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Why whites are NOT the most racist people on earth

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In light of recent events, let’s have an honest conversation about racism in the western world--something that I think the mainstream media and modern academia has failed to provide. 
Let’s begin by pointing out something that should be obvious but is difficult for the liberal media and academics to swallow. The most racist and bigoted people on earth are not whites. In fact, the most racist and bigoted countries on earth are in the Middle East and South-East Asia.
A metadata analysis of worldwide surveys asked people simple questions like, “Would you be okay living next to someone of a different race and culture?” According to the surveys, the most racist and bigoted country on earth isn’t America or England or Germany. It was India. More so, not a single western european country made the top twenty-five list of most racist and bigoted countries. The only white majority country to make the list was Russia, at #20.
The top ten most racist and bigoted countries, in descending order, are the following: India, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Philippines, Kuwait, Palestine, South Africa, and South Korea. You can see the survey by clicking here.
The left needs to understand when they make the argument that white people are somehow more racist than other people, they’re wrong.
White people are the most tolerant and accepting.
That is confirmed again in a picture provided by the Washington Post. It gives a great visual representation of how tolerant and accepting the Western World is compared to the rest of the planet.
It shows the English speaking world, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Nordic countries and Iberian peninsula are the least racist and bigoted people, yet, if you turn on the television, if you crack open a college sociology textbook, they’ll tell you the exact opposite.
They’ll brainwash you into thinking that whites are racist to demonize and race-bait when facts point the other way.
In 1990, Congress passed the Hate Crime Statistics Act, which required the attorney general to collect data “about crimes which manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.” Ever since the act, the FBI and Criminal Justice Departments have had reliable records on the number of hate crimes and who the offenders are. Reports like THIS show, blacks, on average, disproportionately commit hate crimes.
The liberal media and academia tell us whites are racist--- only whites can commit hate crimes. But when you look at the data, it’s clear that only one group of people have a tendency to commit hate crimes. One group of people are disproportionately, factually, more racist and bigoted in America. Blacks.
I’m not doing this to defend white people. I’m doing this to defend objective reality.
I’m looking at stats, crunching the numbers, and forming an opinion based on the evidence which is clear: Whites and white countries are the least racist and bigoted.
Whites commit less hate crimes, on average. Whites are far more tolerant and accepting than other races, besides maybe latin americans.
Therefore, the liberal media and academia should report the facts, honestly, instead of lying to the world by saying whites are somehow more racist than others. They’re not. They are in fact, less racist.
What breeds hatred, genuine hatred, for a people is misconception. A misunderstanding of reality. If you’re black, and all you get is the information from the mainstream media and academia, you’re most likely going to start hating white people.
Don’t be part of the problem. Arm yourself with knowledge, empirical truth, and expose the truth to people who want to push their agenda of needless hatred and bigotry against whites.
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