Saturday, May 21, 2016

Turdeau's "Assisted Dying" Bill LEGALIZES MURDER!

The stupid Tories keep sending me emails begging for more money to "stop the liberals!" all the time, as if they weren't already getting paid huge Parliamentary salaries to do just that - while condoning it:

Conservative Party of Canada
Throughout the entire 2015 election, Justin Trudeau claimed he held a “deep respect” for Parliament and its institutions. But his recent actions show that he has no respect for Parliament at all.
Earlier this week, we asked the Liberals to commit to protecting doctors’ freedom of conscience when it comes to physician-assisted dying.
We believe that doctors and other health professionals should be given a voice and should have a choice.
The Liberals voted no.
Then, rather than allowing Parliament to debate what is likely the most important matter of conscience in a generation, his government imposed substantial limits on how much time we are allowed to speak on it.

Justin Trudeau is abusing his power and showing none of the “respect for Parliament” that he campaigned on.

Help us remind Justin Trudeau of his election promises  Donate $50 now!


You're all seriously missing the fucking point here.

(Since I've NEVER gotten a single repsonse from my emails to you guys, I feel perfectly free to swear, now, since I bet not even your staffers read it)!

This "assisted dying" legislation LEGALIZES MURDER.

So far the BC Supreme Court wants it to apply to people who are NOT dying anyway - to people who are merely mentally ill (i.e: in their own words: "bi-polar" &/or suffer from "depression")! And WTF is "bi-polar" (manic-depressive) anyway?! EVERYONE vacillates between pain and the hope of less or no pain, and fear and greed all the time anyway! And habituating excessive fear (aka depression) is easy to indulge in, but it's also pretty damned easy habit to get over and an easy problem to solve!

So in stead of trying to cure these people - which even I could easily do - these criminal negligent parasites want to do away with them.

"Agenda21," anyone?

Now imagine if a physician, (say, a "Dr. Lecter") wanted to get paid a lot extra for being the governments' go-to guy for "assisted suicides" and "helping" a lot more "patients" (victims) to cross over to the other side than would your average bear.

All he'd have to do is fake up some consent forms, and he'd be off the the races!

Because his fucking victims wouldn't be around to complain about malpractice!

Now extend this to its logical, libtarded conclusion, where all "right-wing" patriot Conservatives are declared to be "mentally ill" - and then "incurably" so!



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