Thursday, April 19, 2018


Apart from the fact that most of this is a lie - these scientists didn't "create" anything yet, much less "by accident." Nonetheless, these naive little snowflakes should win the Darwin Awards for the entire coming millennium at least - because they're about to set humanity back to the Stone Age faster than you can say "Allahu Akhbar!"

Just think (and remember that thinking is no longer a requirement for graduates of these so-called and self-promoting "institutes of higher learning and education" at all) - what will happen when all of our computer cases, monitors, PLASMA TVs, all the wiring in your cars, (even the electric cars!) and trucks and buses etc and in the circuitboards in all computers and other chip hardware, ROTS?

And what else is made of these inherently evil (to indoctrinated snowflake Millennials) "petroleum products!"?

GASOLINE is. Gas for your cars. Gas for our airplanes. Yes - you read that right:


I strongly suspect some leftover bacteriums from the 1980s experiments to create some that eat oil-spills may be already responsible for several major aviation disasters so far - but this "new" development will make it certain!

From here:

Recycling 2.0: Scientists accidentally create mutant bacteria that dines on plastic

The researchers of the study said the discovery could help combat the world’s plastic problem

Researchers Bryon Donohoe and Nic Rorrer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) punching out coupon samples from a plastic bottle.DENNIS SCHROEDER / AFP PHOTO

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