty movement or the sole leader of protest action. Cult of personality is the most useless thing I can think of when it comes to battling tyranny, and top-down leadership can be easily manipulated or controlled.

3)  Because of the decentralized nature of the response to Bundy Ranch, the feds had no way to influence or predict the outcome, and they really hate that. Without informants in key positions, the feds did not have the ability to adapt to the quickly changing circumstances. Contrast this with Malheur, where the feds were basically in control from the very beginning. The site itself was so isolated and ill-conceived that the FBI was able to dictate every movement of patriots in and out of the area. It was pointless for any militia to occupy it, but it was a great spot for the feds.

4)  Patriots arrived at Bundy Ranch peacefully, but with the will to fight if necessary. The Bundy Ranch response had a clear objective – To stop the FBI from harming the Bundy family and to retrieve the stolen cattle if possible. Both of these objectives were accomplished and with no shots fired. A complete success. Without a clear objective, there is no purpose to any action.

It is important to understand the difference between a Lexington Bridge moment and a Fort Sumter moment – During Lexington Bridge, the revolutionaries took action to stop a British detachment from arresting colonial leaders and confiscating rifles and powder stores. The British were in the midst of an undeniable attempt to disarm and snuff out the resistance. At Fort Sumter, the Confederate attack was in response to an attempted resupply of the fort itself, which made sense strategically but looked like an act of pure aggression to the wider public. The concept of states’ rights (more prominent in the minds of the confederates than the issue of slavery) fell by the wayside.

Eventually, tyranny has to put boots on the ground. A totalitarian system can function for a time on the color of law and implied threats, but it will crumble unless it is able to establish a physical presence of force. Once those jackboots touch soil in a visible way and the agents of the state try to expand oppressive measures, rebels then have a free hand to disrupt them or bring them down. But this only works if there are objectives and enough decentralization to prevent misdirection of the movement.

Organization is essential. It cannot be avoided. All the "Gray Men" and secret squirrel preppers out there that think they are going to simply weather the storm in isolation and pop out of their bug-out locations to rebuild are suffering from serious delusions. I can't help but think of that moment in 'Lord of The Rings' when the Ents refuse to organize to fight against the orcs. Pippen suggests to Merry that the problem is too big for them and that they should go back to the Shire to wait out the war. Merry laments:

"The fires of Isengard will spread. And the woods of Tuckborough and Buckland will burn. And all that was once green and good in this world will be gone. There won't be a Shire, Pippin."

If this fight is not pursued now, there will be no world worth coming back to, even if one was able to successfully hide from it. There will be a "new world order" as the globalists like to call it. There will be nothing left of freedom.

So, organization must be accomplished, and it should be built at the local level. This is far more important than any dreams of national organization, at least for now. There is no one I would trust to lead such a nationwide revolt, and that includes political leaders like Donald Trump.

Will federal intrusions happen?  Of course, but at the local level it is much easier to vet people according to their behaviors and root out bad actors. Hold your local meetings to discuss current events and create a place for people to network and get to know each other. Talk to local businesses or your county sheriff to see where they stand on issues like the vaccine passports and Biden mandates. Put things in motion now or you will regret it later when your community is completely disjointed and paralyzed by fear during a crisis or government subjugation.

And, what about the first guy at your meetings that starts talking about building bombs, drafting "kill lists" or kidnapping governors?  Kick his ass out promptly and make sure everyone knows why you did it. Most likely he is a fed or he is on an informant payroll. As our national composure breaks down and the manure hits the fan, fed informants and agents will suddenly disappear from these groups without a trace. They are not going to stick around for what happens next; the government doesn't pay them enough for that. And knowing who the patriots are will not help the federal government if the patriots are organized to defend themselves. This is the reality which they do not want us to wake up to.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith

Thursday, September 16, 2021

How states and communities can fight back against Biden's COVID tyranny

 "A war is coming. I have heard it argued that this war must be avoided; that it is "exactly what the establishment wants." I disagree. I think globalists like those at the World Economic Forum certainly want enough chaos to provide cover for the implementation of their global "Reset" agenda, but they don't want a full-blown rebellion. They only want events in which the outcome is controllable or predictable. They do not want a massive, organized resistance that might surprise them.

Ultimately it doesn't really matter because the war is already at our doorstep. A person has two choices: Fight or be enslaved. There is no third option. There is no walking away. There is no hiding from it and there is no passive solution to it.

Joe Biden's recent declaration of a federal level nationwide vaccine mandate has all but ensured that conflict is inevitable. Needless to say, this was not at all surprising to me. In December of last year, I noted that:

"There will then be a major push to require medical passports proving a person is not infected to enter into any public place. This means submission to 24/7 contact tracing or getting a new vaccine whenever ordered to. Basically, your life will be under the total control of state or federal governments if you want to have any semblance of returning to your normal life... New mutations of COVID-19 will be conveniently found every year from now on, meaning the public will have to get new vaccinations constantly, and medical tyranny will never go away unless people take an aggressive stand."

I have also mentioned often in the past that Biden would institute federal level vaccines mandates and possibly even Level 4 lockdowns. We are not to the point yet of lockdowns by executive order, but the Biden administration is trying to dive headlong into the control agenda with an executive order stating that all businesses in the U.S. with 100 employees or more must require those employees to provide proof of vaccination. In other words, the Orwellian rise of vaccine passports has officially begun in the U.S.

Not only was Biden's announcement an utter violation of the Constitution, but it was also condescending and vitriolic toward Americans who refuse to become guinea pigs for the experimental and untested vaccines. Biden suggested that the establishment "Has been patient, but their patience is wearing thin." 

I have to say, Biden is in for a shock if he thinks we care.

I can't cover every single lie and logical fallacy in Biden's speech because that is not what the article is about. I can only once again point out some very basic logical conclusions and scientific evidence which debunks Biden's nonsensical blather.

1) The median death rate of COVID, according to almost every single medical study and every official government tally, remains at 0.26 percent of the infected. Given that around 40 percent of COVID deaths happen among people in nursing homes with preexisting conditions, it is likely that the actual death rate is much lower. But let's just say that it is in fact 0.26percent. Why is there any need to impose draconian medical controls over a virus that 99.7 percent of people will easily survive? Why not create a support fund for the 0.26 percent of people that are at risk so they can stay home while the rest of us get on with regular life?

2) Throughout the course of the pandemic in the U.S. the largest percentage of hospital ICU beds that have been occupied by COVID patients is 17 percent. That is the peak of COVID in the ICUs. For the past few months, the percentage has been closer to an average of 8 percent or less. This is according to the government's own stats, which the CDC now buries instead of posting openly for easy viewing by the public. So, when the corporate media or Biden claims that the ICUs are "overwhelmed" by COVID patients, this is a lie.

3) Slow-Joe argues that the vaccinations are "safe and effective" against COVID, but only seconds later in the same breath he claims that "unvaxxed people are a threat to vaccinated people." He promotes the lie that this is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated", then says the vaccinated are in danger. Even a child could pick up on the inherent contradictions in Biden's claims.

The biggest question is, why should anyone follow a COVID mandate? Mandates are not laws; they are color of law. Unconstitutional orders are not to be followed. This leads us to the state and local strategies for fighting back against the federal passport mandates. Let's get into it:

Simply ignore the mandates and carry on with life as normal

How does Biden plan to enforce these mandates on businesses? If they refuse to go along to get along, what can he do about it? Who would he send to threaten or punish these businesses? Who would be dumb enough to follow that order? And what happens when a business is threatened and conservatives in the community come to its defense? What happens when local and state law enforcement get in the way of federal agencies? What is Biden going to do about that? Answer? Nothing, at least not directly.

The indirect method works both ways

If Biden is confronted with solid resistance to the passports in communities and states, there is really only one path he has left, which is indirect pressure through economic penalties. Biden will attempt to force states to comply by cutting federal funds and tax dollars. This idea might terrify some people because there is a percentage of the population in every state that relies on federal EBT and other programs for their survival. However, the federal government can be punished just as easily by the states. Let me explain...

Confiscate federal lands and resources

Any state that is cut off from its rightful share of tax dollars can easily claim domain over federal lands and the resources on them. It is the EPA restrictions on these lands that have been unfairly used to kill numerous industries across the country. With proper management, these resources can be used to revitalize state economies and offset and federal funds lost.

Offer businesses federal tax exemptions if they relocate

Red states can also punish the federal government by stopping IRS collections within their borders and turning the tables on Biden. Numerous businesses would be itching to escape Biden's high tax rates and would bring jobs and wealth into red states, leaving the conformist blue states in the dust.

Offer a free society and most people will want to join

Freedom is a popular idea, it is undeniable. Offer more freedom and less government intrusion and people will seek you out. Red states and red counties that fight back against the passport mandates will be creating havens for normal enterprise and normal lives. This is why millions of people have already migrated to red states from blue states in the past year, and that's why millions of more people will want to migrate in the near future.

Economic participation alone will be heaven compared to blue states and blue counties because passport acceptance will bring endless costs and restrictions to business owners and most of them will not survive unless they escape the oppression.

Offer safe havens for military personnel that go AWOL to avoid forced vaccination

A large percentage of soldiers say they will not comply with federal vax requirements, and this is completely understandable given the evidence I just presented above. It would be to the benefit of red states to offer protection for soldiers that leave the military based on principle. Perhaps they could even help in forming state militias...

Reduce restrictions on medical treatment facilities — start vax-free clinics

30 percent to 40 percent of medical professionals depending on the state say they will not take the experimental vax, and they are willing to lose their jobs in the process. Why not get these people with valuable medical skills to come to red states and counties and let them set up clinics outside of suffocating federal regulations?

Form trade relationships with other free states

Conservatives and constitutionalists need to organize and unify, and the best way to do this is to start with trade. It is likely that Biden will attempt to interfere with imports and the supply chain when it comes to red states, so they will need to stick together economically in order to prevent disruptions to the availability of goods. We need to rethink how states interact with each other and build more independent production and trade instead of relying on overseas suppliers. We will also need commodity-backed banks with commodity-backed currencies because the buying power of the U.S. dollar isn't going to last much longer anyway.

Unify for defense

If Biden and the globalists continue to push for medical tyranny in states and counties that do not want it, there will eventually be calls for secession. There will also be attempts by blue states to restrict the travel of people from red states using COVID passport checkpoints. We all know this is coming. All conservative counties should be organizing localized security through public militias, and state governments should be thinking along these lines as well. If there's one thing authoritarians hate more than anything else, it is suffering the existence of free neighbors. They will try to stop us from being free, and we must be ready to answer their violence with our own.

Finally, I would like to speak to Joe Biden directly:

Joe, let me clarify this in the simplest terms possible so that you can grasp it... you are not important. You are not a lawmaker and you are not a ruler, you are an employee of the American people, that is all you're are supposed to be. And though you may wish to be a dictator, that's not going to happen. We will not allow it. I realize that you are a puppet and that your globalist handlers make most of your decisions and write most of your statements for you, so you can pass this message on to them as well: WE WILL NOT COMPLY. It's not going to happen. Get used to the idea.

We are peaceful people and always have been. But if you come after us, you will regret it. We will teach you an important lesson in humility. A lesson you and your elitist friends sorely need and will not enjoy. This is a promise."

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

How much time do we have left before full authoritarianism or revolution?

"There is one question I receive from readers more than any other, and that is: "How much time do we have left before collapse or rebellion?"

To be clear, I have no crystal ball, and timing is the one thing that is almost impossible to know for certain. For example, in 2018 and 2019 I noted in several articles that the globalists only needed one more major event in the U.S. or globally to trigger the last stage of economic decline and to launch their "great reset." Only a year later we found ourselves in crisis due to the pandemic lockdowns and supply chain disruptions. In 2014 in an article written during the Ebola scare I suggested that a pandemic and medical tyranny might be the strategy that the globalists would use. I knew the chances were high but knowing exactly when is another matter entirely. All that any of us can ever do is look at the odds of a particular event and guess when it might happen according to the visible trends.

The only exception to this rule is that the closer you get to pure conflict or chaos, the closer you get to the collapse, the easier it can be to predict a timeline. If you are an experienced chess player, you know that high-stakes contests tend to build and build until there is a singularity — a moment when the end game is near and the winner will be decided in a flurry of attacks. I believe we are close to that point in America today.

To understand the state of the world right now it is important to accept the fact that there is a contingent of people in financial and political power that have a plan or a "vision" for the future, and part of their plan requires the removal of American patriots and conservatives and the subjugation of the American people. It is our history of rebellion against tyranny that they need to erase because it has the ability to inspire a future rebellion against the global totalitarian empire they plan to impose.

People also need to accept another fact. Now that the globalists have openly set their agenda in motion with the pandemic lockdowns, forced vaccination plans and medical passport schemes, they have a limited amount of time to achieve their objectives. Now that they have made their moves openly, a rebellion is brewing, and they are in a race to bring in their "reset" before patriots in the U.S. and in other parts of the world stop them.

So, what does this mean for conservatives and liberty advocates in 2021? Time is growing short.

I believe that we will be witnessing a full economic and social crash within the next year. Here are the reasons why, and I will discuss the economic reasons first, followed by the social and political reasons:

End of the eviction moratorium

The end of the eviction moratorium has been delayed a couple of times, but the latest attempt has been struck down by the Supreme court and federal courts. At least 12 million renters in the U.S. have said they are behind on their payments and 26 percent of Americans are struggling to pay their bills overall. The real number is likely much higher given that normal eviction numbers dropped by over half in 2020 due to the moratorium. There is a federal program being forwarded for renter's assistance, but the problem is more complex than simply dropping fiat money from helicopters.

Another issue is that the housing market is still hot in some areas of the country, and the landlords of many rented homes might be looking to sell those properties and make a profit. Look at it this way... if you were a landlord and you just spent the last year receiving no rent checks from your property investments because tenants refused to pay due to the moratorium, would you want to keep renting out your properties? Probably not. You would have no idea if another moratorium might be instituted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the chance to sell properties that were making you no money last year and get inflated prices for them this year is going to be very tempting.

Sadly, there are a lot of good people out there that have to rent and cannot buy right now, and because of the eviction moratorium, many rental properties are about to be sold and removed from the market for years to come. There is going to be a drought in rentals except in the most undesirable cities in the U.S., I guarantee it. On top of that, even with demand for rentals being high, building new apartments and homes will be difficult because construction companies are booked for a year or more in advance and lumber prices are still outrageous.

In other words, there are going to be millions of more Americans out on the streets regardless of any federal stimulus programs. Some of them will deserve it, and some of them won't. The crash, which was being hidden by federal measures, will now become highly visible as the homeless population explodes.

Employment shortage

Right now, there is an underlying and very dangerous trend that almost no one in the mainstream is talking about, and that is the fact that many small and medium-sized businesses are finding it difficult or impossible to hire new employees. Why? A primary reason is that federal and state authorities are paying people more money through unemployment to stay at home and do nothing than those people would make working an actual job. There is simply no incentive for many Americans to go back to work.

From what I have seen, this is killing businesses. Only major corporations and big-box retailers seem to be operating near normal capacity, and this is because they can afford to pay much higher wages and bonuses while being given endless stimulus dollars from the Federal Reserve. Small businesses do not have this option and are getting little to nothing from the small business bailouts promised at the onset of the pandemic.

The COVID checks are supposed to end in the next few months, but by the time this happens, it is likely that many small businesses will have already closed due to a lack of personnel.

End of the COVID stimulus checks

COVID payments and unemployment bonuses are scheduled to end in most states by September. Some states have already started, but the process of weening people off the government handouts is slow. It is likely that there will be numerous legal battles, and that some people will even demand that the stimulus checks never end. In other words, there will be calls for Universal Basic Income in the near term.

That said, I suspect the checks will be cut off completely for a time, and that this will lead to a considerable spike in poverty levels.

The problem is that every stimulus program the government has implemented appears to be an attempt to "help," when it actually sets up millions of people to be hurt. Dependency on the government breeds submission to the government, and every once in a while, the establishment will seek to remind people of who their daddy is by cutting off the funds and the handouts. Beyond that, constant stimulus creates dollar devaluation and hyperinflation. We are seeing the first major signs of inflation now, and it's not going to stop.

Stagflationary tensions rising

In many sectors of the economy, demand is beginning to fall yet prices are remaining high. In necessities in particular there has been a huge increase in price inflation even though many Americans are reducing their purchases. This is what they call "stagflation," and it is in my opinion the worst possible financial condition.

There are a number of reasons why this is happening, but mainly it is because of the federal reserve and its incessant money creation schemes. There is always a price to pay for fiat money printing, and we are starting to see that price now. I am noticing inflation in my personal costs of up to 20 percent per month, and I'm sure many of you out there are seeing the same thing or worse depending on what part of the country you live in.

There has also been extensive "shrinkage" in the packaging of goods at the grocery stores; meaning the amount in the package is reduced while the price remains the same. This is a coordinated effort by corporations to hide the fact that price inflation is growing. I think that this inflation will accelerate as we close in on the end of this year and that price spikes will become a constant mainstream discussion by next year. "Inflation" or "stagflation" will be the word on everyone's lips in 2022.

 A return of pandemic lockdowns?

The Biden administration and the globalists have been hitting the public hard with COVID propaganda in the past month, more so than they have for a while. They are specifically trying to fearmonger with the "delta variant" narrative. Frankly, nothing has changed. Even with the vaccine rollout, governments around the world are trying to keep the lockdowns and mask mandates in place. This just goes to show that the mandates were never about public health, and they were always about control.

It is hard to say what exactly the long-term consequences will be.

What I do know is that the establishment elites are in a panic in the U.S. These people care nothing for public health or safety, so why are they so aggressively adamant about making sure we all take the vaccine? I suspect a long-term population control agenda including a likelihood of mass infertility (according to many experts there is a danger of this), but we will have to wait and see what happens.

I think that lockdowns in blue states are possible again in the near term, perhaps over the delta variant, but it may be early next year over a different variant. Most red states will remain open, and this will cause the Biden administration to go on the offensive against conservatives once again. I have no doubt that Biden will seek to cut off federal funds from states that refuse to comply with the lockdown agenda. The question is, will red states fold to this threat? And if some governors do, will citizens remove them from their positions?

Vaccine passports on the way

Talk of vaccine passports is exploding in Europe right now, causing riots and protests in many countries, and the U.S. is next. The difference is that in the U.S. the public is heavily armed, but this is not going to stop the globalists from making the attempt.

For now, the strategy in the U.S. is to use corporations as middlemen to implement the draconian passport restrictions. This cannot be tolerated by the citizenry. Just as we have seen with Facebook and the Biden administration, corporations and governments are allied closely with each other (in true fascist form), and if corporations are taking government money and implementing government policies then they should no longer be considered private businesses and they are now subject to constitutional restrictions and public retribution.

If we allow the vaccine passports to become entrenched across the U.S., the fight is essentially over. There needs to be widespread county and statewide resistance to this program. With the vaccine passports, long-term tyranny is assured, and the elites will have micro-control over every aspect of our daily lives. Just as the communists in China have enacted a "social credit system," we will have a similar system in the U.S. And all the government will have to do to end your life is to cancel your vaccine passport. Without it, you will not be able to participate in the normal economy, keep a job, or even go to the grocery store.

Alternative systems will need to be built, and they will need to be defended. The establishment will never willingly allow competing economic systems to be built that give non-vaccinated people the ability to survive without them. They will want to make sure you and your family starve to death for your defiance. This will lead to war.

War is inevitable

When you are dealing with psychopaths, there is no reasoning, there is no logic, there is no diplomacy, there is no empathy. They want control over everything, they will do anything to get it, and the only option is to remove them by force as a threat. This is reality.

The globalists are for all intents and purposes an organized cult of psychopaths. All of their behavior suggests this is the case, and the only recourse is to treat them as you would any individual psychopath. You lock them up and throw away the key, or you put them in the ground permanently.

The issue with rebellion is that it is largely dependent on the actions of tyrants. Go too soon and you look like the villain and lose a chance to gain public support, go too late and you miss your opportunity to fight back effectively. Of course, a lot of people wrongly assume that because the bullets aren't flying yet this means that there is no rebellion. This is naive.

The real fight is happening right now as millions of conservatives and patriots organize and prepare. Staging logistics and organizing community groups is where the war is won first. Without these efforts beforehand there is no chance of winning the fight that comes later. On top of that, the information war is paramount, and I would say that we have been far more successful than the elites would like to admit. Just look at how they are struggling in the U.S. to get the vaccination numbers they want and the vaccine passport policies they need to maintain control.

This is why I expect some kind of interference against the alternative media very soon. They have to get rid of us first because they need to have a complete monopoly on the flow of information. This will probably occur in the form of a major cyberattack that shuts down large parts of the web, or, they will attempt to enforce censorship of individual websites just as they are enforcing censorship on social media.

If mass censorship becomes policy, if vaccine passports are enacted, if conservatives come under direct attack, the shooting war will begin. It is only a matter of time, and the time is speeding towards us quickly. Again, just as we are now living in a different America compared to 2019, in 2022 or early 2023 everything will be changed again. There is little room left for the elites to achieve their reset and they will have to act quickly. The more time that passes the less momentum they will have, and they know it."

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith