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Why do Millennials embrace socialism?

Why do two thirds of the population - the psychopaths and undecided - vote so consistently for it, even while being ripped off again and again by it?

It's because of corporate education:

ALL power-trading politicians are professional hypocrites and traitors.
Democracy - even direct democracy - is slavery, because it presumes you must give up your right to control your own stuff to groups of other people.

Why should anyone else have any rights to control any of your property?
Why should you be responsible to them?!

Only by the The Golden Rule of Law - having the responsibility to not attack and the right to not to be attacked first.

No further legislation is needed, beyond delineating the boundaries of one's contractually negotiated property.


I have often said that the use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible.

 -  Woodrow Wilson, Princeton University, 1914 -

The purpose of a college education is to question your father's values.

 - James O. Freedman, Dartmouth College, 2002 -

Millennial Snowflakes are being taught to act like perpetual victims, not realizing that in their long march to replace freedom with security, they will all end up being euthanized in gulags!

All liberal social science/humanities "teach" about (abuse students with) islam these days - because they all  really only describe victimology, where there is no morality because they insist there is no free-will choice.

As in islam itself, one must SUBMIT to GOING ALONG (with the criminals' main lie, that they are really only "fellow victims" - of society/mere products of their environments, and proudly helpless slaves of unknown and unknowable allah) TO GET ALONG (with all the other scary lying criminals)! It's might-makes-right extortion!

And perpetual extortion is also known as "slavery!" This is why governments still fund 50% of "higher education!" Because both corporations and governments WANT people to be psychopaths - people who are always instinctively willing to compromise and Submit to Authority, who can be guaranteed to always want to go along to get along, and who will never, ever, challenge the status quo by attempting to actually solve any real problems, or accuse any real criminals of their crimes, that's why!

So they should ALL lose their funding until they wise up and admit they've been fake "teaching" WHY things are done, as opposed to sticking to their job of documenting HOW things are done. 

Asking "But why?" all the time is a childish evasion of all facts.

Here's how the so-called "soft" sciences aka "humanities" (anthropology, psychology, sociology, and even criminology) really work: They all started off by examining the various symptoms and EFFECTS of human behavior, thinking, group-thinking behavior, and of criminal free-will CHOICES, respectively, but then self-invalidated by looking for hidden mysterious predestined and predetermined inevitable force "CAUSES" of it all, which degraded them all into only one criminal, excuse-making alibi topic: "VICTIMOLOGY!"

So we get these two, permanently opposed philosophical poles:

Law-abiding Conservatives: "Criminal behavior is an EFFECT of free-will choice!"
Criminal libertines: "But what CAUSED that choice? There's always a cause!"

Their implication is that there are no crimes nor criminals because we're all "victims."

In short: they went from studying HOW people CHOOSE to act, to focusing on WHY (ruling out free-will choice entirely)! 

And that "why" PRESUMES a fear of pain will ALWAYS trump rationality! "So" we are all really ever only helpless victims! Asking "why" people ('always') give in to the fear of pain, presumes that: "SINCE anything CAN go wrong, SO it WILL always go wrong, SO we MUST forgive everyone for their mistakes, as being helpless victims!"

But in reality, the only reason WHY people commit crimes, is that they still think they can have rights without responsibilities, and so they weigh all the risks and rewards in different situational circumstances first!

And they only try to do so in each and every separate circumstantial situation, because they haven't learned that rights ALWAYS only come with responsibilities, causes with effects, and effects with causes, and so they either remain ignorant of, or choose to ignore, the simple Golden Rule of Law moral Principle: 
"Do Not Attack First."


These days, PITYING the victims (and the criminals AS "fellow victims,") is held up as the highest moral virtue, while being ANGRY at, (or "hateful" towards) criminals and crime is deemed to be the most vile sin. 

But what is more useful in solving problems and remedying crime: being angry at criminals for their predatory choices, or encouraging them to commit more crimes, by pitying them as helpless victims too? 

The answer is obvious.

So it's high time to educate these higher-learning "educators" of their mistakes!

In always asking "But WHY?" like perverse little children bedevilling their parents, they can always step back any given answer and exploit it into a whole new and lucrative "specialized" academic field of study! But the focus they pretend to thereby gain in minutae actually loses the focus on the big picture or "unified field" of science itself - by deliberately reducing everything they become absurd, or "reducio ad absurdum," to the Latins.

And, while the simple answer IS obvious to us, unfortunately so is their own criminally negligent desire to "fail upwards" by ignoring the simple easy and permanent solutions to any and all problems, in favor of exploiting and selling the almost infinite number of mere symptoms and effects of unsolved problems as causes in them selves, as eternal crises for which only temporary band-aid therapy reliefs can ever be applied. 

After all, the motto of all responsibility-averse and willfully delinquent libertine "liberal" criminals must be: "There's No Money In Solutions, so Please Give Generously - AGAIN!"

So their final message these days seems to be: 
"Anyone who doesn't automatically pity all criminals as fellow victims should be hated!"

So just try telling Millennials that socialism is slavery because it doesn't allow for any individuals to own any property.

They will reply with "So what? I don't own any property, and at least under socialism the government will have to give me stuff, and feed and clothe me, by taking it from all those Makers who hoard it and won't give it to me!"

Having been raised apparently enslaved by parents who controlled everything, and in school systems where they all were treated like criminals and prisoners, they don't know anything else and so cannot imagine owning anything!

The only dreams they have are rising to the top of the socialist crime-gang by extorting more from the Makers!

Monkey-see, monkey-do! Corporate gangsters own and control government gangsters and they all sell slavish pity for criminals as being the height of virtue, and being angry at criminals for committing crimes as a vile sin.

"Authority" is slavery - because the authority has all the rights and no responsibilities, while their subjects have no rights to defend them selves or their property from said authorities, but only the responsibility to become and remain their slaves.

But it also allows the slaves to avoid personal responsibility, and this was the implicit benefit of the Rousseau version of the so-called "social contract."

Like children, psychopaths live in the moment, paying little attention to information received or to facts in general, because they really only focus on their own internally paranoid, slanderous voices and then project them outwards at everyone else. They can't deal with their own emotions, but always try to suppress and ignore them, because they were never told or taught and haven't taken the time to understand what they really are.

Our emotions are mere reflections of the three basic states of space-time (the static past, the fluid present, and the nebulous future, respectively): static fear, fluid greed, nebulous hope. Not exactly worth defending!


Emotions are not thoughts, much less virtues or morals, and they can be wrong: one may feel love for one who is bad for one, and distrust of one who means one no harm. As such, emotions of feelings are also neutral "virtual objects," which one can (and manipulative psycho-paths frequently do) use as weapons against others, at will.

While they are not thoughts, they are also not 'forces' beyond our control, much less 'inevitable' ones, to be used by criminals as alibis to excuse their crimes. Unlike the 19th-century's "pneumatic" or steam-driven hypothesis, they are not "pent up" and so they don't "have to be released!" When someone who is enraged gets distracted or corrected, they literally forget that they were enraged; their blood pressure quickly drops back to normal, and all is forgiven and forgotten. So our emotions are merely cognitive concepts like thoughts, after all!

So contrary to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross et al, there are not "FIVE stages of Grief" (or of fear) but only THREE: to instantly and fearfully Submit to "Fear;" to run &/or ignore it; (flight) or to angrily, hopefully fight "it" - and these three responses are also based on the three most basic states of space/time and emotions, respectively!

But it always seems binary (Fight/Flight) because ignoring fear, AS "Fear," IS still a form of Submitting to it!

Psychopaths will always end up back at response #1: SUBMITTING to their own fears as externally caused threats!

Normal people will only submit to fear being an internally-generated, helplful warning, ignore the notion that it's a threatening attack, and use it to attack the external problems which threaten to cause damage and pain.

Psychiatrists up until today haven't been busy sorting symptoms at all - they've been too busy selling each mere symptom or effect as it's own separate cause or syndrome!  As such, they remain criminally negligent victimology salesmen, objectifying and selling people out as helpless victims of mysterious and unknowably unknown (yet also somehow predictably "inevitable") forces, in order to sell them selves as much-needed expert authorities!

Criminal psychopaths are "libertines," because they pretend ignoring one's fears (by causing the pain-causing problems; i.e: "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!" which should be "the only thing we have to fear, is fearing fear itself!" which then becomes Satan's famous masochistic credo of "Who Dares, Wins!" where they ignore and Submit to their own fears, pretending to be able to control them BY causing the very same, worst-case scenario problems which cause the damages and pains they fear the most, in order to cancel the additional pain of the fears of them) is not really also to Submit to them, but a virtue! And heeding one's fears, to become usefully angry at an external cause of pain, is a sin! So they also pretend that useless pity is a virtue, and useful, ultimately hopeful anger is a sin.

They have also all literally de-ranged their own senses, by choosing to substitute static internal images and idolatrous conclusions and pre-conceptions for dynamic perceptions, ignoring cause-and-effect by choosing to be about might-makes-right, not right-makes-might - where it's always perfectly acceptable to become angry with and inflict pain and fear, no matter who  started it, on larger individuals (men vs women) and groups (on the local white "majority" ignoring that world-wide, whites are only a minority of 15% of the global population) always championing the "marginalized oppressed minority" as opposed to metaphorically "punching or kicking downwards!"

Their incessantly contentious arguing is how they submit to their own fears by ignoring, deflecting and projecting them onto other people, blaming their victims.

It's also why they become "activists" and seek out "oppressors" to challenge (extort) and even create entirely new victim-group classifications to do so, rather than do something useful like make and sell things.

In sum, thinking is based on problem-solving, to avoid damage and pain. That means prioritizing one's fears as useful warnings, in order to earn the right to achieve hope of less or no damage, pain, and fear.

Psychopathic criminals idolize fear AS additional pain, and so prioritize working to avoid fear, not pain or damage! They see their own fears as dangerous, painful threats, to be instantly Submitted to, ignored and/or fought, in order to cancel them first, because that's easier than having to fearfully think about and solve any actual damage and pain-causing problems! Libertines are, by nature, lazy and delinquent in their habitual criminal negligence.

Rational people heed fears to attack problems to avoid damage and pain, but psychopaths attack fear by causing the very same worst-case scenario problems which cause the pains they fear the most.

This constant habit of avoiding "fear" (aka "thinking") by blaming and attacking others leads to both "ADHD" and "PTSD!" These modern "mental illness syndromes" are not illnesses at all, but only bad choices made into bad habits! Often blamed on using computers and hand-held 'smart' phone devices as memory substitutes, wouldn't those symptoms also arise from always projecting one's own self reliance onto others by blaming them for everything, too?

It’s so hard to reflect, when all you do is project, and it's hard to listen when you're shouting all the time. 
Which, in the case of fear-focused "thought-killers" ("psycho-paths") is the entire point of the projecting.


All so-called "neuroses" ARE "psychoses" because they result from thought-killing fear-avoiding and cause-and-effect ignoring and reversing idolatry (seeing "fear" and "pain" as static objects, not as separate dynamic circumstantial and situational events). They always want to take the short-cut and end up cutting short their own attention spans by doing so.


THIS IS BOTH HOW AND WHY there is no crime or perversion a libertine "liberal" criminal won't automatically compromise with or Submit to!

Let me quickly tell you: not about what to think, or even how to think, but only about how you all already think!

Psycho-path literally means "thought-killer" or, if psycho is interpreted as psyche, "mind-killer" (same thing).

Whenever confronted by unknown, potentially scary circumstances, they will pre-emptively, defensively choose to interpret them as threats, and so will want to habitually and automatically Submit to them, deferring to whatever proximate Authority is available - simply because they want to instantly cancel the additional pains caused by the fear of (thinking about) the potential pains themselves. That way they won't have to think any more at all.

And that's it for "mental illness" - that's how it starts, continues, and ends (with PTSD, ADHD and Alzheimer's, respectively, through a deliberate and habitual process of the atrophy of the brain itself). This cowardice and masochism can lead to a slave mentality where they eagerly confess to incompetence to avoid accusations of same!

It's also known as "Masochism," "Hypocrisy," "Denial," "Cognitive Dissonance" and "Depression" among other labels and synonyms people invent to avoid acknowledging the same denial-of-thinking process principle, in any and ALL differing circumstantial situations, academic faculties, and vocations, areas of life, invariably everywhere etc!

So while this may be news to some, others know they already know it, but would never risk their pensions or their professional security by daring to admit to it, much less to write and publish scientific articles about it all!


PS: Nothing we can do will help THIS GUY:

This is how much of a psycho-path (thought-killer) Justin Trudeau is:

“Justin Trudeau: A disengaged Prime Minister”
– The Globe & Mail, January 1

Canadians have started to realize what we in the Conservative Party have known for a long time – Trudeau is a disengaged Prime Minister and not interested in being involved in the policy decisions for this Liberal government.

Mary Dawson wrote in her report on Justin Trudeau’s multiple violations of the Conflict of Interest Act:

“The meetings [Justin Trudeau] attends as Prime Minister are not business meetings … Specific issues or details are worked out before, subsequently or independently of any meeting he attends.”

This leaves all of the policy decisions in the hands of unelected, backroom Liberal cronies – while Trudeau is just the smiling face that is selling these Liberal tax and spend schemes to the Canadian people.

So who are some of these unelected Liberals?

Many came from the Ontario Liberals, whose policies led to massive debt and deficits, endless tax hikes, and massive increases in energy prices.

Trudeau’s go-to man in the Prime Minister’s Office is the architect of the Ontario Liberal’s policies. These are the policies that have made businesses in that province less competitive. Many are struggling to keep their doors open because of high energy prices, higher taxes and mounting regulations.
This is the blueprint that unelected backroom Liberals wants to implement for all of Canada!
Sure enough, we’re already seeing it federally: massive deficits which the Liberals have no plans to pay off, fast growth in public sector jobs, and higher energy prices for all Canadians – through a massive carbon tax.

All bad news.


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