Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is the TPP?


In one word? It’s TREASON.

See, even if it wasn’t full of secret globalist corporate control stuff, (which will open up the country to globalist corporazi bankster control, which means unlimited muslim invaders) it’s still insane because it wants to open up full trade with China.

China is a giant corporation (Sinocorp) which by definition means their taxpayers subsidize EVERYTHING there by default.

And since our corporations already all outsource their manufacturing to China, what good will it do?
Are we supposed to believe we can buy all the components for what we make from them wholesale right now, but it’ll be even better when we try to sell them back to them at marked-up retail prices?!

Who (OK: Obama, Stephen Harper and Jistin Turdeau) is stupid enough to even pretend to believe that nonsense?!

Here’s what will really happen: As usual, China lets us set up factories there to produce our widgets for cheap. As usual, at the same time, they copy our products and make them themselves for even cheaper.

But now, with this idiot “Great Trade Deal!” in place, our stuff will have to compete directly with theirs!

And worse (see Sinocorp subsidies, above) they can make all their shipping costs to North America disappear, in order to undercut EVERY industry we still have left here.

It’s just as bad as our farmers thinking they can sell their products there or in India, after adding on all the shipping costs – it will simply never happen.

All the TPP will do, is open us up to losing our industries!

We will be undercut at every turn.

No manufacturing or jobs here = no taxes here = no government here = no country here!



Tonight I was lucky enough to actually confront one of the TPP's negotiators, so I put all those hard questions to her directly!

First off, I was advised not to worry about that WORST case scenario, because the TPP doesn't include China - or India!

(She agreed with my above assessment in principle; hope she remembers it if she's still employed in the government's treaties-negotiating office if and when any deals with China are struck)!

Secondly, now that they've finished the secret negotiations, they've released hundreds of pages of it online, detailing exactly what's in it, how we benefit (and when) and how we lose out, here:





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