Thursday, July 26, 2018

"Mental Illness" Is Really Only a Criminal, Habitual CHOICE!

Here’s what’s (always!) really going on, at any and all levels of human interactions, be they individual, familial, clannish, tribal, national, state, empire and even at the global level:

Criminality comprises and contains these 4 intertwined habitual choices aka “mental illness syndromes:”

Psychopathy – Literally really only the Greek words for “thought killing:” planning one’s responses due to
Paranoia – The idea that everyone’s out to get one – makes one give in to being outnumbered as inevitable;
Masochism – The cowardly cancellation of half the threatened pain, known as fear, by Submitting to it via
Hypocrisy – The attempt to pre-empt danger by pretending to instantly SUBMIT to all criminal extortions.

And all of these are really only pretend aspects of the same thing: slanderously extortive “Paranoia!” but while most people have sussed out that life is full of pain-causing damage, the remembered fear of those pains (which is also another form of pain) and the sneaky and ultimately useless greed for less and hope of no pain, followed by the ultimate destruction of death – at least a third of people aren’t so stupid as to pretend to imagine that they can escape from this insulting attack on them by attacking other people who may be just as equally victimized by it as they are. Only evil people pretend that, as the whole of conscious existence or “God” has already attacked them first and will always continue to do so, they are entitled to randomly counter-attack any and all of its individual component parts (people) in response!

Naturally, their excuse on an individual basis is to conflate such ultimately only pretended division with the whole: “So what? My crimes aren’t crimes because we (i.e: You) all do it, too!”

What the criminal "psychopath" really hates, is the trick God plays on them by pretending to be divided!

See also: Muhammad’s "islam:" it's how and why Muhammad was the "Perfect Example of Humanity for Mankind!"


Further, each of these thought-killing, "psychopathic syndromes: paranoia; masochism; hypocrisy" are all really only bad habits, based on permanent patterns of past fears, present greeds and future fear-limited, greedy hopes to avoid more of the same by manipulating others into agreeing with one's denials of guilt.

All of our solid, past fears; fluid, present greeds; and nebulous, future hopes: made into static idols!

And such people cannot ever truly be happy because, as self-determined cynics, they remain stuck in denial at the initial reaction of Fear, which is only the starting point of the dynamic Greek thought process; and so the scary past and useless future are deliberately ignored; only the greedy present is embraced by these habitually irresponsible hedonistic and conscienceless criminally negligent delinquent "libertines!"

So, to recap:

Backwards, fear-focused "paranoia" leads to the presently greedy state of "masochism" where the slanderous victim-blaming "paranoid" criminal coward tries to "control" and limit their fears by causing the pains they fear the most; which leads to hypocrisy, with the greedy hope of in future inducing gangs of others to join them in their plans to help them cause the pains they fear the most, to exonnerate them of guilt!





They are criminally negligent masochists - always pretending to "control" their fears, BY causing those very same worst-case scenario problems (like, by antagonizing innocent other people) which cause the pains they fear the most.

If you teach kids they have a right not to be offended or have their feelings hurt by the often-painful Truth, that "There's No Wrong Answers!" then you are also training them to never have to admit they're wrong, or to learn from their mistakes; hence: TROLLS.

Ottawa Libs Tell Us To Love The Muslims Who Murder Us, Or Else We're Racists!

As the old joke goes: "So, a Muslim blows up a bar ..." No, really.
To leftopaths, it doesn't matter what Muhammad wrote in his silly Qur'an 1,400 years ago, because there are no real crimes nor criminals, because we have no free will choice or mens-rea criminal intent - ever! In stead, we're all really ever only helpless fellow victims - of mysterious (yet somehow also "inevitable") forces outside our comprehension and control, like of "society," being mere "products of our environments" and of course proudly helpless slaves of unknown and unknowable Allah! So basically, all liberals are muslims, and all muslims are libertine criminals.
So it's really no surprise that, two days after a muslim mass murder rampage in Toronto, the National Post and Ottawa Citizen's own Terry Galvin would tell us evil white hatefully racist bigots to Submit to muslim violence because we all do it, too!

If people cannot find it within themselves to extend the same compassion to the Hussains that is being shown victims' families, they should be ashamed

To try to look on the bright side, maybe the reason last weekend’s Danforth shooting rampage has pushed some people into an abyss of hysteria is that Toronto truly is one of the world’s great peaceable cities, and the horror of what happened has been just too much of a shock. Maybe it’s got something to do with the ubiquity of rancid disinformation and malicious pseudo-news these days that a meanness and heartlessness so quickly intruded into what was, in the early goings, a moment of shared mourning, a “Toronto Strong” moment of quiet civic decency and resilience.
Maybe the simple, ugly reason that so little sympathy has been on hand for the parents of the severely mentally ill and now-dead shooter — they have another son who has been in a coma for more than a year, and their daughter died in a car accident about five years ago — is that they are Muslim. Or maybe it’s just because it was their son who committed the unconscionable act, that their own crushing anguish and sorrow is cruelly dismissed as somehow less deserving of any public sympathy.
The Hussains' own crushing anguish and sorrow is cruelly dismissed as somehow less deserving of any public sympathy
Maybe now that the so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Danforth mass shooting, the hoarse, howling voices at the margins will come to wholly overwhelm the public conversation. Or maybe their inanities will implode and collapse around their heads while everybody else notices that the official propagandists for ISIL “caliph” Abu Bakr al Baghdadi also claimed that last October’s mass shooting in Las Vegas was one of their jobs — an absurdity the FBI unequivocally dismissed. And that the security evacuation of Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris a month earlier was not because of bombs ISIL claimed to have planted, but rather because of an unruly woman who was prevented from boarding a plane. And that the shooting rampage at a casino in Manila that ISIL claimed as its own operation last June turned out to be the frenzy of a deeply indebted gambler.
Maybe a lot of things. Innocently genuine speculation isn’t always easily distinguishable from rumour-mongering, and the public platform that social media so readily provides does tend to lower the tone.
When the shooter was first identified as a white male, the novelist Christine Estima, who is ordinarily quite the comedian, took to Twitter this way: “We need to put a ban on white men until we can figure out what’s going on.” This might have been funny, even, were it not for the screaming sirens, the sheer terror of that night in Toronto, the wounded strewn about the street, and the dead. Reese Fallon, 18 years old, had planned to study nursing at McMaster University this fall. Julianna Kozis, from Markham, Ont., was 10.

Toronto Danforth shooting victims: 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis.Facebook; Handout

For a while there, it might not have been wholly unreasonable to wonder out loud about whether the shooter, who turned out to be 29-year-old Faisal Hussain, could have been possessed of a motive, if you could call it that, that derived in some fashion from the crackpottery of death-cult jihadism. But there is nothing reasonable about the sort of thing making the rounds that was typified by the notorious Ezra Levant when he chimed in, this way: “Did the police withhold the shooter’s name for a day so they could scrub evidence of Islamist (sic) from his social media accounts?”
Levant followed that up with this: “I’m curious how the name of the Toronto shooter was withheld for a day, and the moment it was released, a Muslim reporter at the CBC state broadcaster issues an official statement from ‘the family’ — that he was mentally ill, nothing to do with Islam.”
Even that might have been funny, although too clever by half, had it come from a parody account. But it wasn’t even intended to be funny. It was a filthy insinuation. There is nothing that distinguishes the CBC’s Shanifa Nasser, who may or may not be Muslim for all that it matters, except that she is a damn fine journalist, and she was not alone in reporting the Ontario Special Investigations Unit’s decision, arising from what the SIU called “the exceptional circumstances of this tragic incident,” to identify the shooter by name. Neither was Nasser alone in reporting the contents of family’s statement.

Toronto Danforth shooter Faisal Hussain. Hussain family/AP

It doesn’t exactly help clarify anything, being invited to see something sinister in the involvement of Muslim community activist Mohammed Hashim, an organizer with the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, in the preparation and distribution of a statement on behalf of Hussain’s parents. The Toronto Sun referred to Hashim as the family’s “spin doctor,” but if Hashim had a hand in helping the family compose their statement, fair play to him. As events have proved, the family was going to need help, precisely because they happened to be Muslims. It’s a wonder Hussain’s parents haven’t been hounded to present themselves in some public place to loudly swear a loyalty oath.
In their statement, the Hussains express their condolences to the families victimized by their son’s horrific actions, and then get straight to the heart of what is a soul-crushing, heartbreaking and lonely predicament endured by tens of thousands of families across Canada: “Our son had severe mental health challenges, struggling with psychosis and depression his entire life. The interventions of professionals were unsuccessful. Medications and therapy were unable to treat him.”

A Toronto Police van parks in front of the Thorncliffe Park apartment building where shooting suspect Faisal Hussain lived with his parents, on July 23, 2018. Tamara Lush/AP

They go on: “While we did our best to seek help for him throughout his life of struggle and pain, we could never imagine that this would be his devastating and destructive end. Our hearts are in pieces for the victims and for our city as we all come to grips with this terrible tragedy. We will mourn those who were lost for the rest of our lives.”
Evidence may yet emerge to the effect that at perhaps some very recent stage in the psychosis that tormented him, Faisal Hussein had been twisted beyond recognition by imbibing the online vileness of some bloodthirsty Islamist hate preacher. But all that is, or should be, immaterial to what is required right now of the people of Toronto — Toronto Strong, as the city likes to describe itself in the teeth of these tragic events. If the people cannot find it within themselves to discharge the same duty of solidarity and compassion in respect of Hussain’s parents, to enclose them as warmly within the embrace of their empathy as the families of Reese Fallon and little Julianna Kozis, then they should be ashamed of themselves.


Naturally, these other leftopaths also embrace the argumentum tu quoque fallacy, claiming that since non-muslims also sometimes commit mass murders, islam isn't a crime-gang!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Deep State Sale: CIA fronts Amazon to Buy Washington Post

Could Amazon be intertwined with the deep state? That might be a terrifying question we all need to ask ourselves. And it isn’t as absurd as it may sound.

In 2013, Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post. The Washington Post hasn’t attempted to hide its disdain for President Trump in any fashion. In fact, it has been a liberal mouthpiece for years. The Trump victory has only driven it even deeper into its biases.

But what’s more? Well, a lot, actually.

Amazon was long known to be one of the “largest, most unprofitable company in history.” Amazon wasn’t even a profitable company (officially) until 2013. For many people, that’s a shocking statement, but its true. Bezos, of course, was getting richer by the minute taking a salary, but the company really wasn’t making money. Bezos claimed all the while he was in it for the long term. The company wasn’t a profit machine.

But it became one. And that happened in 2013.

In 2013, the CIA awarded Amazon and Bezos a $600 million cloud computer contract. Later that year, the Washington Post deal went down for $250 million. Bezos used just under half of his revenue from the CIA contract to buy a liberal stronghold media giant.

The Washington Post loves to cite “unnamed sources.” This day and age, or what we might term “post-Trump,” has become a time that embraces the “unnamed sources.” What used to revolve around media integrity, has now turned into an opportunity to spin tales. Many of these “unnamed sources” for the Washington Post come from stories regarding insider information via the CIA.

The CIA. Amazon's owner Jeff Bezos. The Washington Post. 
They are all truly only one entity at this juncture in our lives.

John Brennan, the acting CIA Director, appointed by President Obama was outspoken regarding President Trump’s campaign and potential Russian ties. He even went so far as to testify before Congress regarding this.

Brennan is a former communist. In 1976, he voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall in the presidential election; he later said that he viewed it as a way “of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change.”

Brennan, a former communist party vote caster, and Obama loyalist, is the one who started the FBI probe into the Trump administration. Being the Director of the CIA and clearly tied to Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post, should be viewed as more than just slightly opportunistic. It’s incredibly advantageous to them, and incredibly dangerous to Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

The Washington Post has been relentlessly pursuing Trump and Russia. They even remain locked in following Comey’s testimony which clearly detached Trump from any Russian involvement. It's a secretive anti-American propaganda machine, ultimately financially subsidized and originally paid for by your tax dollars, but ultimately owned and controlled by the devoted enemies of America. This is what the "Deep State" really looks like, people!

Derek Paulson
Prepared Patriot

Friday, July 6, 2018

Gangster "Democracy" IS Slavery!



As an insurance company, government IS enforced victimology: taking from the able to give to the (hopefully only temporarily) disabled victims.

After a while, though, and based on the fallacy of modern education, which seeks to discover why, not how, people do the things they do, it's ever-expanding list of who constitutes a victim class now includes "everybody!" and even those who are physically able, yet unwilling to work, are classified as being "depressed" and suffering from "mental illness" (as being helpless victims of their own mysterious yet somehow also inevitably-forced emotions)!

This is how individualism becomes collectivism - as if deferring one's free-will rights and responsibilities to self-determination over to a group or gang of equally fallible humans pretending to be superior "authorities" has ever, will ever, or can ever really work out in the real world! How is a gang of victims less so than only one?!



Authorities have only rights but no responsibilities to those they rule, while their subjects have no rights to defend themselves from said authorities, but only the responsibility to become and remain their slaves. The West is ruled by corporations. Corporations are made up of salesmen. Salesmen are lying hypocrites.

PS: "Marxism" is simply gangster extortion aka slavery.

It's "Authoritarianism."


"CULTURAL MARXISM" is a bloviating term made up by self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual college professors to describe how psychotic criminal gangsters want to impose might-makes-right slavery in all of the separate "identity politics," (symptom categories which people can be divided into) so they can divide and conquer all of the law-abiding people by fraudulent trickery - catering to their unthinkingly useless and static emotions of "pity for victims," in stead of dynamically exercising their brains to solve all cause-and-effect problems. Just as with other creeds predating Marx (islam) they want you to compromise and Submit.

Whatever its name, enslaving criminal gangsters want you to go along with their lies, to get along with them as they commit their crimes against you. They want useful idiots to help them by demanding that you all be enslaved by them for your own good!

(And as an aside, this is what the media echo-chambers are for).

By "Equality" they always mean FORCED equality of outcome.

This enslaves the Makers to the Takers.

Naturally, since this virtue-signalling "Equality" and "Diversity" (which falsely implies all differences are really similarities, or at least should be morally or emotionally treated as such) caters to the lowest common denominator at the direct expense of the exceptional, and elevates the less competent slackers to an "equal" position of outcome with those who were able to earn it, it might as well be called "POLITICS AS USUAL" - at least, in a "Democracy!"

No real need for anyone to have ever even actually read, much less to have to quote, from Karl Marx!

Every new and larger generation of children* who were recently enslaved to their parents and envy their wealth, who don't know how to work or earn their own, want a parental government to seize and give it to them! So every new and ever-larger generation of voters in a democracy will vote for more slavery! And those indoctrinated into this slavery since birth (muslims) can also be counted on to vote Democrat, too!

This idiocy can't be attributed to as recent an idol as Karl Marx. Ancient peoples still practice slavery.

And "politicians," defined as "power-traders," are ultimately not only useless (because who really needs to pay and defer to people to write ever-more meticulously convoluted and detailed laws to detail every last conceivable circumstantial and situational sub-category of the simple "Do Not Attack First" Golden Rule?!) but also dangerous, because in the political flip-flop between the Golden Rule-centered law of "Leave us alone!" and the criminal gangsters' "Enslave us all for our own good!" poles, we actually not only enable but also actively condone and enshrine into our "democratic" laws the latter, criminals' creed!

Our very laws admit and enhance crime itself, especially the false "civil" law, where no real rules apply!



All "Democracy" really means is "We get to vote for stuff!" Well, so what?! Big deal! Democracy has been best defined as "power-trading."

ALL power-trading politicians are professional hypocrites and traitors.

Democracy - even direct democracy - is slavery, because it presumes you must give up your right to control your own stuff to groups of other people.

"Hah!" fools say, "I have a right to vote for the fate of my stuff! I love Democracy! It's great for me!"

Well, "So do we too have a right to vote for the fate of your stuff!" says the Majority of other people!

Why should anyone else have any rights to control any of your property? Why should you be responsible to them?!

Why should criminals be allowed to vote to "progressively" legalize crimes at all, ever?!

To vote against logic and reason?!

We only need The Golden Rule of Law - having the responsibility to not attack, and the right to not to be attacked, first.

No further legislation is needed, beyond delineating the boundaries of one's contractually negotiated property. No "authority" is needed, beyond enforcing one's property rights. A (very!) limited "monarchy" would satisfy this criteria. And with it, taxes could be reduced to almost nothing.

Otherwise, libertine "liberal" criminals get to incrementally, "progressively" legalize all crimes through "democracy," while it also remains blazingly obvious that if and when one gives muslims "democracy" they WILL vote - for MORE ISLAM!




Why do Millennials embrace socialism? Why do two thirds of the population - the psychopaths and undecided - vote so consistently for it, even while being ripped off again and again by it? It's because of corporate education.

Just try telling them that socialism is slavery because it doesn't allow for any individuals to own any property.

They will reply with "So what? I don't own any property, and at least under socialism the government will have to give me stuff, and feed and clothe me, by taking it from all those Makers who hoard it and won't give it to me!"

Having been raised apparently enslaved by parents who controlled everything, and in school systems where they all were treated like criminals and prisoners, they don't know anything else and so cannot imagine owning anything! And since children are the only people who really - albeit only temporarily - deserve to have rights without legal responsibilities, this irresponsibility becomes ingrained in them.

The only dreams they have are rising to the top of the socialist crime-gang by extorting more from the Makers!

Monkey-see, monkey-do! Corporate gangsters own and control government gangsters and they all sell slavish pity for criminals as being the height of virtue, and being angry at criminals for committing crimes as a vile sin.

TO REPEAT: Why should might-makes-right focused criminals be allowed to "vote" to "progressively" legalize crimes at all, ever? To vote against logic and reason?

Who needs gangster "democracy" at all, anyway?!