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Here's the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election... CALL FOR THEIR ARREST!

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See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election... CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) To even call this 2016 president election an "election" is a cruel joke. Democracy is supposed to be about open, fair and free elections, and those elections must be predicated on open, fair and free access to information so that voters can make an informed decision. Yet all we have today is a media that's in the tank for Hillary, a justice system infiltrated by deep state corruption, a voting system rife with leftist fraud, a culture of extremist, violent intimidation of those who oppose Clinton and an Obama regime steeped in such criminality and fraud that it actively encourages illegal aliens to run across the border to America so they can vote.

This isn't an election... it's a coordinated leftist coup d'etat.

The aim of the coup is to occupy all the positions of power in America with radical leftists, communists and criminal democrat party loyalists. From those positions of power, the strategy is to systematically dismantle the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and Supreme Court while crushing the American middle class with punitive economic policies that keep the masses trapped in poverty (Obamacare, anyone?).

It's now abundantly obvious to nearly every thinking person that democracy has been ripped to shreds in America, and the deep state criminal regime in power exists solely to protect and enrich itself at the expense of everyone else.

GONE is the idea of representing the interests of the People.

GONE is any desire for government to operate with transparency and accountability.

GONE is any trust in voters by the powerful elite, who distrust the voters so much that they make sure every election is rigged in advance.

GONE is any economic policy rooted in sanity or mathematics. Now, numbers and dollars from Washington are all rooted in mental illness and delusion.

GONE is any semblance of the concept that justice is blind and that all laws apply to all the people just the same, no matter how powerful they may be.

GONE is any public trust in ANY institution of government, from Congress, to the federal courts, to the regulators like the EPA, to even the FBI.

GONE is any notion that the government should defend the nation's borders and control the flow of immigrants into the country for all the obvious reasons.

And GONE is any concept of journalistic integrity across the mainstream media, an institution that now holds actual journalism in contempt (i.e. the work of Wikileaks or Project Veritas). Now, the media insists that no one question the government, no transparency is necessary, and government operatives have no obligation to explain any of their actions or cover-ups. Richard Nixon is rolling in his grave...

The illusion of democracy

Thanks to the complete abandonment of democracy and honest government in America, We the People now wake up each day as slaves living in a totalitarian dictatorship pretending to be a democracy, complete with a pretend press, a pretend judicial system, a pretend legislative branch and even a pretend central bank pumping out pretend currency.

We turn on our televisions to watch pretend journalists named "Stephanopoulos" churn out pretend news that pretends Bill and Hillary Clinton are honest, affectionate, trustworthy elders instead of the phony frauds and crooks they've really turned out to be. And then we're blasted with pretend polls that claim the most unpopular woman in America -- Hillary Clinton -- is somehow ahead of Donald Trump by 12 points. Nobody believes the polls anymore...

Every time REAL news breaks through the surface, the establishment tells us that's all fake. Wikileaks emails, we're ridiculously told, aren't real (even though they are). Project Veritas videos have been "edited," we're told, as if that somehow negates the very clear words caught on video as they are uttered by Clinton operatives committing serious crimes. The only news that's "real," we're told, is the fabricated fake news planted in the New York Times by the Clinton campaign.

A call to arrest and imprison the presstitutes that are defrauding America and destroying democracy

In truth, the leftist media is staffed by presstitutes -- media whores who have sold out to the Clintons in exchange for "access" to her bogus news releases (i.e. planted false narratives). As reported by The Free Thought Project, all the following "journalists" are seditious whores who should no doubt be arrested, indicted and prosecuted for engaging in criminal collusion and racketeering with the Clintons:

"Progressive Helpers"
David Brock
Mo Ellithee
Judd Legum

"Columnist/Pundit Calls"
Dan Balz
Wolf Blitzer
Gloria Borger
Mika Brezinski
David Brooks
Gail Collins
John Dickerson
EJ Dionne
Maureen Dowd
Ronan Farrow
Howard Fineman
Ron Fournier (not sure this is worth it)
Mark Halperin
Chris Hayes
John Heilmann
Jon Karl
John King
Mara Liasson
Rachel Maddow
Ruth Marcus
Chris Mathews
Dana Milbank
Andrea Mitchell
Norah O'Donnell
Robin Roberts
Eugene Robinson
Charlie Rose
April Ryan
George Stephanopoulos
Robin Sproul
Karen Tumulty
Jeff Zeleny

And here's another list of whored out "journalist" presstitutes who agreed to collude with the criminal Clinton cartel by joyfully attending a cocktail dinner with Clinton campaign operatives. Via The Intercept:

The Clinton campaign likes to use glitzy, intimate, completely off-the-record parties between top campaign aides and leading media personalities. One of the most elaborately planned get-togethers was described in an April, 2015, memo -- produced, according to the document metadata, by deputy press secretary Jesse Ferguson -- to take place shortly before Clinton's official announcement of her candidacy. The event was an April 10 cocktail party for leading news figures and top-level Clinton staff at the Upper East Side home of Clinton strategist Joel Benenson, a fully off-the-record gathering designed to impart the campaign's messaging...

1. ABC - Cecilia Vega
2. ABC - David Muir
3. ABC - Diane Sawyer
4. ABC - George Stephanoplous
5. ABC-Jon Karl
6. Bloomberg - John Heillman
7. Bloomberg - Mark Halperin
8. CBS - Norah O'Donnell
9. CBS - Vicki Gordon
10. CNN - Brianna Keilar
11. CNN - David Chalian
12. CNN - Gloria Borger
13. CNN - Jeff Zeleny
14. CNN - John Berman
15. CNN - Kate Bouldan
16. CNN - Mark Preston
17. CNN - Sam Feist
18. Daily Beast - Jackie Kucinich
19. GPG - Mike Feldman
20. Huffington Post - Whitney Snyder
21. MORE - Betsy Fisher Martin
22. MSNBC - Alex Wagner
23. MSNBC - Beth Fouhy
24. MSNBC - Phil Griffin
25. MSNBC - Rachel Maddow (TBD)
26. MSNBC - Rachel Racusen
27. NBC - Savannah Gutherie
28. New Yorker - Ryan Liza
29. NYT - Amy Chozik
30. NYT -Gail Collins
31. NYT - Jonathan Martin
32. NYT - Maggie Haberman
33. NYT-Pat Healey
34. PEOPLE - Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
35. POLITICO - Glenn Thrush
36. POLITICO - Mike Allen
37. VICE - Alyssa Mastramonoco
38. VOX- Jon Allen

Read more about the deep collusion between the Clintons and "presstitutes" at The Intercept, which explains exactly how fake stories are planted all across the media to benefit Hillary Clinton and defame Donald Trump.

We need to build a new federal prison just for seditious presstitute traitors who have criminally colluded with the Clintons to steal the election and thwart democracy

In the view of millions of Americans, all the names you see above are the names of criminal traitors who should be thrown in prison for their crimes.

The only possible way to make that happen is to elect Donald Trump, then call for mass arrests of fake journalists who deliberately and systematically conspired to overthrow democracy, defraud the American voters and collude with the criminal Clinton cartel.

A free press no longer exists in America. What you see on CNN or read in the Washington Post or NYT is now nothing more than a corrupt echo chamber for the criminal Clinton cartel.

The corruption must end. The traitors must go to prison. The pillaging of democracy must be halted. It is time for the American people to fight back against corruption, collusion and media lies. Imprison the traitors!

Vote for Donald J. Trump on November 8th and give America a fighting chance.

Former congressman Joe Walsh: "On November 9th, if Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket."


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