Thursday, November 26, 2015

Is Israel Surrendering to PC?!


Some very disturbing stories have been coming out of Israel recently!



Paratroopers Chief:

Beating the Terror Wave is Not a Military Issue, it Requires a Political Decision

“I think the Palestinian society is supporting in both a general and daily manner this wave of terror and the terrorists,” IDF Paratroopers Brigade commander Col. Nimrod Aloni said Thursday.

Col. Nimrod Aloni
Col. Nimrod Aloni
Photo Credit: IDF
( IDF Paratroopers Brigade commander Col. Nimrod Aloni told Army Radio on Thursday that the solution to the current wave of Arab terror is not necessarily military. Aloni spoke on the occasion of his elite force taking in new recruits today.
“It’s a very big challenge with the current terror, and there’s great deal of confusion on how to deal with it,” Aloni said. ”Is there any chance to win? I think this is very much not a military question, it’s very much tied to political decisions.”
Perhaps betraying some frustration, Aloni added, “At this stage in the game we’re playing defense almost at the goal line, trying to prevent the next attack from happening.”
The wave of terror, he said, is receiving the backing of the Arab public. “There are people you meet who absolutely want quiet,” he related, “but it’s very characteristic in recent days that this wave is enjoying a very broad support from below. Anyone claiming Palestinian society condemns this wave — I think they don’t read the news at all,” Aloni said.
“I think the Palestinian society is supporting in both a general and daily manner this wave of terror and the terrorists,” he continued. “Nevertheless, we do encounter all the time a lot of Palestinians who would like to have quiet, they would like to have something else. But this wave, unlike others, is characterized by a very broad support in the Palestinian street.”
According to Col. Aloni, the Army and the Paratroopers’ Brigade today are different from those into which he was drafted back in 1991. “Both society and the Army have endured a great deal in the past 24 years,” he said. “I think the boy who enlists today will find the very basic values [in the military], ​​and a society around the Army which has become a little different, a little more critical, much more sensitive,” he said.
Col. Nimrod Aloni was born in Ein Kerem, in Jerusalem, and grew up in a Moshav in the northern Negev associated with the Labor party. He holds a BA in Law and Government from IDC Herzliya, and an MA in Military and National Security from Hebrew University, as well as an MA in Strategy and Management of National Resources from National Security University in the US. Aloni is married with four children.
This was incoherent. I don't know what he means by "sensitive" soldiers, but only if he means "Empty Gaza and the 'West bank' of all muslims!" by a "political solution" will he retain any credibility whatsoever!

IDF Recommends Giving Palestinian Authority Weapons and Freeing Prisoners 

The recommendations were formulated at the IDF headquarters and were sent to the political leadership for confirmation.

Israel’s security apparatus has formulated a range of benefits for the Palestinian Authority which include providing additional weapons to the PA security services and considerable relief in issuing permits to PA Arabs seeking work in Israel, Ha’aretz reported Wednesday. The relief steps were formulated well before the current wave of terror, and the defense apparatus now believes it can only materialize following a reduction in the rampant violence.
The recommendations were formulated at the IDF headquarters and were sent to the political leadership for confirmation. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday told US Secretary of State John Kerry during their meeting that Israel would not take the steps which the PA is seeking as long as the level of violence isn’t reduced, a senior Israeli official told Ha’aretz. During the meeting, Netanyahu toughened his positions, and actually rescinded his stated willingness to take steps in Judea and Samaria that would not be conditioned on reducing the level of tension, as he had suggested during his visit to Washington two weeks ago.
The IDF recommended a series of security concessions, as well as an easing of the economic and construction limits. For example, the IDF recommended approving requests received from the PA for bullet-proof vehicles, as well as more weapons and ammunition. The Army also recommended the release of Arab security prisoners, many of whom have been behind bars for decades. These are dozens of security prisoners whose release the IDF recommended before the current escalation in PA Arab violence.
The Army believes that there is also room to significantly change the criteria for obtaining permits to enable PA Arabs to work inside Israel, so that in fact the number of these workers would increase substantially. The Army recommended reducing the minimum age for a work permit and changing the way the permits are distributed, so that a young PA Arab who was confirmed by the Shin Bet can enroll in the prospective Palestinian employee reservoir immediately, instead of having to wait until an Israeli employer seeks to hire him.
What's next for Israel, then - accepting with open arms hundreds of thousands of Syrian "migrants!?


Meet the Anonymous IDF Source for Left-Leaning News: Maj. Gen. Roni Numa 

Numa's earlier fiasco took place in early August, when he was the anonymous IDF source who leaked to the media about "Jewish terrorists" who allegedly burned down a home in Duma village. No arrests have been made.

Roni Numa receiving his appointment as Major General from former COS Benny Ganz
Roni Numa receiving his appointment as Major General from former COS Benny Ganz
Photo Credit: IDF
On Wednesday, Ha’aretz and Ynet reported that Israel’s security apparatus had formulated a range of benefits for the Palestinian Authority which include providing additional weapons to the PA security services, and the release of Arab security prisoners, many of whom have been behind bars for decades. The reports named no official source for this information.
It was a shocking story, which smacked of the failed policies of so many past Israeli governments, including, until very recently, Benjamin Netanyahu’s 4th term at the helm. And so the story reverberated for an overnight throughout the Israeli media, until Netanyahu’s office came out with a denial of the story stating clearly that there would be no transferring of weapons to the PA and no prisoner release. As to issuing new construction permits to PA Arabs, those had been conditioned by Netanyahu in his meeting with Secretary of State Kerry on approval for new construction in the Jewish settlements block.
MK Bezalel Smotrich (Bayit Yehudi) on Thursday Morning exposed the anonymous IDF source that had fed Ha’aretz the false and embarrassing information which made both the Army and the Prime Minister appear like the sons of Pollyanna:
“So that officer who gave the briefing yesterday in Ynet about the IDF recommendations to the political leadership, to give the Arabs more weapons and to release terrorists is GOC Central Command Roni Numa.
“It’s my understanding that he was reprimanded by the Chief of Staff for publicizing those things, as well as by the Prime Minister. Practically speaking, the very fact that this is the worldview of a command chief and that he was reprimanded for publicizing it, not for harboring it, is very disturbing.”
Maj. Gen. Roni Numa was the first major appointment made by incoming Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon wanted Commander of the Northern Division Maj. Gen. Noam Tibon for the position, which had been approved by outgoing Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz. But Eisenkot and Tibon don’t get along, so the latter retired, after 30 years of service.
Since his appointment, mostly because his area of command has been the most incendiary since the end of the Gaza War of 2014, Maj. Gen. Numa has been the darling of the left-leaning media in Israel, and has been known to offer  information from a “senior IDF source who spoke on condition of anonymity.”
Though it sometimes appears the “information” turns out to be stuff Numa would like to see happening, rather than actual reality.
His earlier, memorable fiasco took place in early August, when he was the unnamed IDF source who reassured the media the army knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was “Jewish terrorists” who allegedly burned down a home in Duma village near Hebron and killed an Arab baby and both his parents.
According to Hakol Hayehudi, Numa let out that particular goose—and there have still been no arrests in the case, other than the administrative detention of some right-wing bloggers—at a cocktail party celebrating the new Jewish year. Furthermore, he told it to reporters while there was an official gag order on the investigation.
Shortly after that toast, the first victim of the new intifada was murdered, and since then Numa and his command staff have been responsible for the slowest reaction in military history to a wave of attacks on civilians by Arabs with Sudden Jihad Syndrome. A wave of terror that probably could have been quashed in a couple of days by imposing a cooling down curfew on Arab towns and villages, was allowed instead to spiral into a popular movement of crazed youths.
Numa’s first actual “contribution” to the 3-month, bloody fiasco,was to change the rules of engagement—right around the time he was raising that toast for the new year and arresting imaginary Jewish terrorists. He was directly responsible for forcing IDF soldiers into those despicable scenes where they were attacked by well organized, violent mobs of civilians, and were too afraid of facing a martial court to defend themselves.
In September, after those rules proved to be a dangerous failure,Netanyahu ordered the security cabinet to re-examine Numa’s decision, which they did, and the rules of engagement were revised.
Numa has a stellar history in the IDF and in the IDF’s Special Forces, however, the left-wing spirit that permeates much of the senior staff’s thinking has apparently infected him as well, or he’s channeling Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.
On it is being reported that Brigade and Division commanders in Judea and Samaria as well as in the relevant Intelligence units, all who serve under Numa, are opposed to Numa’s recommendations, and that Numa’s recommendations primarily represent those of the Civil Administration–according to an unnamed senior IDF source.
This leftard traitor to rationality, civilization, and Israel should be courts-martialed at once and given life in prison. What's most disturbing is how someone with these views managed to get into a position of power responsible for other's lives in the IDF in the first place!?!?!

Monday, November 16, 2015

What Geller Can't Say About Paris

Pamela Geller had a pretty good assessment of the post-(latest) massacre in Paris in her recent article over at Breitbart - a site so heavy with spyware you'd "almost" think the CIA was running it now - but since she's a Jewess who is trying to rally the Christian majority, there's a few things that I strongly suspect she knows, but can't say out loud. These things have to be said, anyway, for the good of us all (things which I can't say on her own site, because she's banned me simply for wishing that David Camoron would get his comeuppance for bringing hordes of muslim jihadis to Britain, by then being killed by them himself):

Parisiens are "celebrating tolerance and diversity" with their inane tweets because that is what the leftist version of Christianity has trained them since birth to do: to "Judge Not - EVER;" to always "Turn The Other Cheek," and of course to "Oppose Not Evil Men!"

Christian idolatry has always had more in common with collectivist leftism than with real live individual human rights, because it embraces a distant hope - that of the universal brotherhood of Man in the Kingdom of Heaven afterlife - over present reality.

It asks the individual to defer his own rights to a distant God - "Vengeance Is The Lord's" (alone) when in fact revenge is Justice. Basic morality is "Do Not Attack FIRST" while of course counter-attacking in defense of one's self and innocent others is a natural right, the enforcement of which does not need nor tolerate the deference to an imaginary god!

Globalist politics has also embraced these very same lies, insisting the individual should always defer to the greater good - of the uber-group idol (of the many individuals) such that no individual has any real right to self-defense; suicidal masochistic "tolerance' is held up as the greatest moral virtue anyone can possess, and as such - and because of course (they assert) "Since life is too complex for any but our betters," (the experts in government to whom we have traditionally deferred both our rights and our responsibilities to think for our selves to, paying "our leaders" to do our thinking for us, as) "life is too complex for us to ever really understand cause and effect, so that all facts are really only opinions anyway - there are no real crimes nor criminals since everyone - the poor benighted and mentally-inferior animalistic swarthy jihadis included - is a helpless victim of society, a mere product of their environment, and of course a slave of allah."

Our schools, too, 'teach' only racist sedition - that the West is always at fault, since we are smarter than they are, obviously everything we have we must have stolen from the oppressed inferior races - and of course therefore also it's implied corollary, that we must tolerate the diverse (opposite) reactions of our mental and emotional inferiors, lest we confuse and offend them into committing even more crimes against us. To the left, the crimes of the nonwhites are always the white mans' fault and burden to bear.

So against our right to self-defense is: our main 'religion,' our governments, and our education systems - all glorifying the group over the individual human citizen's rights.

The 'right wing' their talking heads are blaming for this atrocity - is us, and our own families.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

OBAMA: Social Justice Warrior TROLL!

Also from here:

So I just came to THE Most Horrifying Conclusion – about Obama and his regime (!)

He’s a TROLL. Obama is a "Social Justice Warrior" (as communists like to style them selves these days!) - which means he always agitates for "minorities" - and those he considers to be minorities in America, he presumes are the same world wide! So he will never stand up for any American citizens compared to global "victims!"

I had always wondered how, like the poem went, he was as full of evil energy as the good were stricken by ennui.

How was it, I asked, that he was so furiously efficient in his destruction of America and the West?

How did he know what to attack all the time? (Remember how lazy and incompetent Bush was, when not at war)?

Destruction is always a faster and easier process than true creation.

That’s how criminals (“liberals”) always seem so glib and witty (at least, to them selves) – give them any structure, and the contentious, fractious, recalcitrant little contrarian dears can automatically reverse each component part of it. If the original was cohesive and coherent, a simple reversal will also make them seem to be almost as brilliant as the originator was. To adversarial criminals in denial, every day is “opposites day!” Metaphorically, that’s “where they live!”

Here’s that partial list of Obama’s many, many, incessant and ubiquitous crimes, undermining Civilization, again:

His psychological perspective is horribly badly skewed away from reality – substituting hallucinatory image over all facts to the contrary about it:

He was raised by Western communists to consider and impose the false notion that the micro-demographics of the USA hold true for the whole world – that whatever (blacks) are a “minority” in America, must be so everywhere else, too! Ditto for the poor oppressed muslims, who, at 1.6 billion people, outnumber all Americans by at least 8 to 1, worldwide!

Contrary to the evidence of reality, he believes that whites have stuff NOT because they invented it, while simultaneously declaring the existence of property rights and rights of free association by which they then passed down the ever-increasing infrastructure investments to their own children – but because they somehow “stole” what they created from those who never bothered to!

Therefore, due to this theft-based “white privilege” – WE OWE THEM ALL, all of our supposedly former victims!

To liberals, whitey "stole" everything he ever invented from blacks! But when Bell (or Marconi) allegedly "stole" the radio from some poor black inventor back in Africa, what stopped him from making another one?! Ditto for TV, computers, rockets, and all science! Truth is, China invented writing and gunpowder; whites ALL else!

Like all communists, he believes in an extorted and forced "retaliatory" equality of outcome (attacking others first to "redistribute" their wealth) over an equality of opportunity (where nobody is allowed to attack others first or be attacked by them first).

He is therefore also all for false and idolatrous group-might-made-rights, GLOBALLY, over all real live individual human (American citizens’) rights! He wants to be remembered as the man who saved the world- from America!

This is why he is GIVING AWAY THE INTERNET – he isn’t trading for it, he’s giving it away to tyrants! American citizens invented, built, and administer the Internet. Now Obama is GIVING it away - he's not trading it for anything which could benefit America, like he was 'elected' (hired) to do - he's simply giving it all away, because making stuff isn't "fair" to takers!

It’s why he is undermining America’s energy efficiency, refusing to allow more drilling, under the proven-false pretext of “global warming” (or maybe just “climate change,” since the Antarctic polar icecaps are growing)!

It’s why he wants Russia to take over the Middle East (to crash America’s petro-dollar)!

It’s why he is so busy working tirelessly on behalf of his corporazi Globalist owners to destroy all nations!

He wants everyone on earth to have an equality of outcome – to benefit from American know-how, before he destroys it all by giving it away!

Like all short-sighted idolater thieves, he wants to take stuff from the makers to give to the takers, ONCE – “and for all time!”

He simply cannot imagine that this will stop all productivity forever, and once the booty is consumed, EVERYONE will be poor!

He will thus also have fulfilled his islamic roots, sending us back to the 7th century’s lowest-common denominator, forever!

And the voters voted for him twice because they have been trained by corporate advertising to imagine they can have hopes without fears and rights without responsibilities, and the education system ‘teaches’ them the same!

Criminals have to sell theft to their victims, usually under the argumentum tu quoque fallacy that it isn’t really ever theft at all, since everyone does it. Such subjectivists must endorse feelings over objective truth, because in reality poverty doesn’t cause crime, but crime inevitably causes poverty.

SJW Communists like Obama are global-scale criminals.



“He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

(Which description pretty-much defines Obama, no? i.e: "It's Because I'm Black, Isn't It?")!

— Subjective Idolatry fails as an excuse when applied objectively to others, i.e: in religious theodicy. One can trick one’s self by saying “I’ve done unto me so I’m allowed to do it unto others, too!” but when a subjective internal fantasy excuse hits the objective reality of other’s reactions, it’s over.

Idolatry is a list of (some sort of predetermined, predestined force) alibis to excuse bad choices.

Criminals all think the same way: they know they are guilty, so they make up excuses for their crimes. Even if they remember they weren’t actually guilty, making up excuses (fraud) is still itself a crime!

Liberals are criminals. As such, they make up victimology excuses for themselves and other criminals. They do it because of their static immoral relativism idolatry, to excuse everyone via the argumentum tu quoque: “Islam (or whatever) isn’t an evil crime because we (i.e: you) all do it, too! Whee!”

Similarly is their incoherent insistence that “All cultures are equal because all races are equal!”

“Since everyone is born the same/equal, therefore everyone also always remains and acts the same!”

Liberals pretend that, since all humans of all breeds (“races”) are born equally tabula-rasa as blank slates, and they are all (initially) the same, that therefore any and all “cultural” traditions habits commandments and instructions will also always be the same, turning out the same way!

But in reality, their desperate promotion of a “Multiculturalism” meme IS still really only racism!

By insisting all people (and all habitual “cultural” results) are the same, where’s the “diversity!”?

It’s like saying a criminal twin isn’t a criminal, because his innocent twin didn’t choose to be one.

But when they claim all cultures are the same, (because nurture has no effect) then the only valid conclusion one can draw from different countries (like the islamic ones in Africa) being so far behind all the others in developmental results, would be due to nature (i.e: hardware; genetics; “race”)!

Liberals are in denial of reality, so their ‘diverse!’ excuse assertions’ symptoms will never line up!

i.e: They are for all minorities – except when they aren’t, when they’re against "the evil 1%”!

Liberals don't care about free will, claiming life is too complex for us to understand cause and effect. Therefore, to them, nothing we "choose" to do, is ever to our credit - or blame!

In the above identical twin scenario, it doesn't matter that both their nature (DNA, genetics) and apparent nurture (environment) were the same, because "obviously" that nurture was NOT exactly the same - the twin who turned out to be law-abiding had no more choice to do so than his criminal twin!

To liberals, there must have been a hidden coercion or opportunity that made each turn out different.

That's why, despite the 100% objective-proof evidence that Westerners have created EVERYTHING, Obama and his ilk persist in denying it! "You did not build that!" they proclaim; "Only the allah did it!" (Predetermined force always does it: there is no personal choice or responsibility, and no judgments are to be made, except of course against judging at all. Their 'judgmental' enemies are always wrong)!

Every criminal's subjectivist stance pre-emptively embraces double-standards and slanderous hypocrisy: in their ideal worlds, only they have rights, while all others only have responsibilities - to them.

"But how is any of that a crime?" one might well ask. Because, in pre-emptively invoking a reservation of the false right to be considered irresponsible for one's own actions - however universally such a claim is to be applied - one is implicitly also reserving an alibi to excuse attacking others first. It rejects the Golden Rule, where one must agree to not attack innocent others first.

In other words, a claim of scientifically irrefutable incompetence leading to an irresponsible lack of control over one's own actions is a threat to others: and a threat is psychologically attacking first.

Evidently, such backwards tautologies are the liberal criminal excuse-makers’ daily bread-and-butter.

But we either have free will, or we don’t. Even if the idol “forced” you to do it, YOU STILL DID IT!
(The only difference is, your excuse-choice cancels any actual reasons you may later come up with)!

Only criminals insist there is no free will. The (Western) legal definition of crime and criminal must involve free-will, mens-rea intent. Without intent, there are only accidents and, at most, negligence. (I admit a secondary but false category in Western Law is that of the “Summary Conviction” offenses).

In authoritarian (criminal gangster) “cultures” (mostly Eastern) there is no free will, so all “laws” (and both the civil and criminal are usually combined there) involve a presumption of guilt, because there is no determination of mens-rea intent to be made; if and when something goes wrong, you’re guilty of it if you were in charge. Naturally, the same goes for ‘Communal’ Marxist group “rights!”

Tribal cultures put the good of the tribe over the life of any individual member, such that only the gang has any rights, while all its individual human component parts only have responsibilities to it.

The main excuse of predetermined, predestined force actually obviates all other ‘excuses’ (aka reasons, and all reasonING). If you have no power over your actions, self-defense is also ruled out!

The end of idolatry is: You are Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent – if it happened, then you did it.

If something good happened, then the gang takes credit. Islam gives “allah” as an easy excuse or out:
The only way to escape punishments in sharia law is to claim the allah made you do it (allah did it)!

Our schools are supposed to teach students self-reliance, but in stead abuse them with indulgent excuses to remain irresponsibly wrong.

Promoting “Tolerance” and “Diversity” in stead of self-reliance, is delinquency (criminal negligence).

So at base, “Liberalism, secularism and modernism” ARE the exact same things as the real pillars of islam itself: Group-might-made-rights victim-blaming extortion, where idols have rights, not people!


Liberals are criminals – always all about faking up new “victims” to disguise their thefts!

If people were educated, all of the liberal democrats’ political platforms would be recognized as the illegal crimes they are! There would be no libertine “Liberal” (criminal!) fraud-spreading gangster political parties even allowed to exist!

They declare enemy groups “Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent” then make “laws” to punish them without any actual prosecution! Their bureaucracies act the same way.

Their habitual race-baiting idiocy is a perfect cart-before-horse example.

Another recent example is the Conservative-targeting IRS scandal.

Every bit of their group-rights slander IS slander (fraud)! So when they insist on making new ‘laws’ to take from one group to give to another, they infringe on the responsibility of the judiciary to vet accusations, hold fact trials, and redistribute wealth to actual victims, not convenient hypothetical “victims of demography!”

They don’t give their victims even the basic legal defense rights afforded in class-action lawsuits!

Ditto for the media, aka the globalists’ department of propaganda (or ministry of indoctrination)!

Actually, the enemedia is owned by corporazi globalists who are by definition selling sedition to all sovereign national countries and governments. They should be tried for sedition!

Same goes for the government (citizen’s) tax-paid university profs who teach sedition – at the very least their funding should be cut off, and when corporations continue to fund them, they should lose their charters of incorporation, and should all be jailed for sedition and treason, too!

Between them all, they slander the citizens of all the Western nations as racists who can’t be trusted to manage our own affairs, and so we must Submit to the global goal of a one-world, UN-run, Communist government!

Like all criminals, they want to “redistribute” wealth from the makers to themselves (the criminal takers) under the pretense that, since we bothered to earn stuff they didn’t, we must have stolen it from them, so we now owe them! This is what “globalization” is: gangster extortion enshrined in "law!”

Corporate gangsters hate paying taxes, and so want to be the ones in charge, collecting them instead!
To achieve this they will flood our lands with the welfare/jizya tax-draining muslim invader threat.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Muslims: Ignore Paranoid Madman Muhammad

"Islamic theology" is completely insane.
Here it is:

In islam, "shirk" (pretending to divide the singular nature of God) is the #1 crime of all time.*
In sharia, you're not allowed to swear even BY allah, since of course allah's will and nature are "unknown and unknowable!"
But we do know that allah is an idolater - he forced his angels and jinns to bow down to these tiny clay idols he had made and granted temporary and limited life to (i.e: us humans)! Only Iblis (his friend and psychiatrist, because allah is insane) said "No way am I gonna bow down to your stupid idols, allah!" So then allah said "Oh yeah? Well then, if you can't convince enough of my stupid clay idols to bow down to even lesser, non-living clay idols, then I'm gonna throw you into the fire with them, too! Nyah!"
And that, my friend, sums up islamic "theology!" True story; one just can't make up this sort of bizarre contradictory shiite!
"They're all out to get me! In fact, "they" don't even exist! There are no real live separate individual people messing with me! It's all really only one thing! God!"
"So none of you really exist as separate beings! You are all only parts of 'God!'" "ADMIT IT, YOU BASTARDS! IF YOU DON'T, THEN YOU FORCE ME TO MAKE YOU ALL ADMIT IT!"
If Moe had the courage of his convictions, he wouldn't ever have tried to force "God" to admit that He was in fact, God (as the only one messing with Moe's life) by trying to force the individual component parts of "God" (which said God had also then deliberately designed and desired to pretend they were separate beings from him in the first place) to admit that they were faking it and/or weren't real, by torturing and executing them for the "crime" of deceiving Moe!
By doing so, Moe himself committed only pure shirk: Muhammad divides God!
i.e: If (and since, obviously) "God" did want to pretend He was separate people, who was Muhammad to run around trying to force Him - by harassing His parts - to admit that He wasn't?! Muhammad directly opposes God's plans!
Finally: It's beyond obvious that if there is a God, He has long-since decided to divide Himself into a diverse myriad of lesser component parts - individual blades of grass, a multitude of flora and fauna, hordes of individual humans with free will.
And who alone has decided to violently oppose this obvious reality?
And even he admitted that he did so based only on the words of an alleged arch-Angel, "Gebril." Muhammad admitted that he himself was only cognitively able to believe in Gebril, not in God, who was forever beyond his comprehension.

Thus Moe himself divided "allah" into himself AND GEBRIL.
So Muhammad's desire to destroy God's creations, (even if "only" by forcibly "unifying" them,) by making them admit that they don't really exist at all, didn't even come to him directly from God Himself at all.

It was Gebril, not God, who wrote such Qur'anic passages as "Believing in Muhammad is the same as believing in God!"
Muslims must obey Moe's every word:
33:21. "Moe is the Perfect Man, the Perfect Example of Humanity for All Mankind. To be imitated and emulated."

Muslims aren't allowed to challenge whatever Muhammad said: 

33:36. "It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, has indeed strayed into a plain error."

4:65. "But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (O Muhammad) judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full Submission."
8:20. "O you who believe! Obey Allâh and His Messenger, and turn not away from him (i.e. Messenger Muhammad ) while you are hearing."


Beyond all that, "Shirk" is the #1 crime in islam, because the unity of God is their #1 alibi to excuse their own criminal desires and actions:

The ‘theological’ notion of Allah’s “oneness” is CRUCIAL to their main criminal, might-makes-right alibi, that “we aren’t responsible, and no one is ever really a criminal anyway, because we’re really all only victims:

"The Allah Made Me Do It!"

"In fact, I didn’t do it at all – only the allah did it! Whee!”

[8.17] So you did not slay them, but it was Allah Who slew them, and you did not smite when you smote (the enemy), but it was Allah Who smote, and that He might confer upon the believers a good gift from Himself; surely Allah is All-Hearing, Knowing.

Sura 4:77: "Those who whined "Hold back your hands (from attacking)" were corrected:

"War is compulsory for us - the good and bad both come from allah!"

As Muhammad himself put it, “I have been made victorious through terror” (Bukhari 4.52.220).

So, islam is not a “religion” (at all, much less one “of peace”) nor is it a “race” (at all, much less one of “Poor, Oppressed, People Of Colour”)!

Obviously, islam is ONLY an ancient, ongoing extortion-racket CRIME-syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where they say:

“God told us to commit these crimes!”


Bottom line: Cowardly, treasonous selfish subjective irrational adversarial criminal Islam is all about the "Take them, Lord - not ME!" (and "pre-emptively defensive") human sacrifice of all others!


Let’s get this straight, once and for all:
When he first designed islam to enrich himself, Muhammad’s plan was to move up the Judgment Day timetable from God in the Afterlife, to himself in the here and now. That’s how Moe sought to usurp and rival God’s power by claiming He gave him the duty to judge us by bringing “inevitable” Hell down to us here on earth!
It also shows Muhammad didn’t personally really believe in one of islam’s own main “pillars:” that of “The Last Day (of Judgment)!” – at all LOL!
So in Islam, people will no longer have to wait to be judged individually for their personal crimes, because Moe has lumped people who disagree with his claims to represent God’s judgment today into a group he also claims God has pre-judged – even specifically made – guilty until never proven innocent: the “Infidels,” ALL of whom whom Moe preposterously sentenced to “Death By Muslim” for their simple “crime” of being “unfaithful” hypocrites in denying that they were really all born ‘muslims,’ too!
So islam obviates the need for any god at all, replacing him with Muhammad. (Not to mention it slanders god as a sadistic slaver who deliberately creates “infidels” so he can torture them in hell forever).
Bottom line: anyone who thinks this stuff through for even a half a second should know better than to believe God wants them to go to Hell for being “infidel” (unfaithful) hypocrites for refusing to admit that they believe in Moe’s version of Him (and so also for refusing to give Moe all of their camels).