Friday, April 14, 2017


Leftopaths don't think, they "feel" - that the best solution is to instantly become a part of the problem!

As masochists, they always pretend to be able to control their own fears, BY causing those very same, worst-case scenario problems, (like by siding with evil people like muslims and antagonizing and extorting innocent others on their behalf) which cause the pains they fear the most.

They call this instantaneous cowardly Submission to their own fears, "shrewdness," and "realpolitik," and laugh at how "slow" their collaborative, symbiotic and helpful conservative "enemies" are for always trying to cooperate and solve what they consider to be far too "complex" logical problems with those silly opinions called "facts!" And they can be guaranteed to embrace gangster extortion leading to slavery (aka "Socialism," "Fascism," and "Islam") because obviously in order to avoid potentially dangerous, fallible humans we must always form into ever-larger gangs (of potentially dangerous, fallible humans)!

Since they are proudly non-compus-mentis, that's how they should be treated: they should be banned from all voting and political discourse until they prove they can pass a logic and sanity test!

BEYOND THAT, Leftopaths HAVE TO LIE because their message is "SLAVERY IS GOOD FOR YOU!"

Re: "From each according to his ability, to each according to their needs!"

THAT is simply SLAVERY defined; no property rights: you make, they take.

Such perpetual gang-rights extortion always leads to individual slavery.

Communism is simply gang-rights SLAVERY, where individuals can't own stuff.

Our forefathers should have made that a tad more clear in the public schools, because these days, feral Millennial SJWs are taught 'cultural' communism.


Marxism is slanderous extortion based on victimology where they claim to have no free-will choices because they are ruled by (and perpetual victims of) inevitable force: "Historical Predeterminism."

That slander is extortion, based as usual on their gangsters' group rights and perpetual victimology ideology, which implies they have a permanent oppressor against whom the ends always justify their chosen criminal means.

Leftopaths 'arguments' are only ever that there should be laws against hurt feelings, because that's their main weapon to extort other people, like this: "Someone sort of like you, somewhere else, at some other time, might have oppressed someone like me or them, so YOU OWE "US" (i.e: me) now!" Their "Socialism" is gangster extortion leading to slavery. That's all it is, and, despite the fluffy label, there's nothing "sociable" about perpetual extortion (slavery). Criminal gangster extortionists hate their victims having self-defense rights! All criminals are lying hypocrites who use fraudulent slander to pretend that they're the real victims, and their victims are the real criminals!

So, exactly like Fascism and islam, "Marxism" is no more or less than an alibi to excuse the criminals' crimes in advance!

Re: “Socialism is where the workers own the means of production” – no, it isn’t.

That’s simply multiple ownership of shared property (whether it be a formal partnership or an employment contract, because, as liberals hate to admit, your time spent on labor is also your own property, as the money your employer trades for your labor time is his property) – and it can depend on contractual inequalities where some of them can get more out of it when they put more into it – and that includes capital investments:

If I buy a warehouse and a store and the equipment to run them (desks, chairs, cash-registers, etc) and then hire people who haven’t put anything into it, but promise to work for a certain rate, then I’m the owner and they are my employees.

“Socialism” is extortion which pretends that this contractual relationship is really only in fact slavery, and I’m evil oppressor because I bought the store and hired people, giving them the means to support them selves & their families.

“Socialism” then gathers a gang of unemployed non-tax-paying and non-property-owning lazy dead-beats to vote in a “government” gang to “redistribute” (steal) my wealth, and give it to them.

That’s called slanderous extortion, theft, and slavery, and as such, is a crime – albeit a currently “legal” one.

Why does any Western army enlist Soldiers of Allah? Will they catch on? NO! "Our leaders" are insecure control-freak cowards.

Here's both how and why we're screwed (see part 2, here):

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