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Total War: Extinguishing Islam from Earth

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We must recognize the entire Islamic ideology as our enemy. Not just ISIS, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. But ALL of Islam.
Even if we destroyed 100% of ISIS today, another group of Muslims would begin to form tomorrow under a different name, but with the same objective: Worldwide Caliphate.
Attaching euphemistic terms like “Radical” or “Extremist” to Islam is an exercise of Western arrogance. These terms serve only to mislead us into a false sense of security by thinking, “If we can just get rid of the bad apples, the World can then live in peace with this great and noble religion.”
There is no Radical Islam. There is no Moderate Islam. There’s only Islam. All schools of Islam teach to slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. All schools of Islam teach the superiority of Muslims above everyone else. All schools of Islam teach that women are half as equal to men, and exist only to please men and breed Mujaheddin. All schools of Islam advocate slavery. There is no benign form of Islam. Anyone saying otherwise is lying. It’s pure evil.
I don’t go to Church every Sunday or pray before each meal, but I’m no less of a Christian than one who does. I believe in The Trinity and The Lord’s Word just as much as any other Christian. That doesn’t make me “moderate,” and doesn’t make Catholic Priests “Radical.” This just means I’m less devout. In similarity, individual Muslims within the Ummah (the Muslims collectively) each practice varying degrees of devoutness. But if push comes to shove, and we find ourselves in a World War against the Ummah, you can bet every Muslim will become a “devout” jihadist in a heartbeat. Jihad has many forms. A Muslim needs not commit an act of terrorism to be a jihadist.
Moreover, I’m among just 1% of Americans who’ve served in the US Military, trained, ready, and willing to fight for our cause. Does that make us radical, and the other 99% of Americans moderate and less patriotic, less committed to America, unwilling to support and fight for our country? Of course not. We’d all fight to the death before surrendering America.
In WWII, even more Americans than now, a full 10% were involved in the War. And that was Total War, for all the marbles. Every American was in it to win it. Does that mean just 10% of Americans were “radical” and the other 90% were “moderate?” Again, of course not.
The same analogy applies now to our Islamic War with the Ummah. This too is Total War for all the marbles. But this enemy is much larger and less honorable, with no uniforms and no front lines. They’re trained liars living among us, using their toolbox of well-crafted lies to convince the useful idiots among us they’re our friends. This is a zero-sum conflict with only one winner. Just ask the Ummah. They’ve been wanting a Worldwide Caliphate for 1400 years. They’re very patient, and they’ll never give up; not without an overwhelming show of force on our part, demonstrating to them their victory is impossible. Three or four strategic nuke strikes, broadcast in HD across all social media will begin showing this reality to them.
Now that they’re getting their hands on nuclear weapons in the 11th hour of the 1400 Year War, you can bet they’re not about to give them up: They can smell victory with the Apocalypse. So we’d all better be in this to win it.
The Radical/Moderate Islam distinction is false.
This is a World War between the Islamic World, Dar al-Islam, and the REST of the World, Dar al-Harb. Naive pundits saying otherwise, demanding the (non-existent) Moderate Muslims join with us to destroy the Radical Muslims, are dangerous, ignorant fools trying to lead the rest of us off the cliff. They’re lying to you. Islam, entirely, must end. Just like Nazism and Shintoism. That’s the cold, stark truth. We’re in a World War against 1.6 Billion Muslims. Face it, and fight. This one’s for all the marbles. It’s a war to the death.
There is only one Quran and Sunnah that all Muslims worship. There’s just Islam, and it’s pure evil. You need not take my word for it. Just listen to Turkish PM Recep Erdogan: “The term ‘moderate Islam’ is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”
Muslims believe the Quran is the literal word of Allah, therefore sacrosanct in perfection, Eternally immutable, and 100% mandatory in compliance for all humans on Earth. Nobody is allowed to selectively adhere to some directives, while dismissing others. Allah’s word is non-negotiable.
Here’s a small sampling of directives from the one and only Quran, which Muslims believe was verbally revealed by Allah to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel, gradually over a period of approximately 23 years, beginning in AD 609, when Muhammad was 40, and concluding in 632, the year of his death:
“Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” 2:191
“Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” 3:28
“Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” 3:85
“Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam.” 5:33
“Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Quran.” 8:12
“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” 8:60
“The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.” 8:65
“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them.” 9:5
“The Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them.” 9:30
“Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” 9:123
Disarming Iran and destroying ISIS aren’t enough. It’s just a matter of time before another devout Muslim group under a different name figures out how to build, buy, or steal nukes. Whether it’s 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, or 100 years, it will happen. Islam in its entirety must be destroyed.
Jihad is compulsory for all Muslims.
They’re either in the Ummah or they’re not. Muslims won’t criticize their brothers, and why would they? They’re all following the rules of their Quran, which they believe is the literal word of their deity. Remember, no one gets to debate Allah. This is why Islam will NEVER be reformed. It can only be criminalized.
Reforming Islam would deny the initial “perfection” of Allah’s word and Muhammad. This won’t happen in 10 years. This won’t happen in 10,000 years. Moreover, Muslims suggesting such reformation are guilty of Blasphemy, and are promptly executed.
Emulating Muhammad (the liar, mass murderer, robber, rapist, and pedophile, “the perfect man”) is also mandatory.
Isolationists suggest “containment” of Muslims as a solution, erecting giant walls, keeping the bad guys “over there.” Isolationism doesn’t work though. For starters, millions of Muslims are already living here among us. More Muslims (with WMD) will figure out ways to sneak in anyway, either in person, ICBM, or nuke on a container ship.
Isolation and Containment has been naively attempted already with North Korea, the most isolated and ostracized nation on Earth. They too gave promises of “No Nukes” in exchange for a release of sanctions and food commodities for their people to survive. The result? In 2006, North Korea successfully tested their first Atomic-Bomb. In January 2016, they tested their first Hydrogen-Bomb (1000 times stronger than the A-Bomb). That same month, the North Koreans successfully put an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) into a sustained Low Earth Orbit (LEO), putting two satellites into LEO. So now, just as soon as they figure out how to miniaturize a nuke warhead small enough to mount atop an ICBM, they have the ability to drop a Hydrogen Weapon on us at will with the push of a button.
But who needs ICBMs when you have submarines that can launch 2500 mile-range missiles from a submerged position? Yes, the N Koreans demonstrated they can do that in 2016, which covers most every major American city.
Their leader would become invulnerable to all but the most massive of counter-attacks, and he knows it. He also knows that no matter what, he can take out Seoul, 30 miles away, with a nuke strike counter-attack melee, with 25.55 Million population, including tens of thousands of US Military personnel. A high price to pay for the United States.
That’s the sort of lose-lose scenario that Isolation and Containment gets us.
Look at the apparently unstoppable al-hijrah, Muslim emigration to spread Islam, which the native Europeans are experiencing now. Muslims by the millions are embedded everywhere in Europe, wreaking havoc on a daily basis.
Dennis Michael Lynch produced a movie, “They Come to America III.” He filmed an ice bridge between Canada and NY. The Canada side has a mosque/madrassa the size of a large university campus. Hundreds of Suburban loads of Muslims have been driving across into NY daily, completely out of sight and unopposed by US Border Patrol. So even if we build a Supermax Fence along the entire 1933 mile Mexican border, the Muslims will still come through the 3987 mile Canadian border.
Moreover, deporting Muslim US citizens isn’t practical. They have rights to remain. Which other countries would be obliged to take them? So all we can really do is criminalize Islam for them, making the practice or promotion of it a capital offense.
All Muslims either swing the sword, or support those swinging the sword. None can be trusted. Unpredictably, any may switch from supporter to swordsman in a heartbeat. One out of every seven US KIAs in Afghanistan are Green-on-Blue: US trained Afghan troops turning their guns on us.
People willing to murder their own children to please a fictional deity are deadly serious about their cause. Their will to fight is much greater than ours. They’ve been focused on Worldwide Dar al-Islam for 1400 years. They will never give up until we’re all converted, subjugated, or dead.
The fact is, we neither have the time, money, nor method to sort out the “good” Muslims from the bad ones who would saw off our heads or nuke us if handed the button. Are there any good Muslims anyway? Any individual buying into the evil contained between the covers of the Quran has a heart and soul manipulated by demons.
Neither did our grandfathers have the time, money, nor method to sort out the good Germans and Japanese from the bad ones. So they bombed every German and Japanese man, woman, and child in sight until they surrendered unconditionally. We wouldn’t have won the war if we didn’t. We’d best develop the stomach and will to do the same.
The objective is not to exterminate Muslims, but rather to destroy their Islamic ideology. In much the same way the World could live in peace with the Germans once we destroyed Nazism.
We simply don’t have enough gold or military to invade and occupy 57 Muslim countries. And the scale is way too big now for airstrikes.
Incremental Random Strategic Area Bombing is the ONLY solution. “Incremental,” to minimize enemy casualties and damage, giving them the opportunity to reconsider their loyalty to Allah. And “Random,” such that no one knows where to hide, convincing every Muslim on Earth he and his family could be next. Civilian pressure upon their governments to comply with Allied terms would be overwhelming.
Following the military force, Muslims will be much more receptive to indoctrination with Allied ideologies and Christianity.
Destroying an idea or every Quran in the World is impossible. And as with Nazism and Communism, Islam will always be in the history books.
But, if criminalized Worldwide, this would exclude tenacious resisting Muslims from society, forcing them to live as animals in caves. Not even their patriarch bin Laden could stand that for very long, hence the 38,000 square-foot walled Abbottabad compound, complete with electricity, plumbing, toilets, TV, and Internet.
We’re not required to consider Islam a religion or tolerate it simply because a 7th century psychopath said so. In fact, Islam is a criminal enterprise, with Sedition and Conspiracy to Murder right at the top of the list: A list including scores of other felonies. All that’s necessary is an honest and long overdue reclassification of Islam from “the religion of peace,” into Capital Felony. Then impose capital punishment on those practicing or promoting Islam. We can do that within our own borders, and force every Muslim government on Earth to do the same.
Iran is weeks away from nukes, and they promise to kill us with them. Meanwhile, most Americans want to end all wars and eat ice cream. Iran is the more immediate threat, being so close to nukes, so they’re quite happy to see us all distracted by ISIS, giving them cover to finish their assembly, attaching the warheads to their ICBMs.
This is Total War, for all the marbles, and we’d better wise up quick.
We must ally with Israel, UK, France, India, China, and Russia, then drop one nuke on a random Muslim target every three days until all Muslim sovereignties Worldwide criminalize Islam. Every Muslim government criminalizing Islam comes off the target list, getting to keep their power and territory. The Muslims would get on board with the program real quick.
Muslim governments who resist watch their cities get vaped one at a time until they lose the will to resist. Then the Allies divide up their territory, install our own governments, and exploit their resources for ourselves.
In exchange for Russia helping us destroy Islam and Iranian leadership, we let Putin annex Iran and its resources for Russia. His desire to have all that strategic Persian Gulf warm water access, oil rich territory for his Motherland’s empire far exceeds any superficial loyalty he may feel toward the Ayatollah. Much better for Russia to control Iran rather than crazy Muslims bent on killing us.
Similarly, we could offer China incentives to ally with us to destroy Islam. Good Lord, they want extra territory so badly they’re building their own islands from scratch in the ocean.
Bashar al-Asaad, with his Western wife and education, isn’t a typical Muslim thug, and is a much better option to lead Syria than a devout ISIS type of Muslim who would fill the vacuum taking his place.
King Abdullah II, a friend Westernized as well, and al-Asaad would likely be on board with the Post-Islamic World plan, rather than get nuked out of power, and losing it all. Their lust for wealth and power exceeds their loyalty for Allah, and they could be helpful in persuading other Muslim heads of state to do the same. We could make these two men, and others similar, leaders of neighboring Muslim territories whose leaders resist and must be removed.
We should encourage Christianity, not force it, but make Apostasy from Islam mandatory.
On Day One of the operation, we target Iranian nuke production sites, the Pakistani nuke arsenal, and Raqqa. Targeting hardware first, threatening population centers later. We’d broadcast plenty of Battle Damage Assessment video and threats across all social media. This is how our grandfathers would do it, because it works.
The Muslims must see our will to use Shock & Awe overwhelming force against them. They must feel technologically and intellectually inferior to Allied powers, and realize Allah will never save them.
Trinity, the first atomic weapon test, was on 16 JUL 1945. The Hiroshima strike was less than 3 weeks later on 6 August. If our grandfathers had atomic weapons on 7 DEC 1941, would they have waited 3 1/2 years, sacrificing 408,900 of our finest Americans before using them? Of course not. They weren’t stupid, and we’re arrogant to think we’re intellectually and morally superior to them.
FDR unleashed our ruthless warfighters to do whatever it took to win, and they did so decisively. Arrogant CINCs since have hamstrung our brave troops with unwinnable ROE. If politicians would simply describe the National objective, then let our military call the shots, we’d never lose.
Here’s a quote from General Curtis LeMay, America’s longest serving 4-Star General in history; father of Strategic Area Bombing, and later the Commander of USAF Strategic Air Command. He’s the one American credited with the deaths of more people than any other; over 350,000 enemy soldiers and civilians at a minimum:
“I think there are many times when it would be most efficient to use nuclear weapons. However, the public opinion in this country and throughout the world throw up their hands in horror when you mention nuclear weapons, just because of the propaganda that’s been fed to them.
As far as casualties were concerned I think there were more casualties in the first attack on Tokyo with incendiaries than there were with the first use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The fact that it’s done instantaneously, maybe that’s more humane than incendiary attacks, if you can call any war act humane. I don’t, particularly, so to me there wasn’t much difference. A weapon is a weapon and it really doesn’t make much difference how you kill a man. If you have to kill him, well, that’s the evil to start with and how you do it becomes pretty secondary. I think your choice should be which weapon is the most efficient and most likely to get the whole mess over with as early as possible.”
LeMay also said: “I’ll tell you what war is all about. It’s about killing people. If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting. There are no innocent civilians. It is their government and you are fighting a people, you are not trying to fight an armed force anymore. So it doesn’t bother me so much to be killing the so-called innocent bystanders.”
Here’s a quote from our Allied friend, Sir Arthur Harris, Commander of RAF Bomber Command during WWII:
“The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw and half a hundred other places, they put their rather na├»ve theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.
The aim of the Combined Bomber Offensive…should be unambiguously stated [as] the destruction of German cities, the killing of German workers, and the disruption of civilised life throughout Germany.
… the destruction of houses, public utilities, transport and lives, the creation of a refugee problem on an unprecedented scale, and the breakdown of morale both at home and at the battle fronts by fear of extended and intensified bombing, are accepted and intended aims of our bombing policy. They are not by-products of attempts to hit factories.”
To this day, America still teaches these strategies to all Field Grade military officers. This is how wars are won. To achieve victory, we must do this now on an unprecedented scale the World has never seen. The alternative is the loss of Civilization.
We could destroy Islam inside of 10 weeks, for less than $10 Billion, without losing one Allied serviceman’s life.
We owe it to our children to win this fight now. This is our problem. Let’s not be cowards and make it theirs.
The Muslims are moments away from the capacity to nuke millions of us on a horrific scale. No guesswork necessary. They promise to do this to us.
We must act now. The solution is quite simple and inexpensive. All we need is the will.
Six year war vet Afghanistan/Iraq
Disciple of Christ and Crusader for Freedom

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