Wednesday, August 3, 2016

DOJ's Hillary-donor "investigates" IRS tea-party targeting!


Obama Donor/DOJ Prosecutor Spent 1529.25 Hours Investigating the IRS’ Targeting of Conservative Groups -Judicial Watch released a letter from the Justice Department admitting that Democratic Party/Obama campaign donor and Justice Department attorney Barbara Bosserman spent 1,529.25 ...READ MORE
FBI Interviews with Cincinnati IRS Employees Reveal DC Headquarters Delayed Tea Party Applications -Judicial Watch released 105 pages of newly obtained Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “302” documents revealing that, beginning in 2010 and lasting through the Obama reelection...READ MORE
FBI Investigation Documents of IRS Scandal -Judicial Watch released 294 pages of new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “302” documents revealing that top Washington IRS officials, including Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, knew that the agency was specifically targeting “Tea Party” and other...READ MORE
DOJ Rewards Law-Breaking Sanctuary Cities, States with $342 Mil in “Grants” -The Obama administration rewards sanctuary states, counties and cities that shield violent illegal immigrants from deportation with hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants and one of the biggest recipients recently...READ MORE

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