Wednesday, August 26, 2015



 SJW's are communist trolls - and their nonsensical claims are all only opinionated slander, because there is no fact in the world that will justify their group-might-makes-right stances; that:
"You have stuff, therefore you stole it (from me)!"

They're all about fighting "white privilege" - but that only shows they are against property rights, and the human right of free association (to freely associate with the other people one chooses to associate with).

See, "white privilege" is nothing more or less than how these countries were founded by white people, who had all worked hard to establish their properties, and then chose to pass them along to their own children.

These Johnny-come-latelies show up from other locales, haven't put in the time or effort to establish their own properties or legacies for their children yet, but somehow assert that it's "unfair!" of other people to have already done it, and so expect those other people to give their hard-earned properties to them, just because they don't have any.

It's nothing more or less than pure old criminal gangster communism:
"You have stuff you bothered to earn that I didn't, so YOU OWE ME!"

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