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Liberal "Judge" Condones Trump Assassination Attempt!

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If I plotted for a year to assassinate the next president of the United States, was caught trying to steal a cop’s gun from his holster, confessed to my intent, and pleaded guilty, what sort of sentence do you imagine I might get?

Well, if you’re an illegal immigrant who tries to assassinate Donald Trump, the answer is….

1 Year. In fact, even though this particular criminal was sentenced to a year and a day, he is eligible for release in just four months.

Radical Agenda EP233 - Slap on the Wrist

Radical Agenda EP233 – Slap on the Wrist

Michael Sandford, 20, pleaded guilty in September to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function. He was accused of grabbing a policeman’s gun at a rally in Las Vegas in order to shoot at the candidate. Sanford’s attorneys  said their client is autistic and suffers seizures and obsession-compulsion anxiety.

Court documents claim that Sandford was homeless and living in the US illegally on a visa overstay. He told the Secret Service that he had driven from California to Nevada with the goal of shooting Mr Trump. The papers detail how he had been plotting the attack for approximately a year and had gone to a firing range in Las Vegas the day before the attack to learn how to shoot. He reportedly told an officer that he had expected to die in the attack but that he also had tickets for a later Trump rally in Arizona in case he needed a second chance.

The judge James Mahan appeared sympathetic, telling Sandford: “I don’t think you harboured malice in your heart” before sentencing him to 12 months and one day in prison for the plot. The judge described the incident as “a crazy stunt” and said “You have a medical problem,” adding that it is “nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.” “I don’t see you as evil or a sociopath,” the judge said, wishing Sandford luck as he rose to leave the courtroom.

This amounts to judicial approval for an assassination attempt against Donald Trump, the now president-elect of the United States. It is inviting assassination, and insurrection against the incoming administration. Judges, particularly those of the leftist variety, are well known for their activism from behind the bench, but actively encouraging the assassination of the commander in chief may be a new low for the institution of the judiciary.

If anyone right of Elizabeth Warren had attempted such an attack against Hillary Clinton, we can expect the outcome would have been much different. Perhaps if we’re lucky, we’ll get to find out just how different.

And before you say it, this criminal’s autism was no defense. He conspired for over a year, had been traveling around a foreign country without supervision, and he managed to control himself enough to use a firing range without raising any eyebrows. This individual may have some severe issues, but none of them prevented him from knowing it was illegal to assassinate a major presidential candidate. He confessed he intended to die, and he even had a backup plan in the event of mission failure. Besides, if autism was a defense for assassinating politicians, the libertarians would have had their revolution decades ago, and they would all have been acquitted.


BOTTOM LINE (as usual!):

Like all libtards, this "judge" prejudicially presumes that, since all of our free-will choice decisions were actually forced on us (because something must have CAUSED us to decide one way, instead of the other, right?) and because we're all too stupid to ever really understand the complexity of the inevitable predestined, predetermined forces behind our choices, we really don't have free will, so we're all really ever only helpless VICTIMS - of "society"/mere products of our environments, and of course proudly Submissive slaves of allah! Therefore there simply is no "mens-rea" guilty mind free will intent to commit any crimes ever, and so also no real "crimes" nor "criminals" at all! So also the only real "crime" must then be to accuse other victims of being "criminals" simply because they "chose" to commit their "crimes" against other equally yet diversely innocent victims, so there, NYAH!" In other words, these double-standard spewing subjectivist hypocrites want it both ways for them, and to pre-judge everyone who dares to take personal responsibility to expose crimes AS criminals! And since their paranoid hypocrisy is intentional slander, they won't learn or change!

Their endorsing this very stance is evidence of a permanent conspiracy to commit crimes mindset! It's evidence of willful prejudicial adversity towards all civilized people, or an intent to always attack everyone else first, forever!

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