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WTF?! Boston Bomber Tsarnaev's family flown to US for FREE!

From here:

The family of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been flown to the U.S. from their home in Chechnya, are being housed at a Hampton Inn outside of Boston, and are being guarded 24 hours a day by at least three federal agencies.
The taxpayer-funded junket to the U.S. for the family of a Muslim terrorist is costing well over $100,000, according to a former U.S. attorney.
Governor Charlie Baker said, “It’s a federal trial, it’s a federal case, the feds ultimately need to make the decisions about this.”
Baker was non-committal about how resources are being used, even state ones.
Sullivan told Sacchetti that while he understands taxpayer outrage, the whole point is to make sure it’s done right.
“The court wants to make sure that at the end of the day, the defendant gets a fair trial and would not want to add any potential issues on appeal in the penalty phase, prosecutors finished making their case yesterday,” he said.
Marathon survivor Marc Fucarile reached out to us Friday night, reacting to this news, saying that he’s outraged that Tsarnaev’s family’s expenses are being paid for when “myself and some of the other survivors and our families have to pay for our own parking at court, lunch, and we were told that if the trial was moved out of state, we’d have to pay for our own travel and lodging, there.”
The statement went on to say: “Why should our country pay for them when that family committed a violent act against our country? Not to mention, all of the free government services this family previously enjoyed on the backs of the taxpayers including government assistance and a free ride to UMass Dartmouth. In contrast, I was denied housing assistance I sought after the bombings, even though I needed a handicapped accessible apartment, and my wife lost her job as a result of the events.”
He ended by saying he feels badly for the taxpayers that have to pay for this after they were so generous to all the survivors and the One Fund.
Once this news got out, it wasn’t only the victims and their families who were upset. The Hampton Inn where the Tsarnev family is staying is being hit with complaints and cancellations.
Hosting the relatives of convicted terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is proving to be very bad for business, the manager of the Hampton Inn in Revere is finding out as complaints and cancellations pour in.
When asked how many people had called to drop their reservations since news broke that six of Tsarnaev’s relatives are staying at the Route 1A hotel while they wait to testify in his blockbuster death penalty trial, general manager Cathy Cucchiello simply said, “Enough.”
A half-dozen TV news satellite trucks lined the sidewalk outside the hotel and reporters and cameramen were bunched in a group near the exit, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Tsarnaev clan. The Boston Marathon bomber’s family members were whisked to the hotel in vans Thursday from nearby Logan International Airport.
Cucchiello banned the media from the hotel and its grounds and repeatedly asked the press to stay off the grass and on the sidewalk.
Your tax dollars are paying for the trip to the U.S. for Tsarnev’s mother’s–a woman who has constantly threatened the U.S. with Islamic-backed violence:
The outraged mother of the terrorist Tsarnaev brothers charged the Boston Marathon jury got the verdict wrong — and the U.S. will suffer for its mistake.
“They will pay for my sons and the sons of Islam, permanently!!!” threatened Zubeidat Tsarnaeva in a bitter rant sent to the media/technology website Vocativ.
“The tears of their mothers will be fuel for them in hell,” continued the lengthy missive penned after Wednesday’s conviction of her younger son, 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
The excuse given by prosecutors is that they don’t want to give the defense an opening in any likely appeal. Defendants with family overseas have gotten by fine in previous trials without the government flying them to the U.S. It’s silly to think an appeals judge would overturn a murder conviction because some killer’s mommy wasn’t there to testify for him.
Whatever happens to Tsarnaev, his entire family should be billed for this little excursion. There’s no good reason why taxpayers should be asked to countenance a trip to the U.S. by these anti-American, pro-terrorist people.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Obama flies deported illegal FELONS BACK TO US!

Obama: I’ll Break Judges Order if I feel Like it

It's Finally Happening. Democrat Legislators Are Pushing To Give Voting Rights To Millions Of Illegal Aliens!

       But that's not all... even though the Left told you it would NEVER happen, according to recent press reports, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have already been granted driver's licenses... and the Obama Regime is planning to fly previously deported illegal alien FELONS back into the United States, on the taxpayer's dime, so that they too can enjoy the benefits of his Executive Amnesty Decree.

       And there's more... After taking a break for the winter, thousands of unaccompanied children are starting to flood across our borders yet again...

       We're not even talking about amnesty anymore, folks... we're talking about a lawless and carefully orchestrated illegal alien invasion and Barack Obama and his allies must be stopped.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

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Democrats Are Leading The Charge And Are Pushing Legislation That Will Initially Grant 'Voting Rights' To Millions Of Illegal Aliens.

       Oh yes... it's happening. Reuters reports: "The New York Is Home Act is the first bill in the United States that would provide such broad rights to non-citizens... according to the bill's sponsor, state Senator Gustavo Rivera."

       Rivera told Reuters: "Nearly 3 million people in the state of New York currently reside here and make New York their home, but can't fully participate in civic, political, and economic life."

       And as Reuters implies, Rivera's action is simply the "first," ... similar legislation across the nation will follow rapidly. Reuters again: "[Rivera] said, he hopes the bill will start a conversation both in New York and nationally about immigration reform at the state level."

       But that's not all. Rivera's bill, like a number of others that are presently working themselves through state legislatures across the country will also give illegal aliens "access to state tuition assistance and health insurance programs."

       The floodgates are about to open. It's all planned... it is all by design... and it's up to patriotic Americans like you to stop this insanity. Congress has the power to thwart these programs, but if they do not hear from you, they will not have the will to do it.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

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Been Deported? Are You A Felon? No Worries... Barack Obama Will Fly You Back Into The United States On The Taxpayers' Dime.

       Just in case you were thinking that it couldn't get even more surreal, buckle your seat belts because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

       Ryan Lovelace with National Review Online reports: "This year, the U.S. government will pay for unaccompanied alien children to be flown into the country, even if they were convicted of a felony, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot."

       Lovelace goes on to state: "It's called the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors" and Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security decreed it, without Congressional approval, back in November.

       Lovelace adds: "They promised it would not become 'a pathway for undocumented parents to bring their children to the United States,' but it appears that's not the case."

       It would also appear that the spirit of Judge Andrew Hanen's ruling means squat to the Obama Regime. You remember Judge Hanen. He's the federal judge who told the Obama Regime, back in February, to cease-and-desist the implementation of Mr. Obama's unconstitutional, illegal and dictatorial Executive Amnesty Decree. But that's the problem... the Obama Regime is lawless.

       And yes, you're picking up a huge tab. Lovelace again: "The program not only creates a pathway for Central American children to reunite with their newly amnestied parents, it also pays their travel costs and ensures them federal benefits."

       But wait, there's more. According to Lovelace, DHS "acknowledged on an invitation-only conference call last week that it was willing to accept people into the program who have previously been deported" and that includes FELONS who had been previously deported.

       Lovelace again: "Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, says the Obama administration should rename the project 'the MS-13 Reunification Program,' because of the number of MS-13 gang members who could potentially take advantage of the program."

       And now it's more than clear. Barack Obama isn't just pushing amnesty; he's pushing illegal and unconstitutional programs that will cripple the United States and our elected officials must not be allowed to ignore what is happening. They must act.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

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500,000 Illegal Aliens Flood California DMVs For Driver's Licenses...

       Jeremy White, with the liberal Sacramento Bee, called it a "surge" and claims that DMV offices are being overwhelmed as applications flood "in at twice the rate officials expected."

       It's no accident. Quoting a state official, White writes that the surge can be attributed to "a mass information campaign that enlisted law enforcement, elected officials, consular authorities and foreign language media to get the word out."

       White continues: "'There’s been a lot of outreach from many groups, many organizations,' said Artemio Armenta, a spokesman for the DMV. 'A lot of efforts from every angle, from social media to the news media to community organizations getting the word out – it’s been a big effort across the board.'"

       In other words, this surge is no accident... it's not an organic movement... it's well planned... it's well orchestrated... you're probably paying for it with your tax dollars and if it has not come to your town yet, have no fear... it's just a matter of time.

       The floodgates are now open. The insanity must stop and it's up to patriotic Americans, like you, to force our politicians to put a stop to it.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. Or alternatively, send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Republican Member of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Danish professor: Jihadis are just following the example of Muhammad

From here:

Tina MagaardFor three years, a Danish linguist, Tina Magaard, analyzed the basic texts of ten religions. Her conclusion is that the texts of Islam stand out by encouraging terrorism and violence more than those of other religions.
Now Tina Magaard speaks out again. Translated by Nicolai Sennels, via
Tina Magaard has great knowledge about Islam, both personally and academically. She believes that Danish experts in Islam fail to disclose what is in Islam’s holy scriptures, and the extent to which extremism draws its ammunition from these scriptures.…
She studied Arabic and read both the Qur’an and the hadiths. Here she recognized many of the repressive tendencies she had experienced [in her travels in Muslim countries].
“What is striking is not in itself that one can find murderous passages in the Islamic texts, as such passages can also be found in other religions. But it is striking how much space these passages take up in the Islamic texts, and how much they focus on an us-and-them logic in which infidels and apostates are characterized as dirty, rotten, criminal, hypocritical and dangerous. It it also striking how much these texts demand that the reader fight the infidels, both with words and with the sword. In many passages, Muhammad plays a central role as one who encourages the use of violence, whether it comes to stonings, beheadings, acts of war or execution of critics and poets.”
Tina Magaard finds it particularly objectionable that so many Islamic scholars in her opinion knowingly fail to disclose these facts, and use their positions of power to create specific standards for what you can say. Often, they also blame Danish racism rather than objectively stating that extremists actually find justifications for using violence and threats in Islam’s holy scriptures.…
Asked whether after Krudtt√łnden (the terror attack in Copenhagen, February 2015) and the attack on Charlie Hebdo it is desirable for future harmony and coexistence to stop drawing Muhammad, Tina Magaards answers unequivocally:
“The only thing we get out of saying that we must not draw Muhammad is that there will be more religiously motivated restrictions on our freedoms. Rather, we must take the bull by the horns and question whether Muhammad did the right thing when he, for example, ordered his critics murdered. This is the discussion we need to have with European Muslims.”
The most thought-provoking thing, according to Tina Magaard, is that it is so difficult to find an imam who dares or wants to criticize the aspects of Islam which contradict liberal freedoms
“Instead, you get a chitchat like: ‘It is not relevant to discuss this in Denmark now,’ or ‘this is a misunderstanding.’ But they refuse to criticise the concrete passages that terrorists use to justify their actions,” Magaard says.

Dutch researcher: “The better integrated, the higher the risk of radicalization”

From here:

jihadisMuslims are not radicalized by poverty, racism or lack of integration. Muslims are radicalized by Islam. The fact is that Islam is the only religion where its followers become more violent the more they follow their religion.
Translated by Thomas for 10News:
The better integrated, the higher the risk of radicalization.
Author: Dr. Marion van San, Senior Researcher at RISBO, an independent research institute active in the field of learning and society that is affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2009 she has conducted ethnographic studies of families of radicalizing youths.
Since we know that many young people left Belgium, but also from other European countries, to join the armed conflict in Syria, a fierce debate has erupted. However, the debate as conducted in Belgium is permeated by a series of stereotypes that are not consistent with what is known from international literature, and that block a proper analysis of the phenomenon.
That young people from Europe who leave for Syria are victims of a society that does not accept them, and does not offer them sufficient opportunities – a proposition that Rik Coolsaet has supported in an earlier edition of this newspaper – is, however, not supported by empirical evidence. Not only in literature on Islamic extremism, but also on terrorism in general and terrorism of any kind, the conclusion is always the same: it does not always concern people with low socioeconomic status. Neither does it always concern the marginalized and the frustrated, or people with a psychiatric disorder. The Belgian families from which the young people have left are not all from the lower classes, and the young people who left are not all unskilled and frustrated. For the discrimination they are suggested to be victims of, there has usually been little empirical evidence. In recent years, a lot of international research has been conducted on radicalism and extremism. What it shows is that young men and women who radicalize and sometimes indulge in extremism often come from middle-class families. There are also a few examples of young men and women who belong to upper class families. Keep in mind that the hijackers in the September 11 attacks mostly came from prominent families. There is another important point to remember. Low socioeconomic status and lack of opportunity are a reality for a very large group of people, but only very few of them take the extremist path. And if lack of opportunity would indeed lead to extremism, the poorest countries in the world would supply most extremists. And we know that this is not the case. Are there no destitute ones amongst those who leave? Of course there are, and those are the ones Coolsaet writes about. But again, the group that left to join the armed conflict in Syria, is much more diverse than he suggests.
Another common stereotype in the debate in Belgium is that despite research that refutes this, radicalization is still far too often misunderstood as a process resulting from failed integration. Research, however, suggests that it is the so-called integration paradox that is a breeding ground for radicalization. What is meant by this paradox is that the children and grandchildren of immigrants, who were born and raised here, focus heavily on Belgian society. They seek social acceptance and mobility, and do everything possible to integrate. The result is that they have higher social expectations than others and are often more sensitive to exclusion and (alleged) discrimination. Negative experiences can turn them away from society and cause them to seek refuge in a deviant group identity.
I therefore dare say that the better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence. Often young people who have been radicalized were very Western-oriented before their radicalization; they were drinking alcohol and would often use soft drugs. In a later stage of their life they started to concern themselves more and more with their faith, or converted to Islam and consequently radicalized in no time. In many cases they completed their education or held a job and have friends from mixed ethnic backgrounds.
What stands out in the debate of these recent weeks and months is that not only standard explanations are given for the departure of so many young people, but also only standard solutions are brought forward; solutions that are actually meant for different problems. It has become too risky to persevere in such false solutions now that the problem has become a matter of life and death. The fact that the group that we are dealing with is so diverse, immediately shows the difficulty of finding a suitable solution. We know that fighting poverty is not enough to counter radicalism and extremism. We should also not expect too much from proposals to address youth unemployment. This is not a plea to change the fundamentals of current policies to address poverty, or to stop combating racism in the workplace and in the job market. But we should not cherish the illusion that these measures will curb radicalism and extremism. To really understand the group that we are dealing with here, we need a deep understanding of the young people and the families they come from, in order to gradually distance ourselves from the stereotypes that too often dominate the debate. Everything else is a waste of time and energy.