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Globalist disinformation spotlight on — Mohamed El-Erian

(By Brandon Smith, but not yet published at Bob Livingston's Personal Liberty site).

In this new series of "Spotlight" articles which I will be publishing intermittently I plan to highlight specific individuals who work within globalist institutions or who often express pro-globalist sentiments. More to the point, I will be dismantling propaganda coming directly from the mouths of globalists. I often hear people make the argument that alternative analysts should be "naming the enemy" more often in our work. Of course, if we chased that goal every time each article would be longer than a book.

I often suggest to those wanting to know who the globalists are that they simply identify people who explicitly promote globalism. It's not as if the elitists are invisible. They are generally narcissists, and narcissists have big mouths. They are always looking for attention — it's one of their greatest weaknesses because it makes them easily identifiable.

But what is "globalism?" Well, it is a combination of ideological elements. First and foremost, they believe in total centralization of power. This means the eventual erasure of all national borders, all economic divisions, all cultural distinctions. They want a one world system, with a single economic authority, a single currency and a single global government.

This system is sometimes presented as a kind of "Utopia," in which war would be a thing of the past and poverty will be eradicated.  The cost of such trade is never mentioned, though. The complete extermination of individuality, personal choice, free thought and self-sufficiency is the price of the globalist contract with the devil.

Globalists also tend to support programs which openly or indirectly favor population control. This includes programs posing as environmentally conscious. The climate change and carbon taxation schemes in particular are designed to reduce access to energy, making production expansion impossible thereby shrinking the means to support the current or larger population.

Political puppets of the globalist agenda are not always obvious outright. They may at times even attack globalism and pretend to fight for nationalism or against climate change. We call these politicians "controlled opposition."

The easiest way to determine if a politician is controlled is to identify the people they surround themselves with. Who do they associate with? Who is "advising" them? If they are surrounded by known globalists and banking elites on a regular basis, then they are a puppet, either knowingly or unknowingly. Their actions will only ever serve globalist interests, and when their careers are over, it will be clear that their pro-sovereignty rhetoric sounded good while they were in office, but every policy they asserted pushed globalism forward or made anti-globalists appear absurd and dangerous.

There are also many who argue in favor of globalism without really knowing the evil that it entails. We call these people "useful idiots." These rubes are usually suckered into the fold by particular brands of propaganda. Some propaganda appeals to people's sense of superiority or vanity; suggesting that they are far more brilliant than the majority and thus more valuable to society.

Other propaganda plays on people's fear of standing outside the "mainstream." It seeks to create the illusion of consensus (global warming propaganda does this often), in which people are convinced that "everyone knows" that a particular lie is actually a universal truth. The facts might suggest otherwise, but false consensus is designed to make people feel afraid to express their doubts about mainstream viewpoints. They are afraid to be chastised by friends, family or the public at large. And so, they keep their mouths shut, never realizing that many millions of other people might share their doubts and that they are not an isolated minority.

Propaganda relies on calculated disinformation. Usually globalists use other people for this task. They exploit the controlled media, or they exploit controlled opposition, or they use anonymous disinformation agents to attack anyone that has the courage to present the truth publicly. But as stated earlier, most of them are narcissistic and cannot keep themselves away from the spotlight.

In this week's article I will be focusing on Mohamed El-Erian, who has been very active in the media the past month. Some of my reader may recognize the name — El Erian has been an active promoter of a global currency system based on the IMF's SDR basket system. He suggests that a global currency might be an effective way to combat the "dangers" of "populist nationalism."

El Erian is an Egyptian-born economic adviser to Allianz, the parent company of PIMCO, one of the largest investment firms in the world. Many Federal Reserve officials work within PIMCO before or after their time at the central bank, including former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan. El Erian served as chair on Barack Obama's "Global Development Council" and worked as deputy director of the IMF in the 1980s.

With this kind of background, it should come as no surprise that El Erian spreads disinformation in favor of the globalist agenda.

Recently, El Erian penned an op-ed for Bloomberg news, in which he presented a number of fallacies on the state of the economy. Let's look at some of the most important pieces of disinformation.

El Erian argues that there will be no Recession

First, let's be clear — the U.S. and most of the world has been in a state of recession/depression ever since the crash of 2008. If your economy must be artificially supported by central bank fiat printing for 10 years just to keep the system from plunging into chaos, then your economy is in steep and permanent decline. Hiding it with central bank stimulus measures might hide recession status in a technical way, but fundamentally negative growth is always threat if the life support plug is pulled.

This is exactly what is happening today as the Fed tightens policy and removes liquidity from the economy. Currently we are seeing a steep drop in housing markets, auto markets, credit markets and stock markets are on the verge of entering bear market territory. All of this began after the Fed started raising interest rates and cutting its balance sheet. It should be obvious to anyone with sense that the economy is crashing, and it is crashing because of the Fed.

El Erian knows he is telling a lie, which is why he covers himself by noting that though we "will not suffer a recession," we will see a "slowdown unless we build pro-growth policies."

Why would globalists like El Erian lie about the real threat to our economic system? For one, they are the culprits behind the crash in 2008, they created the subsequent "everything bubble," and now they are deliberately popping that bubble to cause another crisis. It behooves them to hide instability until they are ready to blame it on a predetermined scapegoat. I have also found in my studies that it is very common for globalists and their media partners to attempt to keep the public as oblivious as possible before every crash.

I suspect this accomplished two things: One, it means that the public will be caught completely off-guard and unprepared for the crisis. Two, it fools the investment community into keeping their capital within the system when they should be liquidating their holdings and running for the hills. Before every market crash including the Great Depression there was a chorus of elitists and media puppets telling people they would be "fools" if they pulled their money out.

As the banking cabal and the globalists sell their holdings and position for the crash, they need greater fools to buy. Retail investors and day traders usually end up being the greater fools.

El Erian defends central banks

The former IMF official laments the idea that central banks might suffer more criticism over policy tightening and the consequences it might produce. El Erian instead blames turmoil in Washington including the government shutdown.

I have been warning for quite some time that Donald Trump has been providing the perfect distraction for the central banks as they remove stimulus support from the economy and deliberately initiate a controlled demolition of the financial bubble they created after 2008. I outlined Trump's status as controlled opposition in my recent article 'Trump Is A Pied Piper For The New World Order Agenda.'

El Erian's rhetoric added to Trump's consistent habit of taking credit for the stock market bubble supports my position. While Trump has criticized the Fed for raising interest rates and threatening the bull market in stocks, this comes off as the ranting of a manchild when Trump also claims he is the reason for the stock rally for the past two years, and that his own trade war triggered the "glitch" which has brought equities down the past month.

Ultimately, Trump's trade war and the government shutdown are already being used by globalists as cover for their activities. El Erian is just one of many elitists spreading the lie that Trump is causing a crash, rather than the central banks.

In the meantime, El Erian warns that 1,000-point swings in the Dow will become commonplace — which is the only truthful comment in his op-ed. However, he acts as though this should not be a concern, as if such volatility is normal.

El Erian says the economy will remain strong

Globalists often use faulty statistics as a means to misrepresent the true health of the economy. Unemployment numbers are a favorite tool. Though the official stats show unemployment percentages at all-time lows, the Bureau of Labor Statistics chooses to leave out certain important details, such as the fact that around 96 million people are not counted as unemployed because they have been jobless for so long they aren't on the rolls anymore. The BLS also counts underemployed people with minimum hours as if they are fully employed workers.

Sure, the unemployment rate continues to go down, because more and more people are being removed from the rolls, and more and more people are settling for low wage part time service jobs because these are the only jobs available.

Another stat globalists like to use is GDP. The official GDP number is a farce built on numerous fallacies. The most prominent tactic for juicing GDP is calculating in government expenditures as if they are production. Meaning, the government steals your money through taxation, preventing you from using it to produce, and then uses it on wasteful government programs which are then counted as part of GDP. This even includes such programs as Obamacare.

GDP also does not consider true inflation. Yes, American consumer spend an increasing amount of their income each year, but this is not because they are more affluent than the year before. It is because most goods and services cost more due to inflation.

GDP does not represent legitimate production or the health of the economy, and neither do labor statistics. El Erian is doing what all globalists do, which is misinform the public as much as possible up to a crash of the system. The more fear and uncertainty the public feels during a crisis the more malleable they become and the more power the globalists can take for themselves in the process.

As this series continues, you will find that globalists like El Erian are all pushing a similar narrative in concert with each other, indicating a cohesive conspiracy, not random coincidence.

To truth and knowledge,

Brandon Smith

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