Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Obama's Internet Giveaway Breaches 1st Amendment!

Seems pretty simple, obvious, and easy to see, so this will be my shortest article ever, O lucky you LOL!

Giving away the Internet breaches your First Amendment, as it "makes a law ... abridging the freedom of speech," and of "the press" (which has these days become us private individuals)! We "press" our words into our online blogs, and distribute them! Right now we have free speech via the Internet, and Obama is making a "law" (or some sort of legalized deal) to give it all away, the logical, quite predictable result of which will be to abridge it. Oh, and we can also "peacefully assemble" here in cyberspace!

Furthermore, by what right does Obama's junta claim to own and to be able to sell off the Internet?! 

It wasn't "invented by the government;" it was invented by the telephone companies because it used landlines (as it still does) and the government didn't invent computers either. Nor did they invent the use or distribution of the TV Cables! And even the original DARPA-net itself was also mostly invented by private university types. Hell, it's still little more than a cluster of hi-speed, dash-dot telegraph lines! 

More, here (note the First Amendment text written on the flag):



Some idiots ( see here: https://patriotpost.us/articles/45105  ) say giving away the Internet is impossible, BUT others rightly point THIS out:

It is simple, when you have control of the .gov and other domains you can disable them with the click of a mouse. If you are going to attack a nation anywhere if you can disable their communications you can blind them and you can win. We do it with bombs during the gulf wars taking out first Sadam's his communications so his forces couldn't coordinate. With the use of the internet to get people information in real time Obama is working stop those who don't have his leftist, globalist, secular worldview in a way the left could never do via the US government. 

Since the .gov and .mil root domains are just the human friendly version of the actual ICANN IP addresses that route you to the .gov .mil domains. so when you change the IP address or completely remove it to the .gov or .mil domains they no longer exist to the internet. It is like when you don't pay your domain name fee they just cut the IP address that goes to that domain name and then it no longer exists even though it is on a hundred servers... 

And then of course there's George Soros, whose minions over at 'Avaaz' are celebrating slowing down the Internet ("net neutrality") because hey those evil capitalist companies who actually built the Internet and own all the cables and routers shouldn't be allowed to charge their "rich" customers (i.e: average people who choose to work and earn money) any higher rates for faster service, now, should they?! That would be unfair to parasites everywhere!


So getting Big Government to tax them to pay for the parasites' connections is also "fair!"

...to communist gangster criminals, who always want a forced equality of outcome, not opportunity!


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