Wednesday, December 14, 2016


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Here's how the so-called "soft" sciences aka "humanities" (anthropology, psychology, sociology, and even criminology) really work: They all started off by examining the various symptoms and EFFECTS (of human behaviour, thinking, group-thinking behavior, and of criminal free-will CHOICES, respectively), but then self-invalidated by looking for hidden mysterious predestined and predetermined inevitable force "CAUSES" of it all, which degraded them all into only one criminal, excuse-making alibi topic: "victimology!" So we get these two, permanently opposed philosophical poles:

Law-abiding Conservatives: "Criminal behavior is an effect of free-will choice!"
Criminal libertines: "But what CAUSED that choice? There's always a cause!"

Their implication is that there are no crimes nor criminals because we're all "victims."

In this way, they proudly enslave themselves to the crime-excusing 'inevitable force' alibi!


Further, there is no cause-and-effect morality: Since predation CAN happen, "Therefore" it WILL always happen; "So" we MUST form ever-larger gangs to pre-emptively, defensively extort & deter enemies in order to safely accuse and punish them for their potential crimes BEFORE they can commit them!

Finally, as all criminals inevitably do, they assert that, while they feel perfectly free to claim that we are all ruled by the iron hand of pretedermined, predestined, inevitable forces, these forces are also all hidden, mysterious, and beyond not only our control but also our comprehension! We are all (they claim) equally dangerous fallible beings if not outright mistakes which must be controlled in advance for both our own good and for the safety of all others.

So the only real crime is to accuse another victim of being a "criminal" simply because they seemed to choose to commit their "crimes" against other helpless victims! (Ignoring that, by accusing criminals with the evidence of their crimes, by their own rules we just couldn't help ourselves, either LOL)!

Their "pre-emptively defensive" slanderously victim-blaming victimology habits (with which they, by claiming to be perpetual victims, slander all others as permanent oppressors, by implication) let them insist that we must always all "GO ALONG" (with criminal lies) "TO GET ALONG" (with lying criminals)! - that submissive suicidal masochism is the highest holy virtue, while offending others (criminals) and hurting their feelings with the often-painful truth, is the worst offense anyone can commit - ignoring of course that offense can rarely be given, it can only be taken by the one choosing to take offense!

They claim that, since life is too complex for anyone to ever really understand cause-and-effect, all so-called facts are really only opinions anyway, such that the libertine criminals' entirely fact-free subjective opinions are to be held IN LAW as the diversely opposite equals to those silly law-abiding conservatives' objective facts! That's what's behind their immoral relativism! "Remember, kids, there's no wrong answers! Everyone gets a prize for losing! Whee!"

Like all criminals, libertine "liberals" always want ever-more rights (like, to own our stuff) with ever-less responsibilities (as in, having to work for or to otherwise earn it)! And the best way for criminals to convince their victims not to counter-attack them, is to pretend that they were always really ever only victims anyway, and also that their criminal attackers are and always were really ever only equally innocent victims, too! This, they call "Progress!"

Such defeatists don't believe in winning, so they will only work to make sure everyone else is as much if not more of a loser than they themselves are; (adopting a static stance of hostile aggression, asserting that they are permanently "Better than you!" in stead of "I can and will still improve my self!") - as proudly pessimistic fatalistic and cynical masochists, (which cowardice they call 'shrewd' and 'realistic') they always seek to control their own fears, BY causing those very same, worst-case scenario problems which cause the pains they fear the most (like, in sadistically antagonizing innocent others by slandering them as equally criminal) which gives them their favorite backwards victim-blaming alibi to excuse their own crimes:
"It's not a crime since we (i.e: you) all do it, too!"

But as Dracula proved, the real cause of criminal choices was the calculation that they could get away with it! His 15th Century Wallachia was the only place on earth ever to enjoy a ZERO crime-rate! Which proves criminals, no matter how libertine, can resist their criminal urges and aren't forced into it!

There's nothing beyond their own free-will choices CAUSING them to commit their crimes (or not)!


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