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Proof Presidential Debates Were Rigged - and By Whom!

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Were the presidential debates unbiased?

Supporters of  Donald Trump have — for weeks — vocally protested the debates were unfair to the Republican presidential candidate.

They were right — and here’s how we know.

With the final presidential debate under wraps, and polls flooding in declaring who the true winner was, it’s important to consider who is in charge of these so-called nonpartisan debates in the first place.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has the responsibility of setting up the debate dates, rules, moderators, and providing “the best possible information to viewers and listeners.”

The Horn News reported in September, before the debates began, that although they claim to be nonpartisan, they were far from it.

Now that the debates are finished, there’s no denying it — Republican presidential candidate Donald
Trump was fighting a biased, uphill battle the whole time.

We took a closer look at the commission members to decide if they are genuinely biased, and what we found is shocking.

The Commission Leadership is made up of 22 members, 2 of which are deceased honorary co-chairmen, former Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. The Commission Co-Chairmen are Ronald Reagan’s press secretary Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr, who is 90 years old, and none other than
Bill Clinton’s press secretary, who is just 62 and has donated thousands to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s previous campaigns.

Of the remaining members, five have either endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or donated to her campaigns.

Not a single member of the committee has either endorsed or donated to Trump.
Trump has zero allies on the debate commission to advocate for a nonpartisan debate. And many of the remaining 13 members are either closely aligned with the Democratic Party, or have publicly criticized Trump.

For example, Co-Chairman Emeritus Paul G. Kirk, Jr is the former chairman of the Democratic National Convention, so it’s safe to assume he would support the democratic candidate in a presidential election.

Antonia Hernandez is a Scholar in Residence at the Clinton School of Public Service Center on Community Philanthropy and former president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), which has been outspoken against Trump.

Even the commission’s so-called conservative members have publicly refused to support Trump’s campaign.

John C. Danforth, a former Republican senator, said he wants Trump to leave the Republican Party, according to Newsmax.

Olympia Snowe, also a former Republican senator, said she believes Trump is hurting the Republican brand.

Notre Dame President Reverend John I. Jenkins gave a speech in Mexico in July, in which he said the “vitriol” aimed at Mexicans is “churlish, insulting political theater,” and his aides acknowledged to
The Washington Post that his comments were an attack at Trump.

Perdue President Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. and former Republican Indiana Governor endorsed Romney in 2012 but has so far refused to endorse Trump, or even contribute to his campaign. When asked about Trump, he commented, “I don’t think he takes anyone’s advice.” He invited Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson to speak at Perdue, without ever extending that invitation to the candidate of his own political party.

It’s clear that majority of these members do not have non-partisan mindsets and therefore the debates were definitely not executed in an unbiased way.

Just more proof that the high-power establishment are working together to put Hillary in the oval office.

— The Horn editorial team

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