Thursday, April 12, 2018

Humanity-Destroying Feminism In League With Islam

The only thing both militarists and pacifists can agree on, is that there should be no resistance to aggression!


The nanny state appeared when women were given the vote.


All criminals, when caught, extort and blame their victims by playing dumb and acting as victims themselves. Some if not most even habituate to playing "fellow" victims all the time.

Into that last category are WOMEN. Women USUALLY play the victim towards men - just to attract them and get laid - and are believed by superficial people simply because they are smaller and weaker, even if and when no specific physical threat was implied to have been involved. This emotively slanders all men as cunning predators, even though most men feel protective of women and, contrary to the women's slanderous victimology narrative that  men are all part of "the Patriarchy" who are always united in proactively plotting to suppress their rights, most men do not think of women as intellectually threatening enough to warrant needing to be plotted against or suppressed at all, and further won't unite with other men to do so!

Women resent being treated as mindless sex objects, but then project their own insecurities onto men by also accusing them of taking women seriously as intellectual threats, even so far as to presume that the sexual objectification of women is a deliberate choice belittle and disparage them, only in order to cover up the men's own intellectual insecurities!

In fact, however, men don't unite with other men to suppress women, and in stead most men can be counted on to betray other men and even to adopt the women's own victimology narrative, and to slander all (the other) men as aggressors.

This is why in a democracy, the political and legal systems tend to eventually be slanted 90% against men and in favour of women.



Feminism is divisive anti-united-humanism. It is virtue-signalling victimology and treason to humanity.

"Feminist Theory" basically asserts that, whenever one is having trouble with other females, always blame a male! It's a form of co-optive deflection - when one can't solve one's immediate problems, just blame something and someone else!

And it works out for "male feminists" who, as usual, really only want to get into the women's pants, too: because they can cut out the competition, by pretending to blame all other men as insensitive boors, whenever a women complains about her man or even about other women!

There is no "Patriarchy!" Men simply don't think about women enough (or in that way) to bother to plot or scheme to trick and oppress them - those are projected female tactics!

Only women - whose sex drives are naturally much less than mens' as they have to plan for better offspring and avoid men who are dangerous - have ever actually ganged up and grouped together to withhold sex from their men, united as a women's union, until their extortive demands are met!

Men would NEVER even remotely think to do such a thing!

In fact, most men are usually thinking about how they can beat other men, by pretending to be "male feminists!"

Further, gender isn't a "social construct" - in general terms, it's biologically mandated by evolution in ALL animals.

There's a real and evolutionary reason women are better than men at speech, and worse at spatial orientation:

Women have to be able to talk their way out of things, and yet cannot become adept at fighting (off men).

Most women admit they engage in static gossip and simply talk out their feelings about things while not actually doing anything to solve problems. Men, on the other hand, don't talk about problems, but simply solve them.

This is why women excel in the arts but not the sciences, while more men are prone to be engineering scientists.

But if and when women can use their superior language skills to convince their men to solve their problems for them, especially to attempt to solve the "problem" of the existence of (other) men in general, that's how and when a societal collapse is initiated.

Many if not most women admit they engage in "rape fantasies" because Submissive masochism is how their brains are wired - there are indeed such things as separate-function specific "male brains" and "female brains," and this whole new slanderous "gender-is-only-a-social-construct-of-the-evil-(white) male-patriarchy" nonsense denies basic reality.

It's also why women excel in the currently confusing social sciences/humanities - because they can more easily hold and memorize "cognitively-dissonant" opposite ideas in their heads without actually thinking about them - because they are programmed to go along to get along with the stronger, larger men - or at least, initially.

First Submit, then subvert (undermine, control, subsume)!

Our inherent societal sexism is such that all women, simply by dint of being smaller and weaker, are also presumed to be less intelligent, and so are always considered helpless victims to be pitied, and so it's bad form to ever become righteously angry at the little dears, and any evil male who dares to display anger towards any female is to be judged a hopeless criminal brute!

And this form of criminal slander has been codified by Western governments into our laws and gone global!

And, hadn't you heard?! Being angry at ("hateful" towards) criminals is now held the most vile sin, while pitying ("tolerating") them all as "fellow victims," is to be deemed the highest moral virtue, these days!

Having no facts, logic, or reasonable arguments with which to defend their own crimes and treason, most criminals (women) must in stead substitute this global attempt to control our very thinking - through an emotional, sub-conscious "narrative" - so much so, that the only advice we hear from "our" hypocrite governments, their pet media, and the corporazi globalist banksters who own them all, seems to invariably be:

"Anyone who doesn't automatically pity all criminals as fellow victims should be hated!"

Which is why hurting the feelings of criminals by accusing them of their crimes, is now a "hateful" crime itself!

This excess of "empathy and compassion" (synonyms for PITY) is what happens when natural cowards (cf: women) are allowed to rule. Pity is the fake dynamic form of static FEAR, while righteous ANGER is the dynamic form of static HOPE. Which emotion and attitude actually solves problems, and which condones and so enables crimes? Well then, guess which emotional attitude criminal hypocrites (cf: politicians) promote?


Criminals (liberals, muslims, divisive feminazis, etc) HATE cause-and-effects, because it proves them to be lying slanderers each and every time.

The REASON women, as a group, on average, earn less than men in the exact same jobs, is because they don't stay in those jobs. Everyone gets incremental raises, even while doing the same work of the same description in the same job position, the longer they keep at it, right?

But no matter what level of which job women are in, they often opt to become pregnant and leave those jobs - either temporarily on maternity leave, or for years, to raise the kids - so OF COURSE they aren't still earning any money there, or getting any raises!

THIS is what the statistics reflect, and if the agitating feminist activists (extortionists) were honest enough to admit it, their whole "men deliberately underpay us!" slander narrative would be instantly over!

Most men instinctively want to defend and protect women. In being taught to reject those types of men, WHILE slandering them ALL as rapists, these kids will grow up smugly alienating well over half of the human population (because no other women will want to associate with them, either, at least not whenever any men are around them)! So all they'll have left to console them in their later years is their carefully fostered anger, hatred, and resentful victimology just as their feminazi mothers had planned for them!

Feminists hate to have men involved in ANY children's lives, so always opt to increase government control.

Worse, over time, as the most angry and aggressive men kill each other off in wars, it leaves only the more cowardly, subversive and dishonest beta-cuck criminals to reproduce, leading to the almost inevitable further feminization of our societies and corruption of the human race in general - at least in the West.

Which leaves the only real alpha males (although corrupted and almost equally feminized in the exact other way, by living in the only truly unbalanced Patriarchal societies,) left, those in the islamic world. Simply because the older richer men are allowed to sweep up four of the youngest women each, the rest of the men turn out gay.

And which for some "unknown, unexplained" reason, (the nascent global oil-bankster hegemony) hordes of gay muslim rapists are currently being imported into the West, to replace all the beta-make cucks here, too. None of which is good for any society or indoctrinating "culture," even their masters.

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