Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crime's Many Faces

The West is ruled by corporations. Corporations are made up of SALESMEN. Salesmen automatically and instinctively want to trade off anything and everything (your rights) for their main idol of “money!”

And the corporazi salesmen are also all owned by the banksters aka the global counterfeiters’ union.

Since they already have ALL the money, what they want to trade it for is POWER – for TOTAL, “totalitarian” power over everyone else.

And that means (as Karen Schoen puts it) … "Socialism, Progressivism, Authoritarianism, Liberalism, Tyranny, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Fascism, Cryonism, Corporatism, all of which are just different words for the same thing, COMMUNISM.

Each word nets the same results: Loss of personal freedom, loss of private property, loss of children."

And even the soft, “merely suicidal” version of this vile creed of slavery (as opposed to the outright

“murder” of communism as Ayn Rand put it) or…

“Socialism” ... IS EXTORTION.


After a while, it’s easy to see that it's obviously really only ever been some might-makes-right gangsters insisting individuals give up their stuff to the gang. And it's accomplished by blaming one's victims with slander, then demanding "reparations." Resentful "Social Justice Warriors" do this.

It's nothing less than extortion, but, what's more, "extortion" (aka coercion; duress; intimidation; harrassment; bullying; 'activist agitation; blackmail; bribery; and, of course, "terrorism,") is also even more basically known as ... SLAVERY.

And, when enforced (say, by the largest gang, aka "government") even the most "Free-Market" corporate ethos of "Buy (you) Low," to "Sell (me) High," - obviously - becomes slavery. In stead of suing the "evil thieving 1%ers" (aka Makers) in court, where they'd have to produce evidence and risk paying the costs when they lost the case, slanderous SJW's in stead gang up to form a government which will simply make criminal "laws" to steal from the rich and give to them selves.

The mantra of the LibSoc SJW Prog Democrat Party:

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”
–Karl Marx, ‘Critique of the Gotha Program’ (1875)

Karl Marx also said: “Property is theft!”

Obviously, crime causes poverty: under gangster extortion (aka “communism,”) nobody wants to work: The makers don’t work, because they know they will be robbed and have the fruits of their work given to the takers; and the takers won’t work because they know the same thing. Everybody loses.

… except of course for the elites at the top of this same, ages-old pyramid extortive scheme.

PS: Criminals use too many distractive adjectives and synonyms - exactly like islam, at heart,

"socialism" is really only: "CRIME!"

Socialists of ALL stripes ("Liberals;" "NsDaP;" "Communists" etc) are no more or less than extortive slanderous victimology-selling gangster criminals.

They tempt lazy low-information voters into supporting them with easy promises of endless "free stuff" and "equality" - which as far as I can see, only ever means "I demand my fair share of North America's wealth just for existing, while you still have to earn yours and then give it to me!"

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