Saturday, April 30, 2016

Globalists Are Cowards

"Globalism" is, at base, only common idolatrous masochism writ large.

From a recent email from Karen Schoen:

"The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban recently told Hungarians:  “Today Europe is a fragile, sick weak flowers being eaten by worms from within.  Europe is not free. Because freedom begins with speaking the truth. In Europe it is forbidden to say that those arriving are not refugees, Europe is threatened by migration. It is forbidden to say:

Migration brings crime and terror to our countries.    
Masses arriving from other cultures endanger our way of life.
Endanger our culture, customs, and Christian Traditions.
It is forbidden  to say that the real purpose of mass migration is to reshape the religious and cultural landscape, to reengineer its ethnic foundations.

The real purpose is the ELIMINATION of the last barrier to globalization, nation states. Crushing nations and national sovereignty is the prime objective of the New World Order through Brussels only no one gave them authorization. THE REAL DANGER IS THE FANATIC INTERNATIONALISM BY THE GLOBALISTS. He then states that he will not allow Hungary to fall prey to this policy.  There will be no “no-go” zones. There will be no mass disorder or riots, no gangs hunting down our women and children.

Orban continued: “We shall not allow others to tell us whom to let into our home and country. We reject forced settlement. We shall not tolerate neither blackmail nor threats. The time has come to ring the warning bell. Time for opposition and resistance. Time to gather allies to us. Time to raise the flag of proud nations. Time to prevent the destruction  of Europe. Time for Hungarians and Europeans to UNITE.  Faceless Globalists s intend to eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old and national. They aim to blend cultures, religions and populations until our many faceted and proud Europe will finally become bloodless and docile. I call on all Hungarians and Europeans that still have common sense to defeat, rewrite and transform the fate intended for us.”  Make no mistake the desired results of globalists is SLAVERY."

* * *

What's my take on this, you might ask? 


And that "fanaticism" is that they are idolaters, as are all criminals! When they hear of something which *could* go wrong, especially some worst-case scenario, not only do they see it as if it will go wrong, but they will also see it as if it had already gone wrong! To them, fear causes pain; in fact, fear *is* pain, which is why they are always all for criminalzing "offenses" which hurt people's feelings!

Like all criminal gangsters, globalists simply want to huddle together in groups for "protection!"
To convince others to join their groups, they must sell fear of not being in the group, and that means they must make up a Great Enemy to slander. To religious folks, it's "the Devil" and "infidels." To extortionist liberal gangsters, it's "the rich" also known as "the 1%!" To non-whites, it's "whitey!"
The larger the group you can slander, the less any individual member of it will bother to oppose you!

Besides, criminals - who can't support their "Crime is good! Trust me!" rhetoric with facts -  must substitute feelings!

So islam itself really only says:

"Crime is good (but only for me, Muhammad, or on my behalf) and God says you should be my slave!"
Then it goes out of context and order, mixes everything up to confuse people into going along with it!

To backwards excuse-making idolaters, noticing anothers’ crimes and daring to complain about them is exactly the same thing, if not actually worse, than committing those same crimes yourself!

All criminals are hypocrites who have to act like masochists in order to play victims to avoid being accused of their crimes. As even faux masochist posers, they must always try to "control" their own fears BY causing those very same, worst-case scenario problems (like, in bringing here hordes of savage muslims who they know want to murder us all, themselves included) which cause the pains they fear the most! Their indemic, inherent treasonous cowardice is knowing, criminal negligence, at best.

Like all criminals, leftists are defeatist masochists at heart, having no faith in being able to trust even them selves, and so in stead choosing to slander everyone else as being equally untrustworthy.

Like Muhammad, their defeatism leads to self-fulfilling prophecies, where they attack everyone else, first, then blame their victims for having "made" them attack. Their alibis to excuse their criminal choices are that there is no free will and there were no choices to be made; they pretend to be victims at the mercy of inevitable, "predetermined/predestined" force: victims of society/mere products of their environments, and of course slaves of "allah."

Masochists pretend to “control” their fears (in stead of trying to learn to recognize and fix mistakes and solve problems by paying attention to their fears) BY causing the same, worst-case scenario, pain-causing problems they fear the most.

(Hence libertine "liberalism," where they pretend that it’s noble to pretend that fear doesn’t exist, and so always want to “progress” to “freedom” from the fearful pain of self-restraint).

In this way, they hope to avoid the fear of pain, by pre-emptively inflicting that pain on themselves (thus cancelling the auxiliary pain caused by the fear)! See?

But while not ALL criminal negligence is masochism, all masochism IS criminal negligence.

And of course, such criminals are also always all about the subjective double-standards:

What they advocate for in public may be only an attempt to sway everyone ELSE to SUBMIT!

Being selfish, they embrace hypocritical double standards, wanting rights without responsibilities, to never be offended by having their feelings hurt by the painful truth of being accused of their crimes.

And others are expected to have only responsibilities to them – to embrace suicidal masochism as their highest virtue – “TO GO ALONG” (with their criminal lies) “TO GET ALONG” (with the lying criminals)!
"Be a sport! Gimme a pass! We're all only victims, right?"

In that way alone, (by posing as a "victim") the Devil pretends he doesn't exist.


And criminals know that the best way to control people (because criminals feel the need to pre-emptively control the potential defensive and retaliatory actions of their victims) is to convince them they can't manage their own affairs, by seducing them with the devilish temptation that they are always really only helpless victims of someone or something else.

Victimology is also a great excuse for all your other crimes, because criminality requires free-will intent, and victims are always claiming to be helpless before all sorts of "inevitable" predestined force. They all claim to be victims of "society" (what Marxists call 'Historical Predeterminism') and so mere products of their environments, while their equally criminal muslim brethren claim to be helpless yet proud slaves of allah.

Therefore, to criminals, the only real crime is to accuse a criminal ("victim") of his crimes.

None of these "globalist" elites would ever advocate for nor endorse world government if they weren't to be in charge!


PPS: This is why "idolatry" (excuse-making hypocrisy) was the #1 crime in the Tanakh!!!


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