Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Funniest. Movie. EVER!

Review of the great movie "BLOOD SHOT!"


Right up there with "Team America, World Police!" is a 2013 DVD I just watched, called "Blood Shot!"

Whoever wrote it (some generic white American guy whom I've never heard of before, and his Hungarian producer) KNOWS HIS STUFF! He gives throw-away lines from the Qur'an and even obscure hadiths!

It's an action-comedy pitting the President's Vampire against a gang of Muslim Arab jihadi nuke terrorists!

As a side-plot, it shows a drug-dealing black guy trying to suck up to the Arabs and join their gang; after jumping through their hoops he's finally let in; yet when the Sheik walks into their warehouse HQ and sees him lurking on the periphery, he says: "Who's the Raisin-Head?" Just a throw-away line, but it shows real knowledge LOL! And it's also totally politically incorrect, too! The 'Arabs' are mostly a bunch of white guys in black-face! One of them sees the vampire on his monitor, growling at them, and goes "Gaahh! A JEW!"

In one of the final scenes, the vampire shoves the plutonium down the gullet of one of the jihadis, and says "Open wide, and say 'Ahhhh-lah!'" Damn it's funny. And it shows the muslims as Satanists, too, summoning Jinn with satanic rituals, which even the allegedly godless and demon-possessed vampire says he finds makes him feel dirty and violated LOL!

And of course the presstitutes are getting cops killed by sucking up to the poor swarthy Arabs (for money and fame) by defaming and exposing the cops on the air as "evil," for trying to stop their terrorist attacks!

As The Simpson's mob-boss character, Fat Tony sez: "It Is Funny, Because It Is True!"



And weirdly, it's got two major action stars playing bit-parts, too: "Highlander" Christopher Lambert as the President of the USA, and Lance Henriksen as the vampire's CIA handler.

Just something to amuse you on a weekend LOL! Njoi!

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