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"Palestinians!"? WHAT "palestinians?"!

There was never a 'palestinian people' still isn't, and never will be!

At most, Jews accepted the term 'palestine' simply because it had been on Roman maps and everyone else had used the term ever since the dispercion (diaspora) anyway.

But it still only applied to the land of Israel, occupied by Jews, never by Arabs.

Before 1948, Jews were known as the Palestinians. The Jewish newspaper, the Jerusalem Post was called the Palestine Post. The Jewish-founded electric company was Palestine Electric. The Palestinian Symphony Orchestra was all Jewish. During World War II, the British army had a Palestinian Brigade made up entirely of Jewish volunteers. After Jews migrated to Palestine in significant numbers in the late 1800s and miraculously transformed desert and swamps into rich, agricultural land, Arabs came in large numbers from Arab countries for jobs from the Jews.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of Arabs resided only briefly in Palestine is attested to by a one-time special UN decree: that any Arab who had resided in Palestine for only two years before 1948, and then left, would be considered a refugee and so would his descendants!

Throughout history, people were never regarded as refugees if they had resided in a country for only two years because they were clearly citizens of other countries!

Arabs first started calling themselves 'Palestinians' in 1967.


Here's the white and blue flag of pre-1948 'palestine' complete with the Star of David in its center!

Here's some links which show photographs of the modern 'palestinian' coins and bills, with only Hebrew writing on them:

...and here's some ancient coins from the area - again, with only Hebrew writing on them!


"Palestinians?!" WHAT "palestinians?"!

Where were the Palestinians?

In the New Testament, Paul notes that Gaza was completely devoid of life, containing "not even a solitary Bedouin."

And here's a more recent timeline - from the last 300 years or so - to confirm:

In 1695-1696, the Dutch scholar and cartographer, Adriaan Reland, (Hadriani Relandi) wrote: The names of settlements were mostly Hebrew, some Greek, and some Latin-Roman. No settlement had an original Muslim-Arab name with a historical root in its location. Most of the land was empty, desolate, and the inhabitants few in number and mostly concentrated in Jerusalem, Acco, Tzfat, Jaffa, Tiberius and Gaza. Most of the inhabitants were Jews and the rest Christians.

In Jerusalem there were approximately 5000 people, mostly Jews and some Christians. In Nazareth "Outside the city of Jerusalem, we saw no living object, heard no living sound ... a complete eternal silence reigns in the town, in the highways, in the country."

In 1844, William Thackeray writes about the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem: "Now the district is quite deserted."

In 1857, the British consul in Palestine, James Finn, reported: "The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is that of a body of population."

In 1866, W.M. Thomson writes: "How melancholy is this utter desolation. Not a house, not a trace of inhabitants, not even shepherds, to relieve the dull monotony ... Much of the country through which we have been rambling for a week appears never to have been inhabited, or even cultivated; and there are other parts, you say, still more barren."

In 1867, Charles Wyllys Elliott, president of Harvard University, wrote: "A beautiful sea lies unbosomed among the Galilean hills, in the midst of that land once possessed by Zebulon and Naphtali, Asher and Dan ... Life here was once idyllic, charming ... It was a world of ease, simplicity, and beauty; now it is a scene of desolation and misery."

In 1867, Mark Twain toured the Holy Land. This is how he described the land: "There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent - not for thirty miles in either direction. There are two or three small clusters of Bedouin tents, but not a single permanent habitation. One may ride ten miles, hereabouts, and not see ten human beings. ... We had left Capernaum behind us. It was only a shapeless ruin. These unpeopled deserts, these rusty mounds of barrenness ... A desolate country whose soil is rich enough but is given over wholly to weeds. A silent, mournful expanse... the country is infested with fierce Bedouins, whose sole happiness it is, in this life, to cut and stab and mangle and murder unoffending Christians."

Muslims don't believe in nation-state countries, they see them all as man-made, false idols. This is why these countries hadn't existed under the Arab caliphates, nor under the Turkish sultanates, for over 1,000 years.


Originally, under the Greeks & Roman Christians, the countries in question were Libya, Syria, and Egypt (modern Jordan was part of Syria) and there was NEVER any separate "Palestine" nor "palestinian people" - EVER!

In fact, even the Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat, as well as all the kings of Arabia, have stated in public to the media that there never were, still aren't and never will be any "palestinian people!"

 PLO Leader: The Palestinian People Does NOT Exist - March 31, 1977, Dutch newspaper Trouw -

PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein: “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.

In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese.

Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism."


Most recently:

“FATHI HAMMAD” admits Palestinians are an invented people and are really Arabs from other Arab countries. Hamas official reveals where Palestinians came from.

Hamas Minister of the Interior Fathi Hammad Slams Egypt over Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip, and Says:

"Half of the Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis"
Al-Hekma TV (Egypt) - March 23, 2012


Obama wants to keep JUDEA and HEBRON away from Jews & Hebrews..."strange!"

And, let's not forget to mention that the reason the Turks lost these places in the first place - and why the Arabs gained them - was that the Turks had sided with Germany in WWI (and later, in WWII too)... so it's not as if any of "us" just went in there to colonialize the places; after all, the Germans always attacked first, upsetting the status-quo.

The Arabs had helped the Brits to overthrow the Turks, and so were rewarded with certain newly-carved-out countries (NONE of which was "palestine")!

And when, in 1919, the Rothschilds arranged the Balfour agreement and legally bought the previous Land of Israel back from Jordan, ALL the Arab kings and potentates agreed to the sale, laughing up the sleeves of their robes at the thought of taking so much money for what had been up until then nothing more than a literal garbage-dump. It was only after the industrious Jews, freshly exiled from Europe with knowledge of Western irrigation practices, made the dump bloom into a desert oasis, that the Arabs suddenly wanted it back, broke their words and treaties, reneged on their deals, and attacked the tiny nation en masse. And were soundly defeated for their treachery, again and again.





Assyrians found no “Palestinians.”
By: Y.K. Cherson
Jan 9, 2014

“The history of the Palestinian people goes back as far as”… This is where Arab “historians” disagree. Some say the “Palestinian people” have a proud 4000-year history; others say 10,000 years, 30,000 years, and even –don’t laugh- 200,000 years, which makes the Neanderthals pretty young people compared to the “mysterious Palestinians”. But although Arab historians do not agree on the “insignificant” details like the age of the “Palestinian people”, they do agree that this people is incredibly ancient-far more ancient than Jews, Romans or Greeks.

In the glorious history of the “Palestinian people”, there is only one “small” problem; nobody in history ever found them.

In 721 BCE, Assyria conquered the Kingdom of Israel. This is a historical fact nobody denies. Of course, the “Palestinian people” heroically fought against the aggressors and caused them heavy losses? Well, not exactly. Not a single Assyrian Chronicle, not even a single clay tablet, mentions this noble people. Could it be that hundreds of thousands of “Palestinians” were heroically fighting the Assyrian invaders – and these invaders did not even notice it? At the same time, those same Assyrian Chronicles are full of reports about the battles with the Israelis. So, Assyrians very well found Israelis, but did not notice any “Palestinians”?

No “Palestinians” in the Babylonian Chronicles either.

Well, Assyrians did not notice any “Palestinian people”. Most probably, because the King Sargon II was a Zionist. And what about Babylonians? The same mystery awaits us when we start reading the Babylonian Chronicles about the conquest of the Kingdom of Judah between 597 and 582 BCE. Jews are there at every second page. And “Palestinians”? There is not a word about them. Babylonians did not find them, either.

But of course Persians found “Palestinians” and left to us the detailed description of this wonderful people, of its rich culture, interesting habits, language…? Alas. They did not. The Persian Chronicles are telling us about Jews, about how Cyrus granted them the permission to return to Jerusalem, about how Persian satraps ruled in Judah and Israel… But about the “Palestinians” – not a word.

What makes the “quest to find Palestinians” even more amusing is that Alexander the Great passed all along the coast of Palestine from Tyre to Gaza in 332 – but did not find a single “Palestinian”: only Jews.

Where the heck did the “Palestinians” hide?

Well, OK, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, even Alexander the Great: it was so long ago!

But what about the scrupulous and methodical Romans? The same story.

Romans explain in great detail how they were besieging Jerusalem, scrupulously informing us about how Jews were desperately defending it. They describe the Jewish revolts and how they quelled them and provide information about how Jews were fighting against them in Masada, about how Romans divided Judah and renamed it Palestine, about how they renamed Jerusalem in Aelia Capitolina…They tell us about a lot of things – but they do not say a single word about some “Palestinians”.

Moreover, although they renamed the land in “Palestine”, they went on calling its inhabitants as they were called for thousands of years: Jews. So, “Palestine” became the official name of the land, but its inhabitants remained Jews.

Just a moment, and where were the “Palestinian people” when Arabs came?

It’s a million dollar question. Modern Arabs say they are “Palestinians”. And what did the Arabs of the 7th century, those who conquered Palestine, say about this?

Do you know any document written in the period of the Arab rule in Palestine that would say a word about some “Palestinians”? I do not. And nobody does, because such a document does not exist.

The situation becomes really amusing! Arabs today are foaming about how their forefathers lived in Palestine since the Time Immemorial, and their forefathers did not have any idea about their glorious and ancient past there.

Well, after all, the Arab rule in Palestine did not last long. Just 300 years after the Arab conquest, Turks –first Mamluks and then Ottomans- threw them out. Under various names – Seljuks, Mamluks, Ottomans- the Turks ruled in Palestine for 600 years. Quite enough time to find such a numerous and glorious ethnic group as the “Palestinian people”. Did the Turks find them? Alas! The Turkish official statistics accurately puts the number of Jews, Arabs, Circassians and Bosnians in Palestine, providing detailed information about the number of Muslims, Christians and Jews – yet they never mention any “Palestinian people”.

Even the Romans who renamed the land “Palestine” found no “Palestinians.”

Ok. Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Persians and Arabs did not happen to notice any “Palestinian people”. Turks, in those 600 years they ruled in Palestine, did not find them either. And where was this incredibly ancient and unbelievingly heroic people hiding after 1917? The numerous League of Nations Commissions (later UN Commissions) did not find them; all the League of Nations documents of that period are only about Jews and Arabs, but there is not a word about any “Palestinians” as a separate people. Maybe the politicians of the Western countries talked about “Palestinians” then? No, they did not. Delegates from 11 nations went to the area and found what had long been apparent: two conflicting groups, Arabs and Jews, whose national aspirations could not be reconciled. “Palestinians”? Who are they?

But the politicians of the Arab counties, of course… Alas. The politicians of the Arab countries were very clear on this subject.

“We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds.” (First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations, February 1919)

The representative of the Arab Higher Committee to the United Nations submitted a statement to the General Assembly in May 1947 that said, “Palestine was part of the Province of Syria,” and that, “politically, the Arabs of Palestine were not independent in the sense of forming a separate political entity.”

In 1937, a local Arab leader, Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, told the Peel Commission, which ultimately suggested the partition of Palestine: “There is no such country as Palestine! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria.”

“Palestine and Transjordan are one.” King Abdullah, Arab League meeting in Cairo,12 April 1948

So the Arabs in the 1940s did not notice any “Palestinians”. Moreover, they did not “notice” any “Palestine” either!

Ok. In the 40s, the Arab politicians did not find any “Palestinian people”. It’s no surprise; nobody could find them.

But maybe they “found” this mysterious “Palestinian people” later? They did not.

Syrian President Hafez Assad addressing the Palestinian leader, the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), President of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and “Father of the Palestinian People” Yasser Arafat, explained to him:

“You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Never forget this one point: There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, there is no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria. You are an integral part of the Syrian people, Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the true representatives of the Palestinian people.”

Of course, the Palestinian leader, “Father of the Palestinian People” and so on, rejected these insinuations with indignation and… Actually, no, he did not.

“Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it…” -Yasser Arafat.

Moreover, Arafat himself made a definitive and unequivocal statement along the same lines as late as 1993, when he declared that, “The question of borders doesn’t interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn’t talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it…The P.L.O. is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call “Jordan” is nothing more than Palestine.”

Not long ago, Azmi Bishara (the ex-Knesset member exiled fromIsrael for passing sensitive information to Hezbollah during the Second Lebanon War) who is anything except Israel’s friend, said the same: there is no Palestinian people. You can see and hear his words for yourselves, here is the link.

“The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.” – King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981

“Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is only one land, with one history and one and the same fate,” Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly was quoted as saying on February 2, 1970.

Abdul Hamid Sharif, Prime Minister of Jordan declared in 1980, “The Palestinians and Jordanians do not belong to different nationalities. They hold the same Jordanian passports, are Arabs and have the same Jordanian culture.”

But the Arabs who lived in Palestine since, as they assure us, the Time Immemorial, of course did not let Syrian and Jordanian dictators deprive them of their proud Palestinian past? You will be surprised, but they let them. And they had very serious reasons for this.

Do you know that until 1950, the name of the Jerusalem Post was THE PALESTINE POST?

That the journal of the Zionist Organization of America was NEW PALESTINE?

That the Bank Leumi’s original name was the ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK?

That the Israel Electric Company’s original name was the PALESTINE ELECTRIC COMPANY?


And all these were JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, organized and run by JEWS.

In America, the Anthem of the Zionist youngsters sang “PALESTINE, MY PALESTINE”, “PALESTINE SCOUT SONG” and “PALESTINE SPRING SONG”.

Until the late 60s, to call an Arab a “Palestinian” would mean to insult him because until the late 60s, the word “Palestinian” was commonly and unanimously associated in all the world with Jews, and all the world knew: Palestine is just another name for Israel and Judah, like for example Kemet was just another ancient name for Egypt. Arabs who lived in Palestine identified themselves as Arabs and were insulted when someone called them “Palestinians”: we are not Jews, we are Arabs, they used to respond.

Let’s Set Things Straight

There is a country in the Far East. The people who live there, (and they have lived in this country for many centuries), poetically called it “The Land Of The Rising Sun”. Then the Western travelers and geographers came to this country and gave it another name. Why? Maybe they were not poets, or maybe they came there on the sunset, or maybe they could not pronounce the original name in the original language… Did the people who lived there change because Western travelers and then politicians and journalists started to call their country by another name? No. They were those same people and they went on calling their country “The Land Of The Rising Sun”.

And the West calls it Japan.

There is a country in the Middle East. The people who lived there for many centuries called it “Eretz Israel”- The Land of Israel. Then the people from the West came- and gave to it another name. Did the people who lived there change? No. They were those same people and they went on calling their country “The Land of Israel”.

And the West calls it Palestine.


Over the past 22 years, we’ve seen what the Palestinians have done with the autonomy generously granted to them by Israel. They’ve slaughtered Israeli grandmothers and toddlers, pregnant women and elderly rabbis. They’ve set off their nail-studded, rat poison-laced bombs in shopping malls, disco’s, pizzeria’s, cafe’s and university cafeterias. These Terrorstinians turned school buses into blazing infernos, invaded home and shot mothers and children in their beds.

These Palestinians murdered 3 month old Jewish babies like Chaya Braun by running her over with a car and had Fatah and Hamas glorify this killing. They've slaughtered Rabbis praying in Jerusalem and celebrate this by handing out candy.

The Palestinians have dragged 13-year-old Israeli boys to caves and stoned them to death. Those who don’t actually pull the triggers, detonate the bombs or do the stoning, celebrate the atrocities in the streets of Ramallah and Jenin, as they danced in those same streets when other Arabs crashed two planes into the World Trade Center.

These Arab sadists even built an exhibition celebrating the Sbarros massacre. When do you think the Arabs will realize, that murdering Israeli pizza-eaters, dance-club people, school kids, teenagers and sleeping five-year-olds is barbaric. Do these Arabs have any humanity?

It is becoming increasingly obvious, that the followers of Muhammed are not human beings.

 - Ken Kelso -


Here are some examples of the so called "food shortage:"

and for an example of pallywood just check this out:

more pallywood:

for an example of what they are teaching their children in gaza watch this:


More - and worse:

Muslims are Satanists and teach their kids the same!


A member of the P.L.O. leadership, Zahir Muhsein, the leader of the al-Sa’iqa Organization, revealed the truth in an interview to the Dutch newspaper Trouw:

“The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ‘Palestinian people’ to oppose Zionism for tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa. While as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”

Do you think Zahir Muhsein is alone? This transparent fraud about the so-called existence of Palestine is revealed to us by all the Arabs’ leaders.

In 1974, the late Syrian President, Hafez al-Assad, declared: “It would be fitting for us to mention to the responsible Israeli authorities that we view Palestine not just as an inseparable part of the Arab nation, but as a part of Southern Syria.” In 1987, he reiterated himself at a conference in Amman, “A
country named Palestine’ has never existed.” Jordanian King Hussein responded, “The appearance of the national Palestinian persona serves as a response to Israel’s claim that Palestine is Jewish.”

Yet the prize goes to Arafat who in 1970, with candid simplicity, told the reporter Arianna Palazzi:

“The question of borders doesn’t interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn’t talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it….. The P.L.O. is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call “Jordan” is nothing more than Palestine.”

Such revelations are an eye-opener for anyone who has not understood until today the masked-ball being run by the Arabs: The true meaning of Arafat’s words, that “Palestine is Jordan,” is that for the Arabic people, living under the “Pan-Arab” umbrella, in addition to over twenty Arabic countries, there is already a country called Jordan that was established by the British for the Arabs on 77% of the Land of Israel, promised to the Jewish People by the League of Nations in 1922.*

Anywhere else on earth, would an additional country be established for a people that already has twenty-one countries?

All the same, there is nothing like the testimony of the founder of the P.L.O. himself, Ahmed Shukari. Already in 1956 he proclaimed from the podium of the U.N., as the Arab League’s ambassador there, that “such a creature as Palestine does not exist at all. This land is nothing but the southern portion of Greater Syria…”

And if Ahmed Shukari says that Palestine does not exist at all, the logical inference is that “Palestinians” do not exist at all either. That same Shukari was born of a Turkish mother in Lebanon, was himself a Jordanian lawyer, served as the ambassador of Syria to the U.N., the ambassador of the Arab League to the U.N., and the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the U.N. In 1964, after this talented actor who changed loyalties like a chameleon was fired by the Saudis, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser hired him to found the “Palestine Liberation Organization”, the P.L.O., an organization dedicated to the liberation of a country that in his own words did not exist at all.

All the prominent spokesman of that poor, homeless “people” say openly: The Arabs who live in Israel are precisely the same Arabs who live in Syria, Jordan or Lebanon. They are not a separate country, but a fragment of the enormous Arab nation divided amongst many Arab countries. In their identity they are Arabs and the invention of Palestine is just a transparent bluff: “a means for continuing our struggle against the State of Israel for our Arab unity”.

Can any testimony be better than that of the Arabs themselves, exposing the lies and deception involved in Palestine’s creation?

Is "Israel" Itself an "Illegitimate, fake" country?

Not according to the "holy" Qur'an, it's not!

Starting at around page 8, The Qur'an loudly proclaims Muhammad's belief that the sole holders of the land-deed Title to the Land of Israel, are the People of Mussa, "Whom We (Allah) gave The Book of Discernment (Torah), who fled from Pharaoh when We (Allah) parted the Red Sea, and who are known as The Jews - aka The People of Israel (Sura 17 is entitled: "The People of Israel")!

Thus, anyone who says "Israel is a fake counrty and is really called "Palestine" (Muhammad NEVER uses the word "Palestine" nor 'Palestinians'! He never refers to any 'Philistines', either!) IS GOING AGAINST THE 'HOLY' WORDS OF THE QUR'AN ITSELF!



Jews have had a continuous presense in "palestine" since before the Arabs. In the mid 18th century the Ottoman census listed about 150,000 people there, semites and non-semites. The zionist movement started around 1840, Jews started migrating to "Southern Syria" (as it was called at the time), and the Arabs followed them because the Jews created job opportunities. Following WW1 the British took the area from the Ottomans and called it the "British Mandate of Palestine". Prior to this, the land hadn't been known as Palestine for 2000 years.

The Palestinians are only Arabs.

Before 1967, there was no such thing as a "Palestinian people" as a distinct ethnic group. Everyone who lived there was called Palestinian, whether Arab or Jewish. Just like there are "African Americans" and "Chinese Americans" there were "Palestinian Jews" and "Palestinian Arabs". There was no such thing as a "Palestinian people" until yassir arafat took over the PLO in 1967.

Before that the PLO was basically an Egyptian organization.

There has never been a distinct Palestinian nation or culture. It just isn't there. Go look it up yourselves. There was never, in history, a Palestinian nation with Jerusalem as its capital. The Jews did not come in and drive the Arabs off their land. That's a lie. The Arabs and Jews came at the same time (although there has been a continuous, if at times minor, Jewish presense there since 1100 BC).

The Arabs didnt come there until after 632 and rise of the first caliph. Like has been mentioned already, at the end of the 19th century not many people lived there, and it definitely wasn't all Arabs.

The British Mandate of Palestine included the current nation of Jordan, as well as Israel/"Palestine". In fact 80% of "Palestine" was Jordan. The British created Jordan for the Palestinians. The remaining 20% of Palestine was split between the Jews and the Arabs, but that wasnt enough for the Arabs who
immediately launched a war on the Jews. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan all invaded Israel. It was during this invasion that Jordan occupied the West Bank and Egypt occupied Gaza, which were both supposed to go to a Palestinian state. It was also during this time that much of the Palestinians were expelled from their land. Only it wasn't only the Jews who did the expelling. The Jordanian and Egyptian armies, and groups like the Arab Salvation Army, depopulated as many villages as the Jews, if not more, in order to use those villages as bases, depots, etc. They figured they would win the war and they could let the Arabs back, Unfortunately that didnt happen. Jordan and Egypt continued to occupy West Bank and Gaza up until 1967, when the Arabs launched another aggressive war against Israel and Israel then took West Bank and Gaza. It was then that the "Palestinian" ethnic group was fabricated by Yassir Arafat, because it was obvious that the Arabs couldn't win a conventional war against Israel, so they instead opted for a proxy war of attrition. In fact most Palestinians today are merely Egyptian and Jordanian Arabs whose families migrated to Gaza and the West Bank, respectively, during the Arab occupation of those two places.

Jordan and Egypt could have resettled the Palestinians during their occupation of the "territories" but they never did. The real Palestinian Arabs today are in camps in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, but do their Arab neighbours resettle them or help them? No, because to do so would be to lose their proxy club to use against Israel. The "Palestinian people" are a tool of the global jihad and nothing more. Muslims hate Israel because any piece of land that was once part of the Ummah, the waqf, must remain so forever. If Israel is destroyed and returned to the ummah, the land will immediately be made a part of Jordan (which may then rename itself "Palestine") and the eyes of the Ummah will turn toward reconquering Al-Andalus.

Even King Hussein of Jordan declared that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan as did many other notable Arabs, even so called "Palestinians", as you can see above. If you add up all the land claims of Palestinian refugees you get millions more acres than even exist in the holy land. And no other group of people has refugee status passed down by blood. All the children of Congolese and Sudanese refugees dont get that privelage. The so called Palestinian refugee "camps" are also not camps, they are fully functioning cities that are funded by the UN, the EU and even the U.S. The whole thing is a scam, the Jews didnt walk in and steal land, its an issue of jihad, and the world has fallen for the Palestinian lies.

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