Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Destroy Yourselves "FOR THE CHILDREN!"

From here:

It’s fun to watch the media squirm sometimes. We all saw the dead child face down in the sand months ago as sign that anyone who didn’t condone the invasion and destruction of Europe was a racist child murdering bigot. More recently, we saw the image of Omran Daqneesh, a Syrian child bloodied and covered with dust, sitting silently in an ambulance awaiting help after his family’s house was destroyed by an airstrike allegedly carried out by Russian backed Assad forces.

We are reminded of the human cost of war and our sympathy is commanded toward far away peoples who would see us dead if they had the means. We are then ordered to give them said means, by way of open immigration and even government subsidies therefor.

We’re supposed to forget the fact that welfare funded “refugees” in the United States have already gone on to fight for ISIS. We’re not supposed to take into consideration the fact that the National Intelligence Director says ISIS will infiltrate refugee populations to stage attacks. We’re supposed to forget that tens of thousands of “refugees” are already in the United States, that some have already committed horrific terrorist attacks, that terrorist attacks in Europe are hardly even newsworthy anymore, and that some of these attackers are second generation invaders born and raised to kill inside our own countries. All this, for the children.

Then we get those little reminders that not all children are quite the innocent victims the photos lead us to believe. A child blew up a wedding in Turkey killing dozens, and most of his victims were under 14 years old. Another child attempted to set off a suicide vest in Iraq, but he was stopped and stripped of his explosives before they could be detonated. ISIS calls their child soldiers “Cubs of the Caliphate” and parades them around in their propaganda proudly.

Their attitude toward children is “Screw it, we’ll make more”. Meanwhile white people are quitting breeding for climate change, and to check their white privilege to the point that America’s birth rates are now a national emergency.

Forgive me then if I seem a bit unconvinced when leftists cry out “for the children”. If they loved children so much, they would stop burdening them with debt before they are born. They would stop subsidizing birth control and abortion so that more would be born. They certainly wouldn’t be importing murderous welfare dependent savages at the expense of future generations, or disarming the parents who would protect the children therefrom. They hate children because children represent the continuation of our society, and they want our society to end.


Similarly,  if the liberals were so "for the children," as noted recently elsewhere, such that they pretend "if banning guns could save just one child, it'd be worth it!" then why not apply the same logic such that "if banning muslims could save just one child from being bombed or raped" it'd be worth it, too - no? But if libertine "liberal" criminals are anything definable, they are total racists and hypocrites!


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