Monday, June 19, 2017

"Random" Leftist Violence = Agenda21 Globalism!

"The Left" are Socialists (aka Communists). As "Totalitarians" they want TOTAL control over everyone else, and can only achieve that by keeping their intended victims always on the defensive, divided and conquered, by keeping them focused on their own petty fears and identity politics, by tempting and seducing them into regarding them selves as helpless and oppressed victims all the time.

"Socialism" is gangster extortion leading to slavery.
"Fascism" is gangster extortion leading to slavery.
"Islam" is gangster extortion leading to slavery.

And, finally ... "Corporations" are gangster extortion rackets, leading to (you guessed it!) slavery.

And behind all corporations, owning them, are the globalist oil-banksters, aka the counterfeiter's union!

So behind the shock-troops of "The Left," is all kinds of "capitalist" money, the Bilderbergers, CFR, etc., exactly as the Rockefellers themselves helped create and kept afloat the Soviet Union itself!

ALL of "our" governments are already completely OWNED by globalists corporations and oil-money banksters (aka the global counterfeiter's union)!

And corporations have been dumbing-down the population and turning them into stupid criminal clones of the salesmen for the last few hundred years, at least!

We are all currently still ruled by Salesmen, who always have, still do, and always will sell us all out by selling off our countries for only their own personal gains. Like their muslim and leftist brethren, they are all extortionist terrorist gangsters, too: they always advertise fear to sell or induce us to buy the greedy hope of relief from their own initial threats; like all extortionists, they use the ages-old carrot-and-stick behavioral conditioning/ marketing binary of fear and greed against us all.

Politicians are criminals who want more rights & less responsibility by offloading their responsibility onto victims by taking their rights! Politicians are PROFESSIONAL hypocrites.

"Group identity politics" is a divide-and-conquer strategy employed by globalist agents ("our leaders") to destroy our nation's social cohesion. Far from being "diversely equal" it's divisive and destructive, in aid of fomenting a globalist bankster tyranny.

The MUSLIMs are simply the shock-troops of the globalist oil-money BANKSTERS who want to destroy ALL sovereign nations so they can more easily run the world!

It should be clear by now that government's #1 duty is to protect and defend the country's citizens from disasters, both natural and man-made (aka crimes) BUT those we hire ('elect') are in fact only the most ambitious criminals who like all criminals want to have more rights and less responsibilities than others, and the only way to achieve this goal is to enslave and control all others by offloading their own responsibilities onto their victims, by depriving them of their rights.

So the government, courts, cops, lawyers, media and education system are NOT what we expect them to be, not what they seem: they are really ever only the "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" to the globalist oil-banksters who OWN THEM ALL at our direct expense.

As with actors on TV, they are all merely puppets, not real people!

The left's message these days is: "Any president who doesn't want to give free stuff to foreigners and wants to make America great again should be murdered immediately!"

For what, for acting like the president of the country he was elected to run, and for standing up to foreign globalists?

Obviously, these little snowflakes' minds have been brainwashed by global oil-money banksters!

Because none of their rants and emotions make sense from an evolutionary self-interested nationalist point of view - they all embrace suicidal masochism!

All criminals are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are criminals - advising suicidal masochism as the highest moral virtue in their victims, while reserving the false "right" to attack others first for their own good for them selves.

All criminals MUST always defend their chosen stance of perpetual habitual greed by blaming their own victims!

All criminals posit they are the real victims, and their victims are the real criminals!

And the very best way for criminals to attack their victims is to pretend they were always victims, and that there are no crimes nor criminals because the criminals are really only ever victims, too!

Re: "The greatest trick the Devil ever played, was to pretend that he didn't exist" - BY PLAYING THE VICTIM!

Hypocrites will never make sense because to them, their feelings always trump the facts!

The chosen "belief" of all hypocritical criminals (both muslims and liberals included) is that their subjective feelings (of slanderous paranoia, that they are always the victims, and everyone else is always an oppressor out to get them) trump the real objective facts, (that their psychopathic choice of "belief" in their own idolatrous victimology self-image extortion syndrome, actually defines them selves as the predatory criminal aggressors, and those they slander with their paranoia, as their innocent victims) every time!

Criminals always put feelings before facts because they feel they are entitled to be considered right without having to think about anything first at all, ever. In fact, they want the false right to remain irresponsibly wrong. That's why they always endorse others TO GO ALONG (with criminal lies) TO GET ALONG (with all the other lying criminals).

Libertine "liberal" criminals always "feelz" that the best solution is to instantly become a part of the "inevitable" problem - because that way the additional pain caused by fearsomely fearful "thinking" about problems will be over, and "only" the real pain will remain!

"SINCE something COULD go wrong, SO it WILL go wrong, SO we HAVE TO Submit to and compromise with it now, in advance! That's just shrewd and pragmatic realpolitik! Whee!"

This is how they are PSYCHOPATHS (thought-killers) IDOLATERS and VICTIMOLOGISTS (substituting a preferred static self-image of perpetually enslaved victimhood for dynamic risky reality) double-standard-wielding HYPOCRITES and suicidal MASOCHISTS all at the same time! Might as well just call them LEFTOPATHS. Or, most accurately, CRIMINALS!

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