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Dear Christians:

Your Jesus myth is a lie. Would a real god have to speak in vague parables and metaphors, presuming he couldn't tell you the Truth? NO. And the truth is, Jesus promises that which is literally impossible: A pain-and-fear-free heaven. I'm going to tell you this ONCE, clearly, and I'm sure you'll find you have no facts to refute any of it with, so you'll have to resort to using fact-free feelings, like liberal criminals always do:

CHRISTIANITY IS WRONG. And here's both how and why:

Christianity teaches submissive suicidal masochism every bit as much as islam does:

Popes and priests generally aren’t religious people, they’re only “religions” salesmen, and that usually always only means: “Have Faith, for HOPE is a plan!” (“and Please Give Generously – AGAIN!”) For, as they all know: "There's No Money In Solutions!"

Islam sells the opposite: Hope is no plan at all, so always Submit to the FEAR of Pain!

While the first creed is a bit less evil than the latter one, neither is good for humanity. Both are idolatry, making static idols out of dynamic processes.

Christianity is NOT MUCH better than islam, in that it too is extortion, in that it forces people to commit public fraud in proclaiming a false "BELIEF!" in something they know isn't true because they have absolutely no evidence for it (that there is a god, and that it is "good") by tormenting them with the threat of eternal hell-fire - which threat alone is proof that it ISN'T "good!"

Unfortunately, deliberately human induced mind-control dates back even further than government propaganda:

"Judge Not, EVER!" "Always Turn the Other Cheek!" "Resist Ye Not Evil Men!" and of course "Vengeance Is The Lord's ALONE!" i.e: you sheeple have no self-defense rights! Telling people that the highest moral virtue is suicidal masochism and the ultimate crime is to hurt a criminal's feelings and offend them by accusing them of their crimes (which will always, of course, "force" them to commit even more crimes) - equating telling the truth with inciting violence - IS a major crime perpetrated by Christianity!

And lying in public - by declaring you "believe" in something you damn-well know you have no evidence to "believe" - is still to commit a criminal fraud, even if you also like to pretend you were "forced" to say it, because the (equally unbelievable) punishment for "not-believing" is eternal Hell.


Christianity has been an insane criminal fraud from the beginning. Psaul was a Roman infiltraitor.

And even Jesus was - at best - a deluded lunatic. At worst, a liar; but definitely not the "Lord."

Overall, religion is, at BEST, only a feeble rationalizing attempt to explain pain and it's lack as fear, greed, and hope.

But we don't feel these because a distant ancestor offended some "god."

We feel them because they reflect the three states of matter and time.

Religion is BACKWARDS, and here's both how and why:

Fear does not cause pain and damage - damage causes pain and then the fear of it.

Similarly, hope does not cause healing and health - healing causes health and then the remembered hope for more of it.

"Faith!" is false, and prayer is useless - you can't change the Perfect mind of an omnipotent God who has predetermined every thing from the Beginning, just by begging him or saying the right magic words!


Non-Christian people (Jews and pagans) and animals' bodies heal just as well and quickly as Christian's do.

All Jesus said was "You have to have faith in me." "You have to have faith in me." "Do you have faith in me?" "You have to have faith in me." "Oops! You didn't have faith in me, so things went wrong for you." "You have to have faith in me." "Do you have faith in me?" etc etc etc

Then he died and said "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!"

But what ever happened to:

""Man, if thou knowest what thou doest, though art blessed; but, if thou knowest not, then thou art cursed and a transgressor of the law.""(?!)

And I think a REAL god could have explained that which it was they did not know they did, so they wouldn't have done it! LOL!

In the Old testament, God admitted He had deliberately created Evil:

Isaiah 45:7

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."

Lying is a form of evil; therefore God created it; therefore He is a liar.

And even "only" making someone else (a devil) to attack people first, when you knew in advance that he would, is also evil.

Telling people to have false "Faith!" in something they KNOW can't be proven, is to tell people that lying to them selves and to other people all the time is "moral."

Telling people that "Sin" is a magical spiritual stain which only a god can forgive, remove, absolve, redeem and/or sanctify - is also a crime, since by all the descriptions of "sin" in the bible, it really only means that, when one makes a mistake, one fears exposure and so says "Screw you! I MEANT to do that! And it's all your fault I did it, too!" in stead of just admitting one made a mistake, and saying "Oops! Sorry about that - I made a mistake!"

Blaming a guy who died 2016 years ago for one's "sins" (crimes) in STEAD of making amends with one's victims, is also only IMMORAL idolatry.

God allegedly only kicked us out of heaven so we could learn on our own; otherwise, we'd be perfectly empty mindless robots - like the angels. Hence the parable of the prodigal son. There was no original sin.

But since God (being allegedly the First) has presumably already solved all the problems of pain, fear of that pain, and the hopes of less or no pains, then everything we experience has been deliberately constructed by him in advance for us to experience.

Even if God created evil so we could learn to choose to be good, that's kind of an "ends-justify-means" sort of strategy, isn't it?

But the only time that sort of thing could be moral, is to defend one's self and/or innocent others - which could never be the case of a creator God who precedes every thing and every one else.

Finally: who needs a God, which assumes I'm a lesser or perpetually inferior being?!

Who says I'm a lesser being? If God has no beginning, yet is all-knowing and prescient, then neither do I, simply because I've always existed in his imagination!

If God "allowed" me to do anything wrong (a contention which is still in doubt) then by knowing I'd do it, since he's all-powerful, he then also condoned and enabled me to do it, so he's just as guilty of doing it as I am!

Besides which, if I did do something wrong, then it was no-doubt an error on my part, so it's still all his fault for not educating me properly first, BEFORE I committed my mistake, no?

No god can honestly claim to provide a 'heavenly' state of awareness which does not involve an awareness of pain, the fearful generalized memory of specific pains, and the hopeful memory of generalized reliefs of specific pains - yet Christianity does promise that, which proves it is a lie.

The reason your version of a god is so hard to hear or understand, is simply because he doesn't exist.

If your "omniscient" version of a God knows everything, then he can never learn anything new.

He also cannot get angry with us when we fail, (or be pleased with us when we succeed) because, as he had long-since himself solved the problems of damage, pain, fear of that pain, and hope of less or no pain, then all we experience of it now has been purposely and deliberately inflicted on us by him as part of a plan, and not because we are learning to deal with random chance like he did, assuming he was indeed the First. Either way, if such a God exists, then free will choice was always an illusion.

Only by killing the concept of such a "god" can we claim to be free. And the idea that he "let us" kill him, in order to "allow us" to have a truly free-will god-free existence, is just as revolting.

So: Now you Know.

PS: You're Welcome!


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