Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How The Left Invented The Right

Followers of The Left-Hand Path (aka Satanists) are slanderous victim-blaming extortive gangster criminals.

The gangster left invented the imaginary "right" wing in order to to draw attention away from themselves.

The whole "right-wing radicalization" slander attempt is typical of the criminal islamo-communazis' immoral relativism - their #1 alibi to excuse their crimes is the Argumentum Tu Quoque "Two wrongs make a right!" fallacy: "We mobs of gangster criminals ("leftists"/"muslims") aren't evil because you all do it, too! Whee!"

So, in order to "prove" this fallacy, they need to cherry-pick (or mock up fake) "evidence" that others "do it too!"

Libertine "liberal" socialists (criminal gangster extortionists) are the real "islamophobes" - which is why they automatically defend the muzi crime-gang!

THEY are the ones who recognize islam is scary, but since they are literal psycho-paths (thought killers) who instantly pretend the fear of fear is the worst crime (because it hurts feelings) they mock those rational people who openly admit it as "cowards."

And these libertine "liberals" (criminal gangster extortionists) love to blame their victims!

That way they can claim "It's not a crime because you all do it (form extortionist victim-blaming gangs) too!"

Hitler was leader of the National SOCIALIST German WORKER'S Party.

Even the term "Fascism" was coined by devout Italian SOCIALIST Benito Mussolini.

So, who's a "right-winger!"?

Here's an obvious difference between the left and right: remember the old adage about "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime!"?

"Rightists" (if they in fact really exist at all) are all for individual self-reliant responsibility, and so want to teach people how to fish (fend) for them selves, while leftists want their victims to become dependent on them, as slaves are to a master; i.e:

"Vote for us again, or you won't get tomorrow's fish - CAPISCE!?"


"Socialism" is extortive slanderous victim-blaming criminal gangster extortion leading to slavery. That's really all it is. And despite it's fluffy label, there's nothing "sociable" about any of that at all, ever!

"Right wingers" are only normal people who don't like being extorted by "socialist" gangsters.

Gangster victimologists always feel endangered by proud individualists.

Honestly, people - "right wingers" don't actually exist. Remember: Hitler was a National SOCIALIST. And even "Fascism" was invented by Benito Mussolini, the devoted Italian SOCIALIST.

So, what's a "right winger?" It's any normal person who wakes up enough to take a bit of time off from minding their own businesses to temporarily band together to vote to not be extorted any more by group-might-makes-rights-worshiping "socialist" gangster criminals.


And that's it, in general. For more specific instances, there's always the old American trope about how the Democrats (who were slavers in the South) suddenly and mysteriously "switched places" with the Republicans from the North (who had freed the slaves) under Nixon.

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