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AGENDA 21: Who's in YOUR Wallet?

AGENDA 21:  Who's in YOUR Wallet?

Have you read about UN Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development? 
Do you know what it is?  Are you aware it is being played out in RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?  Even a Democrat gets it!
TAKE A LOOK at these videos!!

Rosa Koire explains Agenda 21 (1.45mins) - July 11, 2015:

grindall61 shows what is going on in CA today (23.07mins) - June 1, 2015:

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Download and keep a copy, for EVERYTHING  - is dictated by the UN and can be found in this book of 40 chapters, 350 pages designed to CONTROL EVERY aspect of HUMAN ACTIVITY.


By now, you're saying:
"Oh Karen, You are a crazy person. That is just NOT TRUE. 
America is a Sovereign Nation - NOT governed by the United Nations!" 

REALLY? Wanna bet money on that?
Just look at what is going on today.  Every president since Bush 41, including Jeb - who partnered Florida with the UN (SEE: has seceded power from the American the UN!

NGO's (Non-Government Organizations) form regional councils and make local government irrelevant as they make new unconstitutional statutes forcing individuals to lose private property. Private property is "NOT SUSTAINABLE" because if you own 1 acre and I own 10, that is not "fair". If you own a business and I don't, that is not fair. Equal opportunity, not social justice is the true meaning of fair.

Obama's actions of getting affirmation from the UN first is nothing new.  Obama has just succeeded in making it well known, out in the open. It is the goal of the moderates both RINOS AND DINOS, aka GLOBALISTS - to eliminate the US Constitution of Rights...granted by God - for the UN Earth Charter of Rights granted by Government and Man. 
UN Habitat stated: “Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. Social justice, urban renewal and development, the provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole.”

Wonder why we are in SO MUCH DEBT? 
UN VP Christian Figueres told us time and time again! Were you listening: UN Climate chief calls for TRIPLING of Clean Energy investment. Why? to save the planet, of course - or is it? "This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution," she said.

The HIDDEN GOAL comes to the SURFACE.
Because individuals CAN OWN Land and Businesses,
and that is not FAIR!

Because of income redistribution, they must Nationalize all industry. 
How is that accomplished? According to Agenda 21, just label these businessesUnsustainable. Whatever that means...and whichever bureaucrat defined it as such!
Call them polluters, tax them, and fine them out of existence. Let the Government take over and run the show!

Let the inefficient, corrupt Government RULE...


Teach in schools that Government is God, and in 12 years - the new graduates are WILLING to give up their Freedoms, all while they turn on their families and country.  
Why choose the Environment and Energy? Fear of destroying the Earth motivates the people to action, while Energy is POWER necessary for every business and product to function.  Make the people AFRAID, and they willingly GIVE UP THEIR POWER.
Power cannot be in the hands of the individual. It is not FAIR!

Who benefits? The corporations in bed with the government, as the individual is forced to use these new "safe, energy, efficient products."  The fact that they are ridiculously expensive and often don't work never comes into play. After all, if the individual cannot afford a car, they can rent one. If they cannot afford a house, they can rent one.  Renters are slaves to their landlords - we go back to the old days and ways of becoming indentured servants.  American is founded on property rights
and individual freedom.

The Founding Fathers of our great Republic fought a Revolution to throw off the chains of a tyrannical and repressive government.

The Founders created the
Constitution and Bill of Rights
of the United States of America to
GUARANTEE those Rights
to Americans and future generations.

Once the Constitution and American History

the Chains of Tyranny...Return.

Don't believe me?  Read analysis of Executive Order #13603 - by Dave Hodges:

Obama’s EO 13603 Reintroduces Slavery to America

Executive Order 13603 – Obama authorizes SLAVE LABOR on a ...


Why do you think Donald Trump is SUCH A THORN - in the GOP's Side? 
His non-PC is only part of it. He is living proof that a man from modest means with hard work can become a huge success. He understands how to work the system. He wants to share that information with you.  He has shared it with you in his book, "The Art of the Deal." He values success and realizes if America is successful, he will be more successful. He values and understands the meaning of American Exceptionalism.

He is not afraid to say, "  I am a success - and you can be one too."  The NOT for Sale. He made it on his own HARD WORK, and is not beholden to LARGE CORPORATIONS, or the GOP. Interesting, isn't it?

  If not YOU, WHO?  If not NOW, WHEN?
In Liberty,
Karen Schoen

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