Monday, July 11, 2016

ALL Idolatrous Ideologies Are ONLY Crime Excuses!


Idealized ideas (idols) are subjectively relativized GENERALIZATIONS, preferably removed (or 'abstracted') from any situaitonal, circumstantial causes and effects.

i.e: "Freedom;" "Speed;" "Value" and synonyms for same ("Liberty") etc. --- without having to reference freedom FROM or TO, WHAT, exactly?! (etc)!

Not to mention "Peace!" much less (even worse) "World Peace!"

These are 'emotive' trigger-words, designed to induce emotions (whether good or bad) and avoid thought.



It's also why criminal idolaters prefer to use flowery emotive metaphors (lies) when speaking.



Ideology is "abstracting" a concept out of its situational circumstances to achieve the "ideal" result - a model which is by definition one of double-standards, where one can have rights without responsibilities, hope without fear and pleasure without pain. Since this imagined state is technically, literally impossible, and can only even be attempted let alone actually achieved by offloading one's responsibilities onto others, by stealing their rights, it can only ever be a list of excuses for extortion, and an attempt to re-label crime as "good."

Implementing an ideology usually involves forming an ever-larger gang to force people to improve.

This includes the most monstrous slavery proposal of all: "Globalization," or the domination of the entire world by a plutocratic global kleptocracy which will enslave and genocide all of humanity.

But extortion and slavery is hardly an "ideal" condition for humanity, no matter how the "Submission" is packaged or the slavery is sold to us. Extortion-imposed slavery of individuals to group-might-made-rights isn't really all that "sociable," even when it's called "socialism." Extorted slavery is still really only a crime.

Liberals want to change people for things ("for the good of the sustainable global environment").
Conservatives want to change things for people (improve living conditions, invent medicines etc).

Not-so-coincidentally, making up such "rules" for the "sure and certain" achievement of nebulous hope, aka "Faith!" (i.e: to achieve eternal happiness etc) by offloading one's security is the historical purview of "religious" fantasies presented as facts, a preposterous attempt also known as "LYING."

Overcoming fear is part of objective scientific truth, which is fact presented as fact.
(True) hope is part of subjective speculative philosophy, presented AS speculation.
(False hope/fraud or Greed) is religion: opinion presented as fact, aka lying.

Further, "idealists" (idolaters) pretend that, since they can wrongly conceive of something which cannot exist without effort, (their proposed "idealized" ideal state of existence) simply because they devoutly wish for it and want it to exist, "so" it "does" (or did, once) already exist! Already inclined to feel entitled to have rights without responsibility, they must then pretend they're entitled to their impossible dream because an "enemy" must have stolen it from them! So they make up an oppressive slave-master to blame in order to justify their violent attacks on same (preferably a group so large it has no leader and no way to defend itself from their fraudulent victim-blaming slanders, like the "white males" group)!


That pretty-much defines Marxism and Marxists: they are "idealist" extortionist gangster criminals.
It's also the defining characteristic of all other criminal enterprises (Islam, the Nazis, the Mafia).

Rousseau claimed people can be happiest only after giving up all their rights to the government/state entity, under what he falsely called the social "contract;" because if, with great power comes great (and painful) responsibility, then with no power comes no responsibility, and slaves are happy, as allah knows. Submitting to a slaver-god is the only way to be happy and free of fear, giving up the risks of scary free will to 'God' is the only way to ensure one's' eternal security ... as a slave.

Conservatives are realists in that they know one cannot achieve anything without effort/ working for it, and one can only have rights with concomitant corollary responsibilities. Individualists are not slaves. Leftists are literally psychotic (thought-killing) backwards fantasists, who insist that since something could go wrong, so it will go (and probably already has gone) wrong, so they must act by attacking other people first in order to prevent or correct it.

Ideology is nothing but a list of lying alibis: fantasies presented as facts, in order to ignore and reverse cause and effect to excuse the criminals' crimes. All criminals are psychopaths who fear the fear of painful thinking and personal responsibility, and as such they are hypocrites who always try to extort other people in order to impose their desired double-standards where only they have rights and others only have responsibilities to them.

And the best way for criminals to pre-emptively control one's potential victims' reactions to one's crimes is to tell them that there are no real crimes nor criminals, because they ("we") are really only ever helpless victims, and that there is no real cause and effect by which they could judge if they are being attacked first by the criminals, (if such things even existed) or not.

Criminals are always conspiring to subvert their victims' sense of self and dignity, by blaming them for daring to defend themselves, equating and conflating defensively counter-attacking with being as bad as the initial predatory criminal aggressions they are attempting to defend themselves from.

So they insist: "You have no right to self-defense, or to own a weapon, you racist! And you also have no right to even notice my attempted criminal conspiracy against you, because since it has failed to happen, there was no harm and so no foul, either - at most your noticing my intended attempted and conspired theft-crimes against you was only a case of a slanderous "theory" on your part!"

And of course being all for subjective double-standards, this won't apply to their own slanders, where they go after the largest groups and extort endless "reparations" from "white males," or "the Jews!"

Since idiotic "idealists" have to act like idiots to sell this nonsense to sane people, "Ideology"

should be spelled "idiology." The word "idiot" used to be spelled "ideot" anyway!


Bottom line?


So pretending it is one, outs the idolaters as lazy, lying, hypocritical psychotic criminal parasites!

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