Friday, July 6, 2018

Gangster "Democracy" IS Slavery!



As an insurance company, government IS enforced victimology: taking from the able to give to the (hopefully only temporarily) disabled victims.

After a while, though, and based on the fallacy of modern education, which seeks to discover why, not how, people do the things they do, it's ever-expanding list of who constitutes a victim class now includes "everybody!" and even those who are physically able, yet unwilling to work, are classified as being "depressed" and suffering from "mental illness" (as being helpless victims of their own mysterious yet somehow also inevitably-forced emotions)!

This is how individualism becomes collectivism - as if deferring one's free-will rights and responsibilities to self-determination over to a group or gang of equally fallible humans pretending to be superior "authorities" has ever, will ever, or can ever really work out in the real world! How is a gang of victims less so than only one?!



Authorities have only rights but no responsibilities to those they rule, while their subjects have no rights to defend themselves from said authorities, but only the responsibility to become and remain their slaves. The West is ruled by corporations. Corporations are made up of salesmen. Salesmen are lying hypocrites.

PS: "Marxism" is simply gangster extortion aka slavery.

It's "Authoritarianism."


"CULTURAL MARXISM" is a bloviating term made up by self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual college professors to describe how psychotic criminal gangsters want to impose might-makes-right slavery in all of the separate "identity politics," (symptom categories which people can be divided into) so they can divide and conquer all of the law-abiding people by fraudulent trickery - catering to their unthinkingly useless and static emotions of "pity for victims," in stead of dynamically exercising their brains to solve all cause-and-effect problems. Just as with other creeds predating Marx (islam) they want you to compromise and Submit.

Whatever its name, enslaving criminal gangsters want you to go along with their lies, to get along with them as they commit their crimes against you. They want useful idiots to help them by demanding that you all be enslaved by them for your own good!

(And as an aside, this is what the media echo-chambers are for).

By "Equality" they always mean FORCED equality of outcome.

This enslaves the Makers to the Takers.

Naturally, since this virtue-signalling "Equality" and "Diversity" (which falsely implies all differences are really similarities, or at least should be morally or emotionally treated as such) caters to the lowest common denominator at the direct expense of the exceptional, and elevates the less competent slackers to an "equal" position of outcome with those who were able to earn it, it might as well be called "POLITICS AS USUAL" - at least, in a "Democracy!"

No real need for anyone to have ever even actually read, much less to have to quote, from Karl Marx!

Every new and larger generation of children* who were recently enslaved to their parents and envy their wealth, who don't know how to work or earn their own, want a parental government to seize and give it to them! So every new and ever-larger generation of voters in a democracy will vote for more slavery! And those indoctrinated into this slavery since birth (muslims) can also be counted on to vote Democrat, too!

This idiocy can't be attributed to as recent an idol as Karl Marx. Ancient peoples still practice slavery.

And "politicians," defined as "power-traders," are ultimately not only useless (because who really needs to pay and defer to people to write ever-more meticulously convoluted and detailed laws to detail every last conceivable circumstantial and situational sub-category of the simple "Do Not Attack First" Golden Rule?!) but also dangerous, because in the political flip-flop between the Golden Rule-centered law of "Leave us alone!" and the criminal gangsters' "Enslave us all for our own good!" poles, we actually not only enable but also actively condone and enshrine into our "democratic" laws the latter, criminals' creed!

Our very laws admit and enhance crime itself, especially the false "civil" law, where no real rules apply!



All "Democracy" really means is "We get to vote for stuff!" Well, so what?! Big deal! Democracy has been best defined as "power-trading."

ALL power-trading politicians are professional hypocrites and traitors.

Democracy - even direct democracy - is slavery, because it presumes you must give up your right to control your own stuff to groups of other people.

"Hah!" fools say, "I have a right to vote for the fate of my stuff! I love Democracy! It's great for me!"

Well, "So do we too have a right to vote for the fate of your stuff!" says the Majority of other people!

Why should anyone else have any rights to control any of your property? Why should you be responsible to them?!

Why should criminals be allowed to vote to "progressively" legalize crimes at all, ever?!

To vote against logic and reason?!

We only need The Golden Rule of Law - having the responsibility to not attack, and the right to not to be attacked, first.

No further legislation is needed, beyond delineating the boundaries of one's contractually negotiated property. No "authority" is needed, beyond enforcing one's property rights. A (very!) limited "monarchy" would satisfy this criteria. And with it, taxes could be reduced to almost nothing.

Otherwise, libertine "liberal" criminals get to incrementally, "progressively" legalize all crimes through "democracy," while it also remains blazingly obvious that if and when one gives muslims "democracy" they WILL vote - for MORE ISLAM!




Why do Millennials embrace socialism? Why do two thirds of the population - the psychopaths and undecided - vote so consistently for it, even while being ripped off again and again by it? It's because of corporate education.

Just try telling them that socialism is slavery because it doesn't allow for any individuals to own any property.

They will reply with "So what? I don't own any property, and at least under socialism the government will have to give me stuff, and feed and clothe me, by taking it from all those Makers who hoard it and won't give it to me!"

Having been raised apparently enslaved by parents who controlled everything, and in school systems where they all were treated like criminals and prisoners, they don't know anything else and so cannot imagine owning anything! And since children are the only people who really - albeit only temporarily - deserve to have rights without legal responsibilities, this irresponsibility becomes ingrained in them.

The only dreams they have are rising to the top of the socialist crime-gang by extorting more from the Makers!

Monkey-see, monkey-do! Corporate gangsters own and control government gangsters and they all sell slavish pity for criminals as being the height of virtue, and being angry at criminals for committing crimes as a vile sin.

TO REPEAT: Why should might-makes-right focused criminals be allowed to "vote" to "progressively" legalize crimes at all, ever? To vote against logic and reason?

Who needs gangster "democracy" at all, anyway?!


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