Saturday, February 18, 2017

Leftists Are SLAVERS!

Like most criminals, delinquent libertine "liberals" are SLAVERS. That's the end result when you expect to have rights (like, to other peoples' stuff) without any responsibility (like, to earn or otherwise pay for it!) especially by offloading one's own responsibilities onto one's victims, by taking away their self-defense rights.

Hypocrisy - the double-standards of do as I say, not as I do - is what all criminals, whether libertine "liberal" ones, or holy-mobster "muslims" are all about!

All criminals want to "progress" to having ever-more rights, and ever-less responsibilities all the time. They want a right to your stuff, without any responsibility to have to earn or otherwise pay for it.

And the best way for criminals to disarm their victims is to convince them that there are no real crimes nor criminals, but only helpless victims all the time.

Thus the only crime, they pretend, would be to accuse "another" helpless victim of being a "criminal," simply because they tried to commit a "crime" against you!

Perpetual victimology is perpetual slander, because it implies a permanent oppressor.

That way they can cast them selves as victims, and their victims as criminals.

Victimology is thus no more or less than perpetual extortion, aka SLAVERY.

By forcing their victims to produce without remuneration, criminals are slavers.

As masochists, libertine "liberal" criminals always try to control their own fears BY causing those very same, worst-case scenario problems (like, in antagonizing and attacking innocent others first) which cause the pains they fear the most.

So, what's the leftopaths' final solution, aim and end goal? SLAVERY. The enslavement of everyone not-them; i.e: of YOU.

Since they know they can't (or won't) trust them selves to control their own criminal urges, they 'know' they must PERMANENTLY CONTROL YOU! Their main slanderously paranoid point of view is "SINCE you COULD commit a crime, SO you WILL commit it, so they MUST stop you by ("pre-emptively, defensively") attacking you first! Seeing fears AS pains is just shrewd common sense realpolitik!

"Communism" endorses the largest gang over all individuals. It IS "globalization," where trade is so free and borders so open that governments have no control over them at all. In socialism (extortive gangster slavery) individuals have no rights to own or defend property or their own bodies.

(Sound familiar, Canadians who aren't allowed to own guns for self-defense?).

When you have no right to own property, you have no right to defend it (your own property or borders). It's why they insist there are no real crimes or criminals because there is no free-will choice and we're all really only ever helpless victims - of magical mysterious inevitable predestined and predetermined economic forces (which outright Marxists call "Historical Predeterminism") and as of course proud slaves of allah.

Since your enslavement is what they're after, it's plain why they feel the need to LIE about it to us all the time, why they feel compelled to always shame & chide us to always try to "GO ALONG" (with criminal lies) "TO GET ALONG" (with all the other lying criminals)!

So suicidal masochism (of course for only you to embrace, not them) is pimped out to you as the highest virtue, and accusing "other victims" of being "criminals" just because they got caught trying to commit their "crimes" against you is derided as the worst possible sin!

And since victimology is extortion (because enabling perpetual victimhood implies perpetual oppressors) leftards, despite being small-minded fear-focused weasels, tend to "fail upwards!"

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