Thursday, September 1, 2016

One Religion To Rule Them All....!

Re: Recent global governmental attempts to criminalize "disparaging a religion/religions:"

Once again, the criminal negligent "authorities" in "government" want to have absolute rights over we their subjects (not citizens) without any responsibilities, failing to define the word "religion."

A "religion" isn't an actual separate, static "thing" to be decribed with a noun. They are not proven facts; at most, they are unproven opinions presented as facts, which means they are LIES.

A "religion" is a collection of (usually written) instructions for people, allegedly originating with an ultimate, all-powerful and knowing authority called  a "god" (&/or a collection of same; 'gods').

These instructions have been (so far) varied between absolute commandments, and mere advice. In some "religions" the instructions can be changed and/or added to, as new 'messengers' shamans, prophets or other so-called 'holy men' (or women) arise from the initiates and adherents' ranks; in others, not.

So, when a "religion" advises or commands its peoples to commit objectively criminal acts, inciting violence against "unbelievers," (i.e: sane rational people who won't be extorted into pretending such unsourced opinions are facts) such commandments are crimes in themselves, yet protesting against them and accusing their ancient authors and their current adherents of their ongoing crimes, is somehow now to be considered a crime, too! It's another example of trying to enforce the criminal notion that the only real crime should be offending or hurting criminals' feelings by daring to accuse them of their crimes, because they are all helpless victims of their own passions who have no self-control or individual judgment with which to resist being given offense and so "must" then commit even more violence!

And as usual, our adversarial and divisive gangster governments are extortively and coercively promoting false, idolatrous group rights over all real live equal human individual's citizenship rights, for only their personal gain - because we all know these crimes disguised as laws have been initiated against us by dint of said 'leaders' taking oil-money bribes from the Saudi Arabians, and their real goal is to protect islam from rational criticism of its obviously criminal commandments!

In other words, "our leaders" are very deliberately denying us the right to oppose crimes, in "law!"


The government is enforcing 'religious' lies by making it illegal to tell the truth about them!

Talk about the (circular 'reasoning,' tautological) One Ring of Power!

Sauron would so be proud of them!


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