Monday, February 29, 2016

Amnesty Report Praises Antisemitic, Pro-Violence Organization

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The more accurate name for "Amnesty International"
The more accurate name for "Amnesty International"
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Amnesty International has issued another one-sided anti-Israel report accusing the Jewish state of “arbitrary and discriminatory restrictions” by closing off and adding checkpoint to areas of Hebron where Arabs have been stabbing Jews.
Obviously, the mere murder and attempted murder of Jews is not enough of a reason to take any measures to protect them, since Amnesty does not seem to believe that Jews (especially Jews who choose to live in Judea and Samaria) have any human rights.
Yes, even though there have been over 20 violent attacks resulting in injuries and at least four deaths in the area of Hebron since October (Amnesty only counts one,) Amnesty believes that it is “arbitrary punishment”  to limit access to the specific areas where Jews are being attacked.
Amnesty claims that the closing of stores along Shuhada Street – where there had been several attacks on Jews  –  collectively punishes “tens of thousands” of Palestinians in Hebron. Yet Shuhada Street is only a tiny part of  the Jewish part of Hebron, most of which is closed to all Jews. Is that collective punishment for Jews? Obviously not from Amnesty’s point of view. Jews have no rights.
One part of the report praises an NGO called Youth Against Settlements:
Alongside the recent restrictions on movement in the centre of Hebron, human rights defenders – Palestinian, Israeli and international – have come under renewed pressure from Israeli forces and settlers. The area of the closed military zone extends to a house in Tel Rumeida owned by Issa Amro, a human rights defender and director of Youth Against Settlements, a Palestinian activist group committed to non-violence. The house functions as the group’s headquarters and an education centre, but is now only accessible to Issa Amro, as he is the legal owner.
Is Youth Against Settlements really committed to human rights and non-violence?
This is pure antisemitism from an organization that Amnesty regards as “non-violent” and pro-human rights.
Amnesty actually timed this report to coincide with Youth Against Settlements’ annual Open Shuhada Street campaign, showing that Amnesty is in a real sense partnering with an organization that supports violence and Jew-hatred.
Way to go, Amnesty!

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