Monday, September 4, 2017

Rise Of The Simpletons


Because they choose to interpret all emotions as varying levels of pain, and their own fears as external attacks, psychopaths don't want to think about causes and effects or problems and solutions, they just want it all to end, usually by causing the worst-case scenario possible!

Politicians can only do whatever they want without responsibilities because of low-information voters, and those only exist because the education system consistently fails us. And it only fails us because it, like the judiciary, only exists as window-dressing and theater, to support the Establishment politicians' power.

Their main motto is: "There's No Money In Solutions, so Please Give Generously - AGAIN!" And, failing upwards, "SINCE something COULD go wrong, SO it WILL go wrong, so WE MUST stop you first!" If it ain't broke, we'll fix it!

In education, the system teaches (abuse students with) a single main critical thinking logical fallacy:

Here's how the so-called "soft" sciences aka "humanities" (anthropology, psychology, sociology, and even criminology) really work: They all started off by examining the various symptoms and EFFECTS of human behavior, thinking, group-thinking behavior, and of criminal free-will CHOICES, respectively, but then self-invalidated by looking for hidden mysterious predestined and predetermined inevitable force "CAUSES" of it all, which degraded them all into only one criminal, excuse-making alibi topic: "VICTIMOLOGY!"

So we get these two, permanently opposed philosophical poles:

Law-abiding Conservatives: "Criminal behavior is an effect of free-will choice!"

Criminal libertines: "But what CAUSED that choice? There's always a cause!"

Their implication is that there are no crimes nor criminals because we're all "victims."

In short: they went from studying HOW people CHOOSE to act, to focusing on WHY (ruling out free will choice entirely)! And that "why" PRESUMES a fear of pain will ALWAYS trump rationality! "So" we are all really ever only helpless victims! Asking "why" people ('always') give in to the fear of pain, presumes that: "SINCE anything CAN go wrong, SO it WILL always go wrong, SO we MUST forgive everyone for their mistakes, as being helpless victims!"

But in reality, the real and only reason WHY people commit crimes, is that they still think they can have rights without responsibilities, so they weigh all the risks and rewards in different situational circumstances first!

And they only try to do so in each and every separate circumstantial situation, because they haven't learned that rights ALWAYS only come with responsibilities, causes with effects, and effects with causes, and so they either remain ignorant of, or choose to ignore, the simple Golden Rule of Law moral Principle: "Do Not Attack First."

Bottom Line: there is never any magical, separate or special set of circumstances when is is morally or legally acceptable to attack thereby innocent other people first! But idolaters keep hoping there will be, since when they claim that all is allowed unless and until it is very specifically forbidden in advance, they really only mean it is ALWAYS allowed, whether or not it is forbidden, because we can always vote to change the rules later!

Victimology is extortive slavery because perpetual victims imply permanent oppressors.

Since rational people get angry with criminals for their predatory choices, and criminals insist they have no choices because we're all equally victims who should therefore tolerate the diverse differences between the kind of victim who attacks innocent others first, and those who don't, they insist pity is always good and anger is always bad.

The meaning of life is to fix the mistakes and solve the problems which cause the damage which causes the pains we fear the most. There is no safety or security. Repeat endlessly.

And to do this, one must use one's own natural pattern-recognition software to discriminate and sort through all the various symptoms of principles and all the divide-and-conquer synonyms criminal liars made up to obscure them; aka THINKING.

OR one can give up and become a part of the problem, gaining instant wealth by failing upwards because there's no money in solutions, and popularity because people like to be tempted, coddled and indulged in being poor victims.

Logically all criminals demanding equality of outcome (enslaving their victims) must also demand that other people (their victims) must not hurt the lazy criminal parasites' feelings!

Which leads to a lucrative career in championing "victim's rights" (to remain irresponsibly wrong) by extorting their real victims: honest folks who tell them to stop being lazy & blaming others for their lack of motivation.

Therefore pity is held as the highest virtue, and anger as a vile sin.

Because in order to pose as a champion and extort one's real victims, one must not only play the victim while accusing one's own victims of being the real criminals, one must also insist that there are no real crimes nor criminals, because even if attacking "first and second" do exist, we're still all too stupid to understand cause and effect, and so we're all really only ever helpless victims, entitled to pity, and the only real crime left is to get angry and accuse "another victim" of being a criminal just because they got caught committing some crimes!

People like to dummy down their thinking to a basic binary "Good/Bad" rule emotive level.

This pits the dynamic feeling of ANGER against the static feeling of PITY.

Encouraging delinquency is what ALL criminal and idolatrous leftopaths call "Progress!"

When Conservatives and Libertarians get angry at criminals and demand they make better choices, that's "evil" to the delinquently indulgent criminally negligent leftists who then try to ban that righteous and productive anger as "hate" (the perfectly natural human response of perpetual anger at ongoing crimes). They prefer to do nothing in stead of risking themselves, and so choose to pity and coddle all the criminals as victims, and so encourage their bad choices. So in the end, which of us is truly evil? Which is the worse choice - anger, or pity? I think we all know the answer.

So to these thought-killing literally psychopathic idolaters, people who only feel pity towards criminals, are pitiful, and good and so deserve only pity; while those who feel anger towards delinquency are 'hateful,' and so only deserve hate and scorn.

It's the most childish and lazy - and, ultimately hypocritical and masochsitic - stance of tu quoque "projection" they can take.

Many if not most people prefer comforting lies over painful truths.

Most people are instinctive hypocrites, endorsing to and for others what they would never condone being done to them selves. And naturally, this includes most if not all politicians, who want rights without responsibilities.

When confronted by anyone in any situation, being asked if they think ANYONE, ever, is either a criminal or a victim, most people will instantly and automatically choose to virtue-signal "VICTIM!" - because it's easier and less risky than calling a potentially dangerous criminal out by accusing them of their crimes, and it gets to show off to others how tolerant and virtuous one is - all without ever having to take even a second to think!


Besides, since the default virtue is to hold everyone as Innocent Until Proven Guilty, they get to pretend to be acting morally and within the law, too! So it's win/win for them, every time! And they don't care that what they're encouraging is granting all criminals a permanent excuse state of " Innocent Until NEVER Proven Guilty," either - because they're not in charge, not authorities, but can still pretend to be!

And unfortunately, this plays into the criminals' Brazen Rule of Chaos, where, since all is allowed unless and until very specifically forbidden (which implies all rules can be challenged, cancelled or abrogated under different circumstances, including the mere passage of time) then the only crime is to try to prevent anyone from doing whatever they want to, to whomever they want to, and whenever they want to. This explains liberal defiance.


Victimology allows criminals (including SJW politicians) to blame their victims by reversing the onus of proof:

People are easily-manipulated by the most simple, binary emotions.

Since everyone accused must be considered innocent until proven guilty, the criminal left in stead focuses on the victimhood of the accusers, reversing the onus of proof by demanding that the defense has to prove a negative - "We don't have to prove you offended and oppressed us, because you first have to prove that we aren't victims!"

In other words, as long as we're presumed victims, whomever we choose to blame and extort is presumed oppressive!

Works. Every. Time.

i.e: They guilt the politicians by emotively asserting that THEY are accusing them of NOT-being "real" victims!

If the politicians (and here I include the media) had any guts or preference for rationality, logic, and facts, they would insist:

"No, you still have to prove that assertion, with, you know, 'evidence,' not merely extortive appeals to our emotions, too!"

To reiterate: Leftopathic Virtue-Signalling Explained!

I don't want to be angry with criminals for their predatory choices, because that's "hateful!"

I'd rather pity them as fellow victims, as that's less risky and only costs YOUR tax dollars!

The mere emotion of Pity = the highest Virtue.
The mere emotion of anger = the most vile Sin.


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