Monday, November 16, 2015

What Geller Can't Say About Paris

Pamela Geller had a pretty good assessment of the post-(latest) massacre in Paris in her recent article over at Breitbart - a site so heavy with spyware you'd "almost" think the CIA was running it now - but since she's a Jewess who is trying to rally the Christian majority, there's a few things that I strongly suspect she knows, but can't say out loud. These things have to be said, anyway, for the good of us all (things which I can't say on her own site, because she's banned me simply for wishing that David Camoron would get his comeuppance for bringing hordes of muslim jihadis to Britain, by then being killed by them himself):

Parisiens are "celebrating tolerance and diversity" with their inane tweets because that is what the leftist version of Christianity has trained them since birth to do: to "Judge Not - EVER;" to always "Turn The Other Cheek," and of course to "Oppose Not Evil Men!"

Christian idolatry has always had more in common with collectivist leftism than with real live individual human rights, because it embraces a distant hope - that of the universal brotherhood of Man in the Kingdom of Heaven afterlife - over present reality.

It asks the individual to defer his own rights to a distant God - "Vengeance Is The Lord's" (alone) when in fact revenge is Justice. Basic morality is "Do Not Attack FIRST" while of course counter-attacking in defense of one's self and innocent others is a natural right, the enforcement of which does not need nor tolerate the deference to an imaginary god!

Globalist politics has also embraced these very same lies, insisting the individual should always defer to the greater good - of the uber-group idol (of the many individuals) such that no individual has any real right to self-defense; suicidal masochistic "tolerance' is held up as the greatest moral virtue anyone can possess, and as such - and because of course (they assert) "Since life is too complex for any but our betters," (the experts in government to whom we have traditionally deferred both our rights and our responsibilities to think for our selves to, paying "our leaders" to do our thinking for us, as) "life is too complex for us to ever really understand cause and effect, so that all facts are really only opinions anyway - there are no real crimes nor criminals since everyone - the poor benighted and mentally-inferior animalistic swarthy jihadis included - is a helpless victim of society, a mere product of their environment, and of course a slave of allah."

Our schools, too, 'teach' only racist sedition - that the West is always at fault, since we are smarter than they are, obviously everything we have we must have stolen from the oppressed inferior races - and of course therefore also it's implied corollary, that we must tolerate the diverse (opposite) reactions of our mental and emotional inferiors, lest we confuse and offend them into committing even more crimes against us. To the left, the crimes of the nonwhites are always the white mans' fault and burden to bear.

So against our right to self-defense is: our main 'religion,' our governments, and our education systems - all glorifying the group over the individual human citizen's rights.

The 'right wing' their talking heads are blaming for this atrocity - is us, and our own families.

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