Friday, September 14, 2018

Was Muhammad Honest? Islam's Sealed Nectar Explained

Thoughts are prioritized by emotional tags (in order of the magnitude of fear).

People are bi-polar in that if and when they can't immediately deal with a feared event, they will instantly go to the opposite pole on the emotional continuum (hope) to relieve and cancel the fear chemicals.

When they can't either deal with or postpone their fears, (including by convincing their subconscious that they weren't as inevitably scary as previously presumed - which, if one develops such bargains into habitually lying to one's self, can develop into a circular cycle of thought-killing psycho-pathy, or paranoid masochistic hypocrisy) then they must self-medicate (which can of course lead to delinquency).

Peoples' brains like to save multitasking space by generalizing multiples into smaller group idols. It's also known as "grouping things together."

People who choose to be paranoid and so make it easier to handle their own fears by ascribing to them a single cause, thereby also inflict perpetual masochism on them selves.

Knowing they cannot appease their devil-god, they can only enforce its will - which they perceive as inflicting damage, pain, and (eventually, hopefully permanent) death, all of which will at least cancel the additional pains of the anticipatory fears.

But to do so they must not admit to it, and so they become hypocrites to cover up their chosen actions.

Therefore they must also, perversely, "project" the pretense that each and every apparently separate, disjointed component part of "allah" is an enemy in itself because it is a perverse hypocrite refusing to admit unity!

This, they presume, must be why allah gave them rage and a small ability to affect the world. Otherwise, if they truly were to Submit, they'd be Buddhist pacifists, letting allah kill them! So this life is a simple test: one can either embrace everything equally, or do nothing at all. To act, is to attack! Some things may be distasteful and good, others delicious and bad. Only allah knows! Besides, in not teaching other people how to self-resurrect, Christianity is only another of allah's taunts!

In islam, allah's "TEST" in life is one of constant and multiple attacks - because consciousness itself prioritizes fear, we are all in a state of terror. Also since it's a drawn-out pain process, allah allows some of his attacks to seem to fail, engendering the temporary reliefs from pain-causing damage called hope and the remembered pains called fears, in what the Buddhists call the unending cycle of dharma.

So, since allah is not only always attacking us first, but also allows us to perceive and conceive of these attacks, we are left with a single, ongoing dilemma: to passively accept and ignore the attacks, or to honestly inventory our own responses of fear, greed, and hope as an equally valid part of this process - including our angry desires to counter-attack at least those component parts of the attack process presented to us in such a way that we actually can, in whatever limited ways and by whatever limited means, affect them even if we have no ultimate hope of ever being able to truly influence, much less deter and stop, the whole?

In such a "Kill AND be killed" environment, which is the more honest approach?

To pretend to be divided from allah, by rejecting (and so, ""failing") his test entirely, accepting in a perversely "hypocritical" manner to be better than he, by allowing him to destroy one?

Or by playing his game, acknowledging that each and every person, animal, and object are presented to one as falsely divided, to be set right by being destroyed by one, and thus re-integrated with his whole?

If the latter is the more honest and noble choice, then one can also use this truth to convince everyone else to engage in the same mutually destructive, adversarial kill-and-be-killed aggression of eternal war (aka to leftists, "the eternal struggle") too!

And, if this is the correct path, then "god" will allow it all!

The Buddhist and Christian response of doing nothing to oppose evil in order to transcend the struggle entirely, is literally no choice at all!

That is the "sealed nectar," or hidden, underlying truth of islam. In that much, Muhammad was honest - and so also justified in lying to everyone else in order to advance only himself against the myriad strawmen images of "other" people which allah had presented to him to give him the pleasure of destroying.

The rest of the Qur'an, ahadith, and all the collated sharia maddhab fiqhs only show how he went about it: pretending to go into holy trances to delay his opponents' questions, in order to buy him the time to out-maneuver them.

By always deferring to the "Will of Allah" and equally by forcing others to pray five times a day, to keep them distracted and controlled, he was able to pretend to be but a humble mortal man, and so by playing dumb and acting stupid, he could both claim all rights as his idol's sole only and last "prophit," while also shirking all responsibility for same.

Declaring him self the perfect example of humanity for all mankind, he set him self up as the perfect template of psychopathy for ever!

After that, it was all whimsically random attacks ("In the Way of Allah!") on everything and every one, might-makes-right, including the "War IS Deceit" war of the mind and the mighty power of the Lie. Perhaps this honest liar's circle-squaring psychopathy is more common than we think (liberals)!

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