Thursday, August 9, 2018

How Feminine Wiles Became Feminist Lies

Preface: EXTORTION 101:

Note: This will only work on more intelligent (paranoid/guilt-prone) people; aka on straight white males.

"Victimality:" is to always play the victim, to perpetually slander and extort the alleged "oppressors."
The best (least risk, most rewarding) way is to blame the largest leaderless group: straight white males.

The best way to do that, is to pretend to "champion" gays, non-whites, and females, as victims of same.

Also note: Governments in general defuse men's naturally constructive hopeful anger with guilty pity.

So governments act as women, in that they are parasitical gangster takers extorting makers by inducing them into deferring their own rights and responsibilities to think for themselves to them as expert authority.

Governments are the largest gangs of criminal victimals: "You are victims and need us to run your lives."

And if you're not a good and loyal fellow victim gang-member, then you're a potential criminal oppressor.

Governments enslave people by knowing that the best way to undermine others (sell me high to buy you low) is to convince them their anger is bad and pity is good for everyone: that they are all helpless victims.


Women Are Victimals 101:

Women are prone to pity simply in order to not angrily destroy their offspring before they can grow up.

Also, their not being prone to anger prevents them from being destroyed for physically challenging men.

This also leaves women open to pitying criminals and the enemies of their own tribes as fellow victims.

Women are naturally subjectivist hypocrites, aka criminals (hence Muhammad's "more women in Hell" meme).

How Feminine Wiles Became Feminist Lies:

Women are natural communist gangsters. Feminism is really a form of slanderous victimality aka extortion.

Feminism is a divisive, anti-human sexist lie. There is no "Patriarchy" of men conspiring to oppress and control women because they fear their intelligence. Women made that slander up to blame men for their own failings. Men simply do not regard women in terms of their intelligence AT ALL. Men objectify women and instinctively want to protect women, and only want to "control" them in the exact same way that women want to control small children: by hugging them close and not letting them wander off into danger. Men also see women as sex objects, and want to "sequester" their women to keep them safe from all other men.

This is a natural biological instinct, evolved over time to preserve and continue one's own genes alone.

Women are natural liars, as they know that there is no conspirational "Patriarchy" and that, on the exact contrary, men will always instinctively want to defend and protect women, and so the women then always act like helpless victims in order to exploit that interest and to get laid; (the "damsel in distress" act or syndrome) men always fall for it, and women know that men always fall for it. Fraud is a crime.

Women are naturally hypocritical slanderous extortive victimals, all about the double standards: they all seem to want to be seen as weak when it suits them, but also strong when being weak no longer suits them.

(Men, on the other hand, always have to be seen as strong - unless being "sensitive" can get them laid)!

Either way, the goal is to increase their rights and dilute their personal responsibilities by offloading their responsibilities onto men, while denying the men their self-defense rights, thus enslaving the men.

Women will offer sympathy (pity) for everyone, and also demand pity: but only for them selves. Otherwise, they want their men to be dedicated only to them, and usefully angry at every one and every thing else.

But in always virtue-signalling pity for everyone, to build themselves up as caring sharing altruistic and magnanimous, they implicitly slander-shame their own men as potential oppressors for resisting it.

This is both how and why women will undermine their own men in order to keep their other options open.

When women feel too safe, they will want to preserve and continue their own genes alone, by increasing their own offspring's viability by having sex with different men, while remaining safe. So in order to justify wanting to ditch their current boyfriends to have guilt-free monkey sex, women will complain about how their boyfriends are misogynistic members of the oppressive male chauvenist patriarchy, usually to their husbands' or boyfriends' best friends, who, being guys, will always agree with them to get laid.

There is no way any man would ever band together with any other man to protect his own woman, much less to oppressively protect someone else's girlfriend. On the contrary, almost ALL men will go along with women's lies about how all men are misogynists, ("Except for ME, of course!") and they will also all pretend to admit that "The Patriarchy" is real, and will even gladly call themselves "Male Feminists" in order to play the "White Knight" meme, to then claim their reward from the grateful damsel, and get laid.

This is only basic monkey biology. Feminism is societal cancer: anti-human misandristic slander and extortion. It's a simple predictable behavior pattern showing what every individual does, but due to the nature of self-serving oppressive and enslaving government, has recently been actually enshrined in our laws as a mandatory virtue, and is falsely actually blamed on - and therefore also endorses as the antidote to a problem which has never really existed - group force. As usual, the government motto is "There's No Money In Solutions, so Please Give Generously - AGAIN!" Hence the "Feminist" victimality extortion industry has now reached critical mass in the West, with the preposterous "#MeToo" movement.

This is why the legal system discriminates 90% in favour of women and against men in all divorce cases:

Since men are larger stronger and smarter than women, "of course!" the evil male used undue influence to trick the helpless damsels-in-distress, and so all the lawyers and judges of both sexes must defend them!

This is the brutal truth of the real-world systemic government-enforced sexism which exists these days - not the literally preposterous exact opposite lying slanderous extortion meme of "feminist victimology!"


Even Muhammad knew women are more naturally evil than men! Because of the size and strength difference, they are more conniving, manipulative, deceptive nasty slanderous and sneakier than honest men! That's why "feminism" (the female point of view made mandatory in law) is societal cancer!

Feminism was invented by "Fast" Eddie Bernays, - Sigmund Fraud's nephew and author of the book "PROPAGANDA" to incite women into thinking men had been historically enslaving them - in order to enslave both sexes by giving corporations another easy source of labor while simultaneously cutting everyone's wages in half, by inducing women to join the workforce. This short-sighted but immediately lucrative "wimmins' rights" scam led to women dying of cancer as they became "equal" to men by taking up such bad habits as smoking and drinking, while it also led to a massive decrease in Western birthrates and the "need" to import a slave class of foreigners (these days, mostly muslims) which again managed to double the labor force while cutting the average wage in half. The muslims' women won't be feminists, but will help the globalist corporations' new slave class work force to increase in size at the literally direct expense of the allegedly smarter whites they are replacing. "Feminism" was the first wedge issue that led to all other forms of divisive identity politics (racial/Black Lives Matter racism, and sexual - gay and trans and WTF else) to finish us off. It led to all forms of "reverse" discrimination legislation which further destroyed every individual's basic equal human rights (especially those of straight white males) in favor of group rights and directly led to the creation of the roaming packs of corporate extortion armies of petulently infantile "Social Justice Warriors."


These short-sighted destructively pathological criminals are all, by definition, traitors to all sovereign nations and their people. Salesmen will trade away everything - even their own futures - for the idol of money and the power of slavery it represents.

So, as to the common: "Why bring in people who cannot assimilate and have violence in their DNA?" question ...

The obvious answer must be: "Er ... maybe: "Because banksters exist for "creative destruction!"?

They always finance both sides in all conflicts, (remember how the Jewish Rothschild banksters even financed Hitler himself?!) so that when they're over, (and even during them) the loser owes the winners AND the banksters, and the winners owe them, too!

So all conflicts are win/win for them, and lose/lose for us!

But when there's no conflict, there's no fast lucrative turnovers either!

So conflict is good for banksters, and stability sucks for them.

Therefore banksters will always attack first, foment sedition and destruction in order to prophit from it.

Conclusion: All banksters are by definition criminals.

Further, when they loan you money, it's fake, "fiat" money - aka counterfeit! But when you pay them back, it's in collateral on real property which you literally slaved away to work to buy for them.

Conclusion: All Banksters are slavers.

Note: Our alleged Globalist Corporate Bankster masters, aka (((The Jews))), suffer from the exact same White Curse the rest of us do! (Caveat: Obviously, not all Jews are banksters, and definitely not all banksters are Jewish, either! In fact, by far, most banksters are not Jewish - for instance, there's plenty of banksters in China, obviously - but the Jewish proclivity for in-group nepotism and hiring their own brethren when they're onto a "good thing" as usual condemns them to be as disproportionately represented in global finance as they are in all other top job spots - thus inviting the preposterous trope that they are and always were actively the ones behind whatever goes wrong in the world)!

Let's define terms: Intelligence is speed of thought and memory. Smarts or wisdom is how one uses that intelligence (hint: honesty is the best policy, and deliberately self-inflicted paranoia leads to all other ultimately stupid "mental illnesses").

The White Curse is that increased intelligence leads to a certain type of stupidity denied to the less intelligent breeds: the one and only real drawback of White intelligence is that the ability to see so far into the future leads some of the more weak-minded ones ("liberals") to see all the potential problems as inevitable, and so they become paranoid masochists who hypocritically pretend to instantly compromise with and Submit to (and actually cause or induce others to cause) those very same problems which cause those pains they fear the most! That way, they can pretend to 'control' and cancel the additional pains caused by fearing them! Notice how all the destructive self-hating "liberals" are whites/Jews! No other breeds on earth act that way!

As usual, the Jews are their own worst enemies; none of this "creative destruction" will end well, neither for them nor all mankind.

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