Thursday, January 11, 2018

The PITY PARTY: How and Why Liberals Defend Muslim Crime


Libertine "liberal" criminals always get angry at being accused of their crimes, and so demand pity as fellow victims.

Promoting useless pity over helpful anger enables them to fail upwards, because there's no money in solutions.

Since rational people get angry with criminals for their predatory choices, and criminals insist they have no choices because we're all equally victims who should therefore tolerate the diverse differences between the kind of victim who attacks innocent others first, and those who don't, they insist pity is always good and anger is always bad.

Since criminals expect that all is generally allowed unless and until it is very specifically disallowed in advance, the only real crime is trying to prevent them from doing whatever they want to do, to whomever they want to do it to, and whenever they want to do it. Such attempts are always seen by them as "mean!" or more recently, "HATEFUL!"

But making "hate" into a crime, really only makes it "illegal" to hate crimes and the criminals who cause them.

"HATE" isn't the problem, it's a symptom they must address to distract us from what they're really trying to ban, which is thinking itself.

Because they choose to interpret all emotions as varying levels of pain, and their own fears as external attacks, psychopaths don't want to think about causes and effects or problems and solutions, they just want it all to end, usually by causing the worst-case scenario possible! (The Greek word "Psycho-Path" best translates as "Thought-Killer")!

Since evil leftist masochists are always hell-bent on Submitting to, compromising with, and becoming victims of worst-case scenarios, they "project" onto, and slander-blame their own victims, because their first emotion is fear of getting caught for their crimes.

Conservative individualists just want the right to be left alone, and admit to having a responsibility to control them selves.

Libertine gangsters want total control over everyone else, in order to be left alone by enslaving and destroying them. The real reason they value and seek power over all else, is to avoid others ever having power over them.They feel no responsibility to restrain or control them selves, because to them everyone else is already trying to control and destroy their autonomy anyway. Self control would let their enemies win!

Psycho-paths, as thought-killers, are constantly trying to suppress and control their own fearful thoughts, as well as those found in others. This is why they all develop the same thought-suppressing formula, demanding a right to be pitied under the guise of a pretended responsibility to demand it for everyone else, too. So if and when such criminals are accused of their crimes, ("attacked for their mistakes") they instantly use and project polemic hyperbole to accuse their accusers of attacking all the "other" (criminal) "victims," too! If one is against ILLEGAL immigrants (aka criminal trespassers) then they will slander one as being against, and hateful towards, ALL immigrants! No matter how objectively and factually guilty a gang of criminals are, they can always gain political points by slandering their accusers as being subjectively "insensitive" towards their feelings!

Logically all criminals demanding equality of outcome (enslaving their victims) must also demand that other people (their victims) must not hurt the lazy criminal parasites' feelings!

Hurt "feelings" are all any criminal has as an excuse, as the cause-and-effect facts are always against them.

Therefore they are also the only thing that ever matters to criminal (leftist) legislators, lawyers, and judges.

And yet feelings (emotions) aren't important - they're not thoughts, much less virtues or morals! They can be wrong: one can feel love for someone who means one harm, and distrust of someone who has only one's best interests at heart. Our emotions are mere reflections of the three basic states of space-time (the static past, the fluid present, and the nebulous future, respectively): static fear, fluid greed, nebulous hope. Not exactly worth defending! As such, emotions of feelings are also neutral "virtual objects," which one can (and manipulative psycho-paths frequently do) use as weapons against others, at will.

The false golden rule also reverses the legal onus of proof, to: "prove we're not all victims!" - which is quite different from assessing the cause-and-effect criteria to determine innocent vs. guilty. It also demands one be enslaved to do things for other people, unasked, as they are pre-conceived as fellow helpless victims - rather than simply leaving them alone to become and remain self-reliant individuals. Objectifying people as permanently helpless victims removes their dignity and respect. And it also slanders those who rightly call the libertines criminals, not victims, as the "real" criminals, too!

So: hadn't you heard?! Being angry at ("hateful" towards) criminals is now the most vile sin, while pitying ("tolerating") them all as "fellow victims," is to be deemed the highest moral virtue, these days!

So much so, that the only advice we hear from "our" hypocrite governments, their pet media, and the corporazi globalist banksters who own them all, seems to invariably be:

"Anyone who doesn't automatically pity all criminals as fellow victims should be hated!"

Which is why hurting the feelings of criminals by accusing them of their crimes, is now a "hateful" crime itself!

The height of hypocrisy is to denounce all anger as "Hate!" while simultaneously - and angrily - demanding pity.

Recently, Liberal Party MPs in Canada have called those who are against ISIS fighters, "racists!" while asserting that those who left Canada to go fight for the islamic state haven't been charged with any crimes...

Well, of course they haven’t been charged with any crimes – because most levels of government in Canada are run by libertine “liberal” criminals, whose main objective is to "progressively" enable crimes and defend criminals as “fellow victims” by enacting laws which demand they be pitied and never angrily or “hatefully” opposed for their predatory choices, and so they don't bother to arrest them!

But in reality, those who joined ISIS joined a global crime-gang which had openly and clearly declared war on Canada and Canadians (which means they committed treason, at the very least) and further, they did so as part of a plan to deliberately conspire to commit mass murder against people (fellow muslims, even!) whom they had never met, and who had never personally done them any harm or wronged them in any way! Conspiracy to commit mass murder is, like treason, simply yet another crime the liberals will never charge anyone with, because liberals are by definition delinquent and criminally negligent them selves!

Why do we always capitulate to crime? I blame Christianity.

Thanks to it, the do-nothing FEAR-based emotion of PITY is our highest virtue, with productive and HOPE-based ANGER at criminals (aka “HATE”) is still considered to be our most vile sin!

"Vengeance is the Lord's alone!" "Judge not - ever!" "Always turn the other cheek!" "Love your enemies!" and my favourite: "Resist ye not evil men!"


"Multiculturalism" is an insane leftist fantasy. In biological reality, there are only two cultures: that of the predatory parasite, and that of the collaborative symbiote. Since "culture" is really only one's general social education level, as influenced by past traditions, it's utterly insane to pretend, much less enforce by law, the notion that people from backwards, primitive distrustful and subjective tribal us-vs-them and might-makes-right and THOU SHALT KILL crime-cultures - which inevitably result in social and industrial stagnation - are at the exact same social developmental level as those who were raised in and educated by "cultures" which had evolved to be objective and inclusive and based on THOU SHALT NOT KILL - cultures which engender trust and therefore also intellectual and industrious progress.

Racist liberals like to pretend "culture" is some sort of inherent racial right where swarthy animal people, once confused and oppressed by the implicitly mentally superior whites, just can't help but be at the mercy of their violent instincts and so it's simply mean of us to not tolerate being murdered by them!

And of course, paranoid and slanderous "tribal gangster culture" also describes the behavioural inclinations of leftopaths to a "T!" so it's not surprising that they defend all other examples of same (i.e: islam)!


Politicians in Western democracies are all equally corrupt.

Remember when propagandists encouraged all the women to enter the workforce, demanding equality; saying it was "unfair" and men were enslaving them?

That one scam garnered the business community double the number of available workers in their collective labour pool, and at half the former wages.

(So what if suddenly Canadians had to have less children because all the potential mothers were at work with dad in stead of at home raising them?)!

Well, as usual, they are again failing upwards: the lack of replaceable labour to keep their pension pyramid schemes afloat, means they now again "have to" import huge numbers of cheap-labour muslims from their 3rd-world slave-pens to replace us, again doubling the number of workers while halving our wages.

And their pet politicians & media who slander and shame us into Submitting to our replacement get promised big fat pension augments on their director boards.

Replacing their largest and most easily-cut cost - worker's salaries - is what's really behind the globalist corporazi oil-banksters "pity the migrants, you hatefully bigoted racists!" scam. Always follow the money. And of course the equally psychotic socialist labour union dupes, being in a symbiotic relationship with the globalists, support their own suicide.

Rinse and REPEAT endlessly!

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