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Ontario Activist "Judges" to Institutionalize Racism - AGAIN

From here:

Separate justice for black offenders?

Ontario case could set special rules for sentencing black offenders, similar to Gladue for Indigenous people

 'When it comes to black people, the sentencing seems to be consistently void of any consideration of that additional source of disadvantage that they face'

Aboriginal and black people are disproportionately before the courts and in jails, courts have long noted.

Yeah, about that - maybe that's because their tribal "culture" (social education) plus white liberal victimology encourages them to commit a disproportionate number of crimes, and they're also too drunk to get away with them? But don't expect any liberal "judges" to figure that one out!


Peter J. Thompson/National Post

What was set to be a simple appeal of a sentence for possession of a loaded handgun has burgeoned into a major push for judges to acutely focus on systemic racism against visible minorities when passing sentence, similar to special rules in place for Aboriginal offenders.
Eleven prominent human rights, legal and ethnic organizations have been granted special status in the government’s appeal of a “lenient” sentence of a black man in Toronto last year.
“As a general rule, interventions in criminal proceedings should be granted sparingly,” Ontario’s Chief Justice George Strathy wrote in a brief ruling on interveners released Tuesday.
“But the issues that arise in this appeal transcend the interests of the parties and are of significance to the administration of criminal justice. The proposed interveners are well-recognized organizations with experience and expertise in the issues raised in this appeal. They can offer perspectives that are different from those provided by the Crown and the respondent.”
So: "Well-recognized groups," eh? That's really no more than group-might-makes-right and the critical thinking logical fallacy known as the argument from authority, pally!
The appeal stems from the sentencing of Kevin Morris, who was caught with a loaded handgun after fleeing police in 2014 in Toronto.
Last September, after a jury found him guilty, Ontario Superior Court Justice Shaun Nakatsuru specifically gave Morris, then 26, a self-declared “lenient” sentence of one year to address “one small step at a time, the problem of the disproportionate incarceration of black offenders.”
Nakatsuru’s lengthy sentencing decision was an impassioned declaration of the struggle to balance the public’s outcry over gun violence with systemic racism against young black males.
“I know that some may accuse me of being soft on crime. On gun crime. I do not believe that is so,” Nakatsuru began his decision that sparked the appeal.
“Recognizing, as the law must, that individuals are held responsible for the acts they commit that breach the criminal law, the reality is that this choice to act may be constrained by an offender’s life circumstances,” he wrote.
“These are systemic and case-specific factors that lessen your moral blameworthiness for this offence and soften the impact of general deterrence and denunciation.”
The Crown had sought a four to 41/2-year prison term for Morris and appealed the sentence. The Crown, however, did not object to the interveners.
Morris’s appeal, the Crown told Strathy, provides an opportunity “to develop a clear analytical framework that provides guidance to trial judges on how systemic and background factors may be properly applied to the sentencing.”
The reality is that this choice to act may be constrained by an offender’s life circumstances

Uh-oh! so - some sort of "Inevitable Force" deprioved them of their free will, and, as such, it can from now on until forever be used as a valid alibi to excuse those same criminal choices? Nice try, but I think this Jap "judge" still hasn't gotten over how his race was rounded up byt he round-eyes when his Divine Emperor declared war on the infidels, siding with HItler - and then lost, back in WWII. Gotta be white racists' fault, that!

Strathy noted that the Crown’s position “suggests that recent cases in this province and elsewhere in Canada have been inconsistent in their treatment of the issue.”
Faisal Mirza, lawyer for Morris, said in an interview that he hopes the outcome of the appeal will fix an obvious “flaw” in the judicial system.
“All it means is giving the people who have to decide someone’s fate the full information. It doesn’t mean the person is not going to face stiff consequences.
“People are still going to get punished and separated if they do something violent, that’s not going to change, but it is going to make our system better because it would mean we are sentencing people on the right information.”
Aboriginal and black people are disproportionately before the courts and in jails, courts have long noted.
Ever since a Supreme Court of Canada decision called R. v. Gladue, when sentencing Aboriginal offenders, judges across Canada must pay particular attention to individual circumstances as well as systemic or historical factors such as colonialism, residential schools and systemic racism.
“The sad part is our system hasn’t really figured out a way to deal with that when it comes to black people,” said Mirza.
“When it comes to black people, the sentencing seems to be consistently void of any consideration of that additional source of disadvantage that they face.”
He expects arguments at the appeal to deal specifically with anti-black racism in the judicial system despite some interveners representing other minority groups.
It doesn’t mean the person is not going to face stiff consequences


Jonathan Shime, Nana Yanful and Lori Anne Thomas are representing a joint submission at the appeal from the Black Legal Action Centre and the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers.
“This case represents an opportunity for the Ontario Court of Appeal to consider what role race and, more particularly, anti-black racism should play in the sentencing of offenders,” Shime said in an interview.
His team supports having something similar to Gladue reports for black people who have been found guilty of crimes, where judges have “some analysis that will properly take into account the history of the black experience in Canada, including slavery and other features of the black historical experience in Canada.”
The Ministry of the Attorney General declined to discuss the appeal.
“As this matter is before the court, it would be inappropriate to comment,” said Brian Gray, a ministry spokesman.
Because the intervener applications were made after the appeal was scheduled, each group will be restricted to five minutes of oral submissions and up up to 15 pages of written submissions.
The organizations accepted as interveners are: The David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, Criminal Lawyers’ Association, Aboriginal Legal Services, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, Colour of Poverty/Colour of Change Network, The Black Legal Action Centre, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association, Urban Alliance on Race Relations and Canadian Association of Black Lawyers.
The appeal is scheduled for Sept. 24 in Toronto.


i.e: "Wah! Niggaz got caught committing EIGHT TIMES MORE CRIMES than whitey! Not fair! NOT FAIR! We libs KNOW the poor oppressed mentally inferior blacks just can't help being at the mercy of their violent animal instincts, so any time whitey confuses them with his evil "logic," they just have to chimp-out and riot! It's not their fault, and it's mean of us to hold them to the same basic Golden Rule of Law standard (simply: "Do Not Attack First!") principle we hold everyone else to! Hey! I KNOW! LETS BLAME THE COPS FOR PULLING THEM OVER WHEN THEY WEAVE IN AND OUT OF TRAFFIC, AND CALL THE COPS "RACISTS!" THAT'LL SOLVE THE PROBLEM! (won't it?)! Screw that "equality before the law!' crap! Special rights for special criminals - er, I mean "equally helpless fellow Victimals-of-Colour!" Whee!"

And that "Gladue" nonsense is almost as bad - Injuns are primitive Asians, locked into a tribal gangster mind-set of us-vs-them, might-makes-right and ends-justify-means - which means they take no personal responsibility for their actions, always falling for liberal victimology. In their case, it's not as genetic a problem as the blacks have - sure, these displaced backwoods North American Asian hillbillies do have a genetic problem with alcohol, but then again so do the Irish - and despite having lately been occupied and oppressed by the British (and I say lately, because in past history, the Irish invaded and conquered England, too) they haven't been lying around on welfare whining about how much the Brits owe them in reparations.

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Masochists Are Hypocrites and Women Are Masochists


Here's my take on a recent article by someone so un-PC that he's been censored everywhere by everyone!

First, the main arguments from the banned article itself (then as usual my binary take on it all)!


"Leftists are fundamentally of a feminine mindset, and thus the disconnect between their wants and their demands. They want to be dominated, and to incur that dominant force they demand freedom and rebel against all boundaries, seeking the masculine will to compel their obedience. When you give them what they demand, they just increase the insanity of their demands waiting for you to figure out the game, and give them what they want, but cannot ask for. To ask for domination would be to spoil the fun, as one who dominates on command creates a paradox.

Viewed that way, their political activities make a lot more sense. Most conservatives think leftists are crazy and incoherent, and from our perspective they certainly fit such a description. A more thorough analysis however, reveals a clearer picture.

Take for example a recent piece in Rolling Stone, which laments Trump’s musings about a third term as President. New York Magazine likewise frets about Trump becoming “President for Life”.

Neither mentions the fact that repeal of the 22nd Amendment, which has imposed Presidential term limits since 1951, was actually proposed by Democrat Representative Jose Serrano of New York in 2009, when Democrats still held complete control of the Federal Government. Indeed, a whole 7 years after that, Vox’s own Matthew Yglesias said “The 22nd Amendment was a solution in search of a problem” when he proposed a third term for Obama in 2016.

The first thing that comes to the conservative mind of course is, were it not for double standards, Leftists would have no standards at all. While their guy is in office, the 22nd Amendment is a hindrance to their power to be discarded. Yet, when our guy is in power, idle tweeting about what voters might want in six years is a threat to democracy! Hypocrites!

But there is no hypocrisy. Leftists want more than anything for someone far more ruthless than Donald Trump to deprive them of their political power. If they said so, that would defeat the purpose. So instead of making the demand, they simply act like complete lunatics on the instinct that responsible adults will do the right thing.


Recall the arson and riots Leftists staged at University of California Berkeley when Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak. Our fellow conservatives marveled at the irony of such censorious mayhem taking place at the “home of the free speech movement”. Yet, again, it makes sense when you think of a Leftist as a battered wife who likes to be hit. Leftists pushed the boundaries of free speech, not because they wanted free speech, but because they wanted responsible adults to shut them up.

When the adults failed to do this, the Leftists found themselves wielding the awesome powers of the United States Federal Government, and using that power, they obtained control over corporations and ultimately the entire economy, and once firmly vested with omnipotence, they swiftly set about dismantling the same freedoms they had obtained, because deep down, they knew it was foolish all along.

And now, as their power fades, they demand more control than ever. “Take away the guns!” they shout at the supposed fascist dictator they pretend to hate. “Don’t you dare bring transparency to the intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement!” they cry, as the man they once tried to frame for a crime, now wields the powers they had used to do so.

The key to understanding Leftists is to look beyond their words, and see what they are maneuvering toward. Just like your wife or girlfriend is seeking reassurance when she asks you if that dress makes her butt look fat, Leftists are absolutely begging for a firm hand when they scream “TYRANT!” in the face of their betters."


Since they despair and presume nobody can ever predict and counter all the seemingly random, pain-causing damage in the world, and that they thus have no ultimate right of control over their own bodies and lives, all delinquent criminals hold that they therefore also can have no ultimate responsibility over their lives and behaviour, either. (And that's basic Islam101, too).

Therefore, masochists aren't brave pain-lovers, they are really ever only cowards who seek to end or at least pretend to be able to control the only pains they can control or end: their own generalized, remembered fears of previous specific pains, projected to the future, aka their own fears. Naturally, such a stance where they pretend they have no chance of choosing to heed their own internally-generated fears in order to avoid future pain-causing damages while earning them the right to cancel their fears of same by completing the cycle of avoiding them, also instantly kills their own thought processes because our brains prioritize our solid fears over both our fluid and ongoing hopes of our still-fear-tainted greedy submissions to less of it, and we quite naturally also put solid-feeling fear before the ultimately useless and nebulous-feeling hope of no pain.

“Never has our future been more unpredictable, never have we depended so much on political forces that cannot be trusted
to follow the rules of common sense and self-interest—forces that look like sheer insanity, if judged by the standards of other centuries.” 

― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism - 

ALL masochists habitually pretend to be able to "control" their fears, BY causing and/or by criminally, negligently allowing or inducing others to cause those very same worst-case scenario problems which cause the pains they fear the most! This way, the real pain cancels the "additional" pains of the fears. So masochists aren't brave, they're still no more than pathetic (and potentially dangerous to others) cowards at heart.

All so-called "mental illness" (thought-killing 'psycho-pathy;' broken-skull 'schizo-phrenia') is hypocrisy - wanting the most impossible double standards: to ultimately have only hope and no fear or pain; to have only rights and no responsibilities; to 'still have one's cake and eat it, too!' To achieve this, people must deliberately ignore dynamic cause and effect sequencings to reverse them - but first they must hold their own common emotions as morals, 'ethics,' and even as 'spiritual' guidance; so they must hold protecting their own feelings and 'self-image' over reality: that they are no different or better than others.

It is possible that confounding one's own brain's natural pattern-recognition ability - by conflating dynamic perceptions and static conceptions, (altering memories; ideas; ideals; idols) one may become a literal "ideot" (as it was previously spelled).

They thus must also believe in me-vs-them, and also to pretend to believe in might-makes-right - that they can force the issue, possibly even by voting for it; but in the end they can really ever only seize more rights by offloading their own responsibilities onto others by enslaving them - by depriving them of their rights to defend themselves from the criminals, leaving them only the responsibility to become and remain their slaves.

Let's just call all criminals and other group-might-makes-right, us-vs-them and ends-justify-means gangster "Totalitarians" who want to totally control the lives of everyone else, (for instance, those who currently self-identify as "communists," "socialists," "fascists," "liberals," and "muslims") "SLAVERS!"

Because slavery is still totally common, even these days. It's just that most people haven't thought it through - yet.


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Trump Just Released 196,000 Illegals Into American Cities with All Inclusive Packages w/ Work Permits & Benefits

From here:

June 16, 2019 by Bradlee Dean, Sons of Liberty

Treason-In general, it is the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power. –Webster’s 1828 Dictionary
Nobody likes to be lied to, but boy have we been lied to and how many times we have been lied to is beyond what can be numbered, I’m certain (Exodus 20:16). And for some reason or another, Americans will suffer the abuse rather than righting the wrongs (Proverbs 15:32).
The Declaration of Independence tells us:
“…and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”
You have heard that saying, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.” How many times do Americans need to be lied to before they shame those who are lying to them?

Our forefathers taught us (Hebrews 13:17) through their example how we are to lawfully deal with corruption.
Declaration of Independence once again teaches us as to how our forefathers dealt with corruption,
“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

How many times one can warn a people that refuse to take heed to the warnings, I know not (Ezekiel 33:3).  However, one thing I do know is that regardless if one takes heed or not, it is still happening, and sooner or later, there is going to be consequences to those who refuse to listen and act accordingly (Ezekiel 33:5).

When I show you the fruit that this administration has been bearing, somehow or another, we are supposed to deny the corrupt fruit that’s on its branches?

One of the warnings is to those who refuse to pay attention to the fruit of this administration (Matthew 7:16).
We find that in the American politic today that the “circus of politics” is just that, a circus filled with clowns who are willing to sell their souls (Luke 22:48) and their country, along with the people, to special interest groups (Isaiah 28:18).

This is where the actors, politicians, act out on the behalf of their special interest groups in pushing a global agenda that the people would otherwise refuse to adhere. What do the powers that mean to rule do.  They create a likable and favorable politician, at least publically, that the people will follow to do their biddings for them.

On May 6th I wrote, “Contrary to What You Have Been Promised, Your Country is Literally Being Handed Off to Foreigners,” in which I highlighted William Gheen’s finding’s on the Top 10 List of Trump’s Broken Campaign Promises.
  1. Trump reversed his campaign position of reducing legal immigration levels and now supports raising legal immigration levels according to his State of the Union Speech of Feb 5, 2019. Trump also signed a legal immigration increase of unskilled H2B visas in the Amnesty containing secret budget bill H.J.Res. 31. New reports indicate his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s new immigration legislation will contain more legal immigration increases that will harm American workers.
  2. Trump promised caravan illegals could not come into the USA. (Caravan illegals allowed to enter the US under Trump’s Catch and Release directives.)
  3. Trump promised to end Obama’s unconstitutional DACA Amnesty on his first day in office. (Trump continues DACA Amnesty giving deportation protection and jobs to more than 700,000 illegal aliens in violation of existing federal laws!)
  4. Amnesty Don: Trump promised to oppose Amnesty. (Trump endorsed Amnesty legislation HR 4760, signed Amnesty for illegal immigrant minors in the secret budget bill H.J.Res. 31Tweeted he is open to larger Amnesty on Jan 20, 2019, and has deployed his son-in-law Jared Kushner to cut a deal with Democrats to give Amnesty to millions of illegals.)
  5. Trump promised an Executive Order to end birthright citizenship for illegals to rally his base just before the 2018 elections. (No Order Issued.)
  6. Trump promised all illegals, including DACA recipients, would go home. (Trump now supports Amnesty via HR 4760 and HJ Res 31 which allows most illegals to stay.)
  7. Trump promised DHS would clean up elections fraud when he canceled the Kris Kobach led Commission On Elections Integrity. (No DHS Action.)
  8. Trump promised to end Sanctuary Cities. (No Action on that and now Trump delivers more illegal aliens to Democrat strongholds where they receive maximum taxpayer benefits and protection from deportation.) 
  9. Trump promised to end catch and release of illegals. (Catch and release continues.)
  10. (UPDATE FEB 18, 2019 TRUMP SIGNED EMERGENCY ORDER)– Trump said he would declare an emergency and have the military build the wall. (No action till Feb 18, 2019) Trump’s border wall promise remains 90% broken because a wall will not work as long as Border Patrol catches and releases illegals and escorts them into the USA.
The American people are still trying to figure out what is happening to them and their country.

Then on June 9, Tim Brown, Senior Editor at The Sons of Liberty Media reported, “This Is Not The Obama Administration: Homeland Security Releases 196,000 Illegal Aliens Into The Population, Many Receiving Work Permits.”
“As we’ve reported before, the Trump administration talks tough on illegal immigration, but what is actually going on rivals the impotence and downright criminal actions against the people that the administration under the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah did in releasing illegal aliens, some of them convicted felons, into the US population.  in just the past week, the administration released 5,500 and in the past 5 months, they have released nearly 200,000 illegal aliens into American cities.
The information was obtained through federal data by Breitbart, certainly a supporting outlet of President Trump.”
According to John Binder:
The catch and release process often entails federal immigration officials busing border crossers into nearby border cities — as well as flying them into the interior of the country — and dropping them off with the hope they show up for their immigration and asylum hearings. The overwhelming majority of border crossers and illegal aliens are never deported from the country once they are released into the U.S.
Today, there are anywhere between 11 and 22 million illegal aliens living across the country — the majority of which are concentrated in states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois.
In the last week, about 2,500 border crossers and illegal aliens of the 5,500 released were dropped off in El Paso, Texas. Another 1,100 were released by DHS in San Antonio, Texas and another 1,100 were left in 1,100 Phoenix, Arizona. Since December 2018, El Paso has been forced to absorb nearly 70,000 of these nationals, while San Antonio has had to take 73,100.
Roughly 800 border crossers and illegal aliens were dropped off in San Diego, California in the last week.

Adding to the agenda that is being rolled out, we find Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham are working behind the scenes drafting legislation to further benefit them that are illegally coming into this country. 

Well, we have all known for some time that many politicians have been engaged in drug trafficking while playing the hypocrite and advancing the “war on drugs.” It’s now being reported (not by the mainstream media) that the Ping May, a cargo vessel owned by the in-laws of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, was boarded by … Continue reading

While the Mexican delegation was in Washington, DC, meeting with President Trump to reach an agreement on “asylum alignment” and the “safe third country” deal, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate Majority Leader, spoke to Guy Benson, Fox News radio host, regarding legislation concerning “Dreamers” and the illegal alien invasion occurring on the US southern border, … Continue readingRINOs: McConnell Floats DREAMer Bill While Graham Drafts Legislation To Benefit Illegal Alien Invaders

Criminal politicians, as well as illegal invaders, are endangering American lives.  Today, we are seeing this country literally being handed off to those who mean to get above you, while Americans are being brought very low (Numbers 32:23; Deuteronomy 28:15, 43, 52).
If this is not the definition of treason, then I do not know what it means.

Courtesy of Sons of Liberty Media
Bradlee Dean is an ordained Christian preacher, Radio show host for the #1 show on Genesis Communication Network from 2-3 p.m. central standard (The Sons of Liberty). He is a National Tea Party favorite, as does he speak on High School and college campuses nationwide. Bradlee is also an author, a husband to one and daddy to four boys. You have probably seen Bradlee through such outlets as The New York Times, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, The Weekly Standard etc.. Check out Bradlee’s website and follow him on Facebook.

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U.S. military assets used to attack Pentagon on 9/11: Video proof

From  here:

The proof is in the pudding: 9/11 truthers vindicated after video evidence surfaces showing US assets attacking Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

ARLINGTON, Virginia. (INTELLIHUB) — It looks like the United States government has some explaining to do after video evidence has surfaced showing U.S. assets including a large military plane and live warhead-tipped cruise missile being used to attack the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
The following video shows what looks like a U.S. cruise missile striking the Pentagon. In fact, the tip of the missile becomes visible in one frame of the video as other frames appear to be removed.

Another video, captured just several seconds after the missile impacted the outer ring of the building reportedly shows a large military plane pulling up over the Pentagon after shadowing the missile upon its approach. This is the same thing other eyewitnesses to the event also reported.
According to reports, the damning video was sent to television producer Larry Garrison sometime after the attack. Garrison was said to have submitted the footage to major media outlets which in turn ignored the evidence and refused to broadcast the footage.
“If Garrison’s account is accurate, though, and the video Garrison was sent was authentic, the implications could be huge. If the Pentagon was hit by something other than a Boeing 757–the kind of aircraft that, according to the official narrative of 9/11, crashed into it–this video could reveal that the public has been seriously deceived. And if the footage was made public, its release could lead to a complete reassessment of the 9/11 attacks,” the website reports.
… the implications are devastating. It means an important video exists, which quite clearly shows the Pentagon being hit on September 11, but this video has been withheld from the public. It means the Pentagon was hit by something much smaller than the Boeing 757 that was officially claimed to have crashed into it, such as a missile. It implies that people who claimed they witnessed a large commercial aircraft crashing into the Pentagon were either mistaken or lying. And it means the public has been lied to about the events of September 11.
If the video Garrison received indeed shows something other than a Boeing 757 crashing into the Pentagon, this gives rise to many questions that need to be addressed. In his memoir, Garrison stated some of these. For example, he asked, “What really happened to the 757 and its passengers that no one caught on tape or on film, crashing into the Pentagon
Even the official government released video shows what appears to be a cruise missile and not a Boeing 757 passenger airliner as the official story claims.
To boot, a 757 jetliner cannot fly that low and straight (i.e. the nose of a plane would have been pitched up and not flying totally parallel with the ground like a projectile would. At best no plane is seen in the official video which appears to be edited (frames missing).

Moreover, the hole in the Pentagon was only 65 feet across in diameter despite the fact that a 757 is 124 feet from wingtip to wingtip and about 105 feet in height which makes no sense whatsoever.

Additional eyewitness testimony which corroborates the picture captured of the shadow plane can be found in the following MUST WATCH video! It all correlates!

Please send this President Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) and share it far and wide on all forms of social media. THIS INFORMATION MUST BE MADE MAINSTREAM AS 9/11 TRUTHERS HAVE BECOME VINDICATED.
Send this to your state representatives NOW! DEMAND ANSWERS!
Watch the following video in slow motion. Missile or plane?

Smoke trail?

#September11 #911 #neverforget
Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, political pundit, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Alex Jones’ Infowars platform. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to Shep’s YouTube channel.


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Let's just call all criminals and other group-might-makes-right, us-vs-them and ends-justify-means gangster "Totalitarians" who want to totally control the lives of everyone else, (for instance, those who currently self-identify as "communists," "socialists," "fascists," "liberals," and "muslims") "SLAVERS!" Because slavery is still totally common, even these days. It's just that most people haven't thought it through - yet. ;-) Lying is the most basic form of theft - it's the (at least, attempted) theft of the Truth. All crimes are forms of theft, and theft is a form of slavery - when you get robbed of stuff you worked for, you retroactively worked for the criminal for free! The criminals' best alibis to excuse their own criminal desires and actions ALWAYS go something like this: Victimology is where the highest moral virtue is to PITY all criminals as "fellow victims" and the only crime is to get ANGRY at them!
It is emotional extortion and cause-and-effect reversing victim blaming idolatrous slander! All hypocrites are criminals, and all criminals are hypocrites. Their choice of adversarial, perverse double standards means they pretend to feel justified in always attacking thereby innocent other people first, by pretending there is no "first;" or second - there is no cause and effect, and if there is, it's too complex for anyone to ever be able to understand anyways. They believe in the end-justifying means of might-makes right (their selves are the ends, and the means are any and all crimes) and so will instantly resort to lying about such a position if and when the might-made rights seems to be with other people. Hypocrites are all about subjective double standards, and so always want rights without responsibilities, and pretend to need to defend their false right to become and remain irresponsibly wrong. Wrong in what way? To attack innocent others first. Thus they reverse causes and effects, starting by falsely pretending to justify their own such criminal choices with emotions: emotions are effects, not causes, much less are they thoughts or morals. In fact, as everything criminal hypocrites do is consciously predictable by Conservative others, but habitually ignored by the thought-killing "psychopathic" hypocrite criminals them selves, what they pretend are "sub-conscious" motivations are in fact merely habitually ignored conscious choices. And of course beyond emotions, their favorite excuse is the argumentum tu quoque critical thinking logical fallacy, which also embodies might-made-rights means justifying their selfish ends: "So what my crimes aren't crimes because you all do it, too!" Liberals' fraudulent criminal EXCUSES (but not the fact of these attempted crimes nor their inherent criminality) should be ignored, since they're all about the subjective double-standards, where only they have rights, and everyone else only has responsibilities (to them)! Whatever applies to others never applies to them selves. And not only that, but they also gleefully declare themselves to be non-compus-mentis (mentally incompetent!) in public all the time, by asserting "Life's too complex for cause and effect to ever really be understood, so, "since" all facts are really only opinions anyway, our subjective, fact-free opinions are the diversely opposite equals to your silly Conservative facts!" We should take them at their word, that they are incapable of understanding anything, and so should allow them to self-exile them selves right out of any public policy discussions. They have no intention of coming to a collaborative understanding of facts. Besides, this is old news: “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” (Psalm 29:9) Similarly, "Arguing with Liberals:" Arguing with liberals (or muslims, or any other kind of lying fraudulent criminal) is like playing chess with a pigeon:
no matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it's victorious. You can't argue with a leftist because hypocrisy is idolatry. Hypocrisy (choosing to always apply double-standards, where one is always right, and everyone else is always wrong, and always wanting to have it both ways) must be backed up with theodicy alibis to excuse one when the exact opposite seems to apply, and that means all hypocrites must also embrace paranoia, where they self-inflict masochism as they pretend everyone's out to get them, so they're always victims. This sort of literally "thought-killing," static-image-over-dynamic-reality stance used to be known as idolatry, but is now called "psycho-pathy" - because having a "mental illness" means one is still a victim who's never at fault, and it's everyone else who complains who's wrong. So both "schizo-phrenia" (shizo as in schizm; to split; and phrenia as in phrenology, study of the skull = split-skull) and "psycho-path" (mind or thought-killer) means the exact same thing/s: HYPOCRITES! All so-called "mental illness" is really only habitual, literally thought-killing and brain-breaking HYPOCRISY! And hypocrisy is always only a criminals' crime-excuse: i.e: "I didn't do it! My brain made me do it! In fact, I didn't do it at all! Only my brain did it! Whee!" CAPISCE? ;-) They're nothing more than slanderous trolls, using endless fallacies.
They have no intention of adding anything of any worth to any discussion. To such criminals, the ends (self-enrichment/"winning") always justifies the means (lies, theft; crime). So: Hadn't you heard?! Being constructively angry at ("hateful" towards) criminals is now the most vile sin, while uselessly pitying ("tolerating") them all as "fellow victims," is to be deemed the highest moral virtue, these days! Having no facts, logic, or reasonable arguments with which to defend their own crimes and treason, criminals must in stead substitute this global attempt to control our very thinking - through an emotional, sub-conscious "narrative" - so much so, that the only advice we hear from "our" hypocrite governments, their pet media, and the corporazi globalist banksters who own them all, seems to invariably be: "Anyone who doesn't automatically pity all criminals as fellow victims should be hated!" Which is why hurting the feelings of criminals by accusing them of their crimes, is now a "hateful" crime itself! ;-) And yet, in reality, the solution to criminality should be this simple - just address the criminals directly, and say this:
"Dear Victim-Blaming slanderous criminal crybully snowflake extortionists and wannabe enslavers: Don't feel offended, but your hurt feelings really don't matter. Our emotions aren't even thoughts, much less morals or a sense of "spirituality." Emotions are always effects, never causes. They are mere reflections of the three most basic states of space-time (the solid past, the fluid present, and the nebulous future, respectively): solid fear, fluid greed, nebulous hope. Not exactly worth defending, much less going to war over!"