Friday, November 11, 2016



1.)  Fire Paul RINO;
2.)  Indict and JAIL Hillary and Obama (and Comey, Lynch, Holder etc etc etc);
3.)  Investigate and jail or deport SOROS, Abedin and Jarrett and the IRS heads.
4.)  Cancel the TPP and Obamacare; investigate the Iran nuke deal details; execute the traitors.
5.)  Build that wall; find out where the Obama cabal hid all the muslim rapefugees.
6.)  Help Putin destroy ISIS and free Syria; (Look now there's no more rapefugees)!
7.)  Penalize companies trying to downsize by outsourcing American jobs;
8.)  Disband the BLM and EPA.
9.)  Appoint Supreme Court Judges who follow the Constitution;
10.) Ban and remove all muslims and other global crime-gang members from the USA!
11.) Purge all the "Commie-Core" globalist sedition-spewing college & university TRAITORS!
12.) Pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
13.) Clinton foundation's billions confiscated via RICO and given to the Haitian people.
14.) America leaves the UN and kicks them out of NYC.
15.) Ban or tax all oil imports from Saudi Arabia.
16.) Execute the traitor Bergdahl.
17.) Revoke the media's charters of incorporation - they didn't register as political PR firms!

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