Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hey Merkel! Population Replacement ist Verboten in International Law!

From Linda Rivera:

If our freedom of speech is taken away, it will only be a matter of time before Severe Persecution by our leaders of our native European and British people begins. There will be gulags and mass deaths.

It's considered Hate Speech to say anything negative/TRUTHFUL about Islam.

Population Replacement is FORBIDDEN by international Law. Via colonisation of little Europe and tiny Britain with Muslims, Unlimited Mass Migration/Invasion of Muslims and Mass Muslim Breeding Forcibly Paid for by our indigenous people, our leaders are massively breaking International Law by replacing our native people with Muslims who are commanded by the Quran to Conquer and Enslave all Non-Muslim nations and people under Extremely Barbaric Sharia Law.

Our leaders want us to Submit and Surrender to a Terrifying Future - the Complete Destruction of our Freedom and Safety. The Destruction of our Christian Culture and the Destruction of our People and Nations. And ANNIHILATION of Western Culture. We Must Speak out Before It Is Forever Too Late.

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