Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Totalitarian Thinking:" Total Control of Others = Slavery

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Everyone loves to be wanted, at least temporarily, but rarely do people want to be needed, (chained to others' needs) except the most fearfully insecure people.

And, naturally, almost nobody wants to need others, to be enslaved to their whims.

But insecure, cowardly slavers try to reverse those natural inclinations and assessments, to trick other potentially dangerous and fallible people (their intended victims) by pretending to the opposite: that we are all in fact, such helpless victims as individuals, that we need other people just to survive, much less to thrive.

Whereas in reality, we have the natural right to make circumstantial, situational assessments and choices based on our individual discriminations of our own wants and needs, fears and hopes, and on other peoples' trustworthiness - whether only subjectively presumed, or objectively proven - as to whether or not we should act in a more 'positivist' manner, to try to defuse their needy fears by working to make them feel safe, and/or to assuage their potential greedy wants by making them feel happy, respectively ... those same insecure, cowardly criminal gangster extortionists will try to use their threats of group-might-made "right" violence to force us to go along (with their criminal lies) to get along (with all the other lying criminal slavers).

This slavish creed of forced, false "altruism" has historically been known as 'Fascism,' 'Islam,' and 'Communism.'

Today it's most commonly known as "Social Justice."

PS: Unfortunately, this enforced (or at least, threatened) enslaving creed of forced false altruism is also embodied in Christianity, by way of the 'positivist' ("Do Unto Others") slant of Jesus' creed.

The correct, albeit more 'secular' version of The Golden Rule is Confucius' "Do Not Do Unto Others!"

But at least the free-will choice is emphasized, and the threat delayed to after death, and the force reserved to God alone, not man.

Bottom line? Everyone wants to be wanted on occasion, but only insecure hypocrites pretend they (and everyone else) need to be needed,and so it's their right to tell others they should embrace suicidal masochism and slavery because they are helpless victims in need of an expert authority leader! The best way for a criminal to disarm his intended victims is to tell them they were always victims anyway, and further that he is not an oppressor but really only a concerned fellow victim!

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