Thursday, June 16, 2016

Political "r/k-selection theory" is BULLSHIT!

Both PolyNoise and even Bittle himself seem to have fallen for this nonsense hook line and sinker!

This "r/k selection" has to do with DIFFERENT species, not within species. Nice try, though, guys!

Libertine "liberal" criminals aren't "r/k-selected" IDIOTS - they are simply all criminals protecting others' "rights" to be criminals, too! Because after all to them, that's only "fair!"

(After all, "it's not a crime because we (i.e: you) all do it!") To them, this is real "honesty!"

If there were no property rights, then "capitalists" wouldn't exist, so lazy socialist gangster extortionists wouldn't "have to" feel "unfairly unequal" jealous and steal all their stuff from them!

Capisce? If you just admit I have a right to your property, then I won't have to steal it!

 Both "socialism" and "islam" not only mean the same thing, they ARE the exact same thing!

"Socialism" = "Be 'social' and give us alla your stuff - or else! Capisce!?"
"Islam" = Submission (to extortion).

Both are gangster extortion syndicates leading to slavery.

Both are based on the pretense of a predetermined, predestined "inevitable" force alibi to excuse their member's own criminal desires and actions:

To both liberals and muslims, there are no real crimes or criminals, because we're all really ever only helpless victims - of "society"/ mere products of our environments, and of course proud slaves of "allah!"

In this way alone (by embracing the tempting corruption of perpetual "victimology") the Devil is able pretend he doesn't exist!


So, to these criminals, the only real crime is to offend a criminal by telling him the painful truth, that he is a criminal who made a free-will choice and wasn't a helpless victim forced into it, because that would hurt his feelings and so might "force" him to commit even more crimes!

This is giving them one of their favorite excuses:

"I didn't do it! Only my genes did it!" Criminals collect excuses.

This nonsense is backwards libtardation, pretending symptoms are causes.

Yes, liberals act like rabbits in some ways, but like wolves in others.

And Conservatives act like wolves in some ways, but like rabbits in others.

For instance: Despite all the wealth the Conservatives makers have bestowed on
the liberal takers, they aren't using it to reproduce: Liberals are turning gay
and reproduce at far lower rates than Conservatives. And what of liberal women?

Are they putting up with being single moms, enslaved by their hormones? No.
They're most often barren career-driven shrews, not loving wives or mothers.

Next up: Liberals are the group-related gangsters, not Conservatives. And while
they pretend to defend their nearly endless "victim" groups false rights to remain
irresponsibly wrong, what they really do is exploit endless unsolved problems' symptoms.

They only form their groups to extort money from their real victims, with them in charge
of the money. In other words, they are selfish hypocritical bastards only in it all for #1.

Conservatives "wolves" on the other hand, are really all individualists who rarely band
together to defend even their own groups, (beyond basically protecting their own families).

More, liberals aren't actually happy oblivious rabbit-people: they commit suicide far more
often than Conservatives do. They give to charity less. They are simply criminal hypocrites,
and even that has been encouraged in them by the criminal hypocrites in power and the media.

The so-called "Greatest Generation" which selflessly sacrificed their lives fighting WWII to
challenge this kind of fascism across the globe weren't genetically different from today's SJWs.

Their children who fought in Korae and Viet Nam weren't any more predisposed to bravery, nor did
they leave all the women behind to become impregnated by legions of cowards. It was all training.

They were seduced and corrupted by John Dewey's "education system" and the new Age of Propaganda.

This criminal divide-and-conquer assault on nationalism tells people they are all helpless victims.
That's the best way for "expert salesmen" to buy people low, and to sell them selves as Most High.
It tells them they should fear and ignore fear because fear causes additional pain. They shouldn't
try to solve problems because life is too complex to understand cause and effect; they need experts!
They must defer their right and responsibility to think for them selves to their sales-masters in
academia and government! They must admire and worship - and never seek to rival - their idols!
In short, they are being trained by the corporazi bankster-controlled government and media to be
the best most self-sacrificing suicidally masochistic slaves they can possibly by, and to love it!

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