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The Devilbat says:
Note that Hillary missed the party. I believe the ABC NEWS report about her death by Joe Torre on Sunday 9-11 was accurate. Aside from Torres report, the ABC NEWS website had a picture of her at the memorial service. The wording below stated, “Hillary Clinton died under care at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx.” The hospital is directly on the route to the Clinton residence in Chappaqua NY. My guess is that she was being taken there and went critical en route. It is highly likely that the democrats will try to run one of her body doubles, commit massive voter fraud and then of course put Bill clinton back in the white house as the first gentleman with faux Hillary making the occasional appearance. He will be easy to control as he in the early – mid stages of dementia.

A local New York news station opened their Sunday night broadcast with their anchor saying, “Breaking news is coming in of Hillary Clinton’s death.” The broadcast happened just hours after Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 Memorial, and a few New Yorkers caught the televised report on video. WABC-TV is now shockingly admitting that it was no hoax and revealing what led them to report Hillary dead.

Hillary Clinton (left), Joe Torre & Sandra Brooks reported Hillary was dead on Sunday 9/11/16 (right)
With so much speculation going on about Hillary Clinton’s health, it seemed like a hoax when a video popped up late Sunday night showing WABC-TV news anchor Joe Torre opening the broadcast by saying, “Good evening, I’m Joe Torre. We begin this evening news with reports of Hillary Clinton’s death…” The video abruptly cuts off there as the news station cut the feed of the live program.
A few citizens caught it on video and posted it to YouTube, where it fueled further speculation about the Democratic candidate’s physical condition. How could a major local ABC news anchor read that line from a teleprompter? 

Was it a hoax? 

The answer is no.

After further investigation, Owen Shoroyer of InfoWars called the news station and the representative admitted that Joe Torre did say that line but that it was a mistake. When Shoroyer called WABC, he got this explanation from the news desk:
“Yes, that is accurate [that Torre reported Hillary’s death], it was an unfortunate mistake. She’s alive, she’s alive, I don’t know if he read it from the teleprompter, or what happened. So that is accurate you did hear that correctly, but I cannot say exactly what happened. We have been getting calls all day today about it.” [via YouTube]
This fuels further conspiracy theories about Hillary’s health and the events surrounding her collapse Sunday at the 9/11 Memorial. After Mad World News reported on the possibility that the Clinton campaign used a body double to emerge from Chelsea’s apartment following her collapse, further developments on the body double have come to light.
Teresa Barnwell, 61, of Palm Desert California makes her living as a Hillary Clinton body double. After rumors swirled that the woman who came out of Chelsea’s apartment only 45 minutes after Hillary had lost consciousness and was dragged into her black handicap van looked thinner and younger, Barnwell was identified as a possible choice to act as Hillary’s body double.
Barnwell’s website suddenly disappeared yesterday, but before it did, one social media user screen captured a page from her website that confirmed that, in June 2016, a Democratic Party leader in New York, who she describes as “very close and personal friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton,” contracted Barnwell to act as Hillary Clinton. The “gig” Barnwell described is rather odd.
“[T]he purpose of my job was to make 1,000 people believe the real Hillary Clinton had traveled to the camp to visit his longtime friend and his family [the Democratic leader] and to kickoff an annual competition that the camp announces every summer in a big way. I had at least ten cars in my motorcade with local police cars and the highway patrol…”
The police involved in this event truly believed that Barnwell was Hillary Clinton. Her job, which the close personal friend of the Clintons hired her to do, was to make 1,000 people believe she was the real Hillary. Lying to the police and highway patrol proves this was more of a test run of sorts, to see if Barnwell could pull it off.
Barnwell’s website disappearing yesterday may be a coincidence — until you add all these things up:
  • Hillary’s very real medical emergency where she needed a hospital right away
  • Her miraculous recovery after 45 minutes when the press was intentionally left in the dark and had no way to follow the black handicap van
  • Having no Secret Service or any of her entourage around her when she left Chelsea’s apartment
  • Hillary body double’s website goes down, deleting any connection that she had with the Clintons

All of it adds up to some type of cover-up, but what they are covering up, besides Hillary being extremely ill, we do not know for sure. However, we do know that it’s par for the course when dealing with the Clinton criminal machine, and I do know, as a healthcare professional, that there is no way they took Hillary to Chelsea’s apartment and didn’t get her medical help right away after she lost consciousness.
Want to learn more? Just Google for " ABC NEWS report about Hillary's death by Joe Torres "


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