Monday, November 21, 2016


ALL so-called "soft" sciences (sociology psychology, even criminology) are only "victimologies" now!
First of all, let's examine and admit the simple, obvious truth, that Western "Liberals" ARE Muslims!
Western libertine "Liberal" criminals hate Christianity because it teaches free will and personal responsibility.
Islam 'teaches' (abuses people with) the exact opposite: idolatrous excuses, where it's never anyone's fault because "the allah made them do it!" No free-will guilt!
The left will never admit islam is a crime-gang and muslims are criminals because, as criminals them selves, leftist gangsters are all about promoting alibis to excuse crimes - their favorite being the "inevitability" of any given worst-case scenario their fearful treasonous and masochistic little minds can dream up.
Masochists always pretend they can "control" their own fears BY causing those very same worst-case scenario problems (like by antagonizing innocent others) which cause the pains they fear the most.
Since they presume that pain causes fear, AND fear causes pain, they seek to eliminate the fear, thus instantly solving half their problems. This automatic Submission to "inevitable" pain, in eliminating the (painful) fear of it, they call practicality, pragmatism and realpolitik.
Submitting to the "unknown and unknowable" chaos of dynamic existence is what is at the heart of the islamic "faith" too (there is no "faith" in islam; the word is almost never found in the Qur'an, they are told not to have faith in "unknown and unknowable allah" because nobody except Muhammad was supposed to have even the faintest clue as to the will of their "god")!
Basically, muslims are, like their liberal brethren, criminals and atheists. That is why they love islam; and they both hate Christianity because it promotes the idea that humans have free will self-reliant choice; at least to the extent that, while whatever goes right is to be credited to God, whatever goes wrong is the fault of human agency and there is thus an onus to correct one's own sinful behavior by repenting of it.
Liberals and muslims like to pretend that there is no real crime and no real criminals or criminality, because everything is allah's fault: since we are all helpless victims (of society, mere products of our environments, and of course slaves of allah) "we (i.e: you) all do it, too!"
ALL Social Sciences = Victimology!
Although many wealthy terrorists major in hard sciences like Engineering and Advanced Bomb-Making101, because of the "diverse" nature of Western college and university requirements, they are also expected to pad their studies with mandatory courses in the "soft" sciences, like sociology, psychology and even criminology - all of which are nothing more than propaganda venues for VICTIMOLOGY because they start and end by looking for "causes" of human behaviours ... thus implicitly ignoring the real cause: free-will choice!
Garbage-in, garbage-out!
Sociologists, psychologists and even criminologists no longer seek merely to study and describe human activities: they must now all seek out the "hidden causes" behind them, too!
This pre-existing presumption being that, no matter what one chose to do, one was secretly being forced to do so by some hidden, "inevitable" or magical force!
In other words, the soft sciences only make up endless excuses for crime!
Marxists openly call this "Historical Predeterminism" and sociologists call it being "victims" of "society" and mere "products of our environments;" while their muslim brethren proudly proclaim that they are all helpless "slaves of allah!"
So to Western "educated" liberals, there are no real "crimes" nor "criminals," because we're all really ever only victims! To them, the only real "crime" remaining is to accuse some poor victim of being a "criminal" simply because they were "forced" (aka chose) to commit an "accident" (aka crime) against some innocent other person or people.
To "educated" liberals, "since" life is too complex for anyone to ever really be able to understand cause-and-effect, all so-called objective "facts" are really ever only subjective opinions - such that their entirely fact-free opinions are to be legally held to be the diversely opposite equals to those silly conservatives' "facts!"
This is like saying "Since I'm proud that I can't understand anything, neither can you!" It's a declaration of mental incompetence raised to a "science!"
Such intellectually and morally delinquent, criminally negligent libertine "Liberals" insist that YES they ARE entitled to their own facts, not only to their own opinions!
And if you don't like them asserting their opinions are facts (which is otherwise known as "lying" and criminal "fraud") then you're the real "hateful bigot" and "criminal" and should be silenced and imprisoned!
After all, they (or, more likely, their parents) paid a lot of money to people who claimed to be smart, to say that they were smart, too!


The enemedia presstitutes are totally against others' free speech rights; to them, we have no right to defend our selves from their gangs of feral SJWs.

If we are not self-defined victims, proud to form into collectivist gangs for our "protection" - if we don't love to GO ALONG (with criminal lies) TO GET ALONG (with all the other lying criminals) then to them we deserve to DIE.

The MSM jackals have always been paid slanderous victimology-selling gangsters, extorting their "oppressor" victims all the time! They simply don't get paid by their corporazi globalist owners and masters to listen to, or learn from, facts. The enemedia are gangster EXTORTIONISTS, slandering their “oppressor” victims into giving them endless concessions until we all finally Submit to their globalist corporazi owners and masters’ whims; aka "cry-BULLIES."

In reality, people really only join ever-larger gangs to increase their 'rightful' ability to use force to extort other people, and to dilute their personal responsibility. They increase their rights at the expense of others' by offloading their own responsibilities onto their victims, by taking away their rights to defend them selves, selling victimology via white-guilt slander.

This is why so many of these self-interested criminal hypocrites advocate that suicidal masochism is the highest virtue (for others but not for them)!

It explains their lemming-like rush to throw all sovereign nations over the cliff of globalism. They want to profit from the fire-sales of others' property.

But in reality, it's obvious that good fences make for good neighbours, and only criminals with agendas hate other people's boundaries!

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