Saturday, January 23, 2016

United Church Converts to Islam

This is the latest hot topic of debate among those Gretta Vosper supporting UCC lunatics.

Hey tards (as I tell the muslims almost daily) when your God is generally only "Everything!" then it's also specifically only "Nothing!" (Existentialism IS Nihilism)!

Islam describes it's "allah" as both "unknown" and "unknowable."

These false 'christians' so-desperately want rights, (as Vosper does, to their authority and salaries,) without any responsibilities (like, to actually preach Christian gospel) that they won't even pimp the brand! They all claim they no longer see their god as a person at all, much less the specific one known to the world as Jesus Christ. And it isn't only some heretical laypersons, either - it's the entire leadership of their so-called clergy itself! And they're proud of their 'radical' leftist approach, too!

Any other company spokesperson who admitted in public "I don't believe in the brand any more!" would have the conscience and self-esteem to resign, but not these most idolatrous of delinquents!

I guess the years of getting away with presenting their unprovable opinions as facts has finally led down that metaphorical slippery-slope to its logical conclusion, where they can feel perfectly free to cast off the chains of doctrine and just make up anything they want to say about their new religion and expect to be believed.


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