Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Arrest AND JAIL All Wannabe-ISILam Recruits!

What the cops who either insist on keeping these guys penned up at home, &/or of letting them back into the country after they've already gone off to fight in Syria, refuse to admit (because their treasonous politician bosses and owners control their pensions and job security) is that THESE GUYS ARE ATTEMPTED MURDERERS!

They have a clear intention to go off and murder people!


Well, since the Arabic  Bashar Assad and his government in Syria are also all muslims, it's not to defend islam from white racists, is it?!

No, it's because they want to use islam for what it was designed for: as an excuse to kill others and take (Yezidi) sex-slaves as their reward!

So they're also conspirators plotting gang-rapes!

The main thrust of Western criminal law is "mens-rea"/guilty-mind  INTENT -  which these guys have in spades!

Yet their resulting criminal attempts (and remember - even "merely" attempted  crimes, are still considered crimes in the West) are all ignored and they're coddled at home both when they try to leave - only their passports are seized, not their persons for their attempted crimes - and worse, when they return from abroad, after having been trained to murder us and quite likely after having successfully carried out a few murders there first, just for practice!

Guys like this:


Just another example of many on how the lame stream media seeks to minimise the threat caused to our society by Islamic savages:
Sydney teen tried to buy suicide vest online.
(He could have asked his Momma to make him one.)
It’s understood 18-year-old Tamim Khaja, a former student of Epping Boys High School, was arrested as he tried to make new arrangements to buy a gun. He had a number of government targets in his sights, including the potential of a police station.
A SYDNEY teenager facing terrorism charges after yesterday being arrested in the Parramatta Stadium carpark had allegedly once tried to buy a suicide vest online.–DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU
A teenager accused of planning a terror act remains in custody after a brief hearing in his absence at a Sydney court.
It’s alleged the 18-year-old was trying to get hold of a gun and was scouting for targets in the city that involved buildings representing authority.
The teen, whose alleged bid to join extremists in Syria was thwarted earlier this year, was arrested in Macquarie Park in Sydney’s northwest on Tuesday morning.
Named in media outlets as Tamim Khaja, he is believed to be a former student at Epping Boys High School and was allegedly investigated by counter-terrorism police for preaching radical Islam at the school last year.
The teen has been under surveillance since he allegedly tried to board an international flight from Sydney Airport in February to join the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria.
He was stopped because his passport was cancelled.

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