Sunday, May 27, 2018

Government and Education: from CIVICS to CRIMETHINK


Psychopaths ("Thought-Killers") assert that, because Fear is "certain," it doesn't bear thinking about further! Therefore it only requires compromise and Submission!

Since thinking prioritizes fear, it IS fear, so thinking about it really ever only compounds the fear!

So it's better just to give up, despair and pity everyone as heroically helpless fellow victims:

As victims, they get to virtue-signal about their "hurt feelings," and about their hatred for people who are 'insensitive" (to THEIR hurt feelings)!


Since whites, men and Jews seem to be in charge of everything, they automatically get blamed for everything going wrong, as if they caused it on purpose.

And this scary fallacy results in the usual kind of cause-and-effect reversing, victim-blaming idolatry:
As most humans are masochists, those in power actually make things go wrong by trying to avoid the blame!

It's easy to blame those people who are naturally in charge due to merit, for anything that goes wrong, and then to make one's fortune out of the slander - and that would be: Whites, men, and Jews (in the order of the most general to specific categories).

Then to oppose them, we almost automatically get the racists, feminists, and anti-Semites, respectively.

And they generate lots of complaints: some justified but most just blaming other victims of circumstances.

Since there's no actual leaders for the largest groups of white Jewish men, it's relatively easy for their enemies to co-opt complicitly cowardly and opportunistic politicians to make rules against them and in favor of the slanderously extortive parasites, because "only the squeaky wheels get the grease," and they are the only ones who are complaining.

And of course men help women complain about men, Jews, and their own whiteness, in order to get laid.

On the bad side, a lot of Jewish white men in society do bad things while they are in power, in order to suppress all complaints, even legitimate ones, to protect them selves from slander, at society's expense:

Government controls EDUCATION.

The only real, valid purpose of education is to teach people to fend for them selves, to become self-sufficient and individualists, and therefore productive, innovative entrepreneurs who will at the very least not become a burden on others in society, and may also even become productive contributors to it.

But most people in government these days seem to want to rule others, (which is why they entered it in the first place) and so also want people to become their slavish dependents.

This is not only at cross-purposes but is also actually diametrically opposed to educations' real purpose.

So these days we have the people in the "Education System" abusing the children in their care with the mentally crippling notion that they are all really ever only helpless victims who need the Government to help them live their lives in all aspects of it, no longer merely as a temporary insurance company for when things go wrong, but all the time and in every conceivable way, to protect them from "unconscious micro-aggressions" and to guarantee them their rightful "safe spaces" everywhere, and all the time, too.

In short, they are told they need government as a protection racket, to protect them from the "systemic inequality" being covertly instituted against them by oppressive government racists who keep them down!

Government has morphed from from servant to master: from insurance company to coercive protection racket.

CIVICS - The notion that there is a contractual relationship between citizens and government, with both responsibilities and rights assigned to each side - is no longer taught in schools, because the people in government saw this truth as a major impediment to their plans to enslave the citizens as mere subjects.

They sell victimology, pretending life is too complex for anyone to understand, in order to sell them selves to the other non-government-employed people as much-needed "Expert Authorities" to run their lives.

And this is, of course, actually criminal negligence - at the very least!

(As an aside, who doesn't personally know at least one perfect example of all of the above: "men" who are feminist, self-hating white anti-Semites?)!


All "Expertise" and "Authority" is criminal negligence and attempted slavery, because the true moral onus thing to do would be to try to educate everyone in the basics of everything.

Sure, not everyone would necessarily be suited or want to actually do all the work in every venue, but at least they'd know how it was done, and how much in general it should cost.

And so people wouldn't be allowed to inflate their costs and their prices right out of the world.

It's not a recipe for communism, because one could still attempt to charge whatever they want, but at least with such a fiduciary duty of care in place through education, people would know what they're getting into.

All academic topics are idolatries because they all pretend these topics just exist on their own, but they're also all really only THINGS HUMANS DO.

Even "Science" and "Physics" is really only the study of humans studying science and physics.

And right now, especially with the so-called "soft" science "humanities," they always pretend that these are things which simply just happen to force poor victim humans to do things against and in spite of their illusory free-will choices.

All idolatry - all expertise and authority scams are actually victimology - getting people to think:
"I'm too helpless to understand this myself!"


Liberals seem to love Submitting to islam. The so-called "STOCKHOLM SYNDROME" is basically only turning one's FEAR of criminals into virtue-signalling PITY for them as equally helpless "fellow victims."

There's really not much more to it than that.

Similarly, "HATE-SPEECH" is anything that deprives a libertine "liberal" criminal extortionist of their false "right" to virtue-signal what a "heroic" victim they are: they're "offended" if you tell them that they're NOT a victim, and that they therefore should straighten up and do right by themselves - that's what they call "HATEFUL!" (hurtful) because it HURTS their feelings, and they can't indulge in their self-pitying victimology!


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